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Apr 1, 2001 12:00 PM

WE ARE HAPPY to report that the Jason Perlman Memorial CharityGolf Tournament created by and sponsored each year byS&VC at the NSCA trade show has been so consistentlysuccessful as a fund raiser for the Pediatric Diabetes Foundationthat the organization has named a permanent grant in Jason's honor.We wish to thank all the manufacturer sponsors over the years whohave made this event such a big success, and also all of theparticipants who have come out to play in the tournament eachyear.

More Options for Outdoor Speaker Connectors

Excellent article on weatherproof speaker designs (February2001). I thought it was well written and hit all the issues. Inregard to connections to the speakers, I'd like to make two quickpoints.

When we introduced our HPC Series (about 40 styles of high powerconnectors), which is compatible to the Neutrik Speakon Series, wespecifically developed a built-in gasket that gives our series anIP25 environmental rating. In layman's terms: They're weatherresistant. We knew a lot of them would end up being used forspeakers outdoors.

Also, for end users who still insist on using the ¼-inchjacks mounted on the speakers, we do offer a jack cover that fitsover the jack bushing and seals the jack from the environment [part#515]. It carries a mil-spec, as it was developed for fieldcommunications in the military. It might be another option forthose who still want the ¼-inch jacks but are having problemssealing them up.

Thanks for letting me get my two cents in. See you at NAB.
Jim Hoffman Switchcraft

Competition May Be Helpful Between Trade Shows

Not sure I agree with you about trade show conflict (January2001). The only way attendees can really get quality is for tradeshows to compete. The best thrive and survive, and the others fadeaway. The industry is better off for it. Besides, is it evenpossible to get so many different organizations to cooperate onscheduling? Anyway, I appreciate your efforts to give dates, but Ithink it's lucky that there aren't more overlaps in 2001.

See you later,
Thom E. Roade

The editor responds:
Actually, the issue isn't really the trade shows competing. Theproblem is that shows from different market segments (i.e.,MusikMesse and NSCA) are planned on the same dates on differentsides of the world. These shows don't technically compete; theysimply provide for different professionals in different parts ofthe world, causing smaller companies to suffer and forcing someattendees to choose between shows. While it is tough to getdifferent organizations to cooperate, it isn't impossible. Whentrade organizations know each others' dates years in advance, thereis still the opportunity to make a change. Publishing these datesoften and early in
S&VC allows all parties to respondto their respective trade organizations. It is the least we cando!

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