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Light Measurement Tools for Video Steve Somers wrote an article in the June 2001 issue: Bad Video, Good Video. I would like to ask him if he has some
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Jan 1, 2002 12:00 PM

Light Measurement Tools for Video

Steve Somers wrote an article in the June 2001 issue: “Bad Video, Good Video.” I would like to ask him if he has some recommendations as to which manufacturers make good instruments in these classes.
James Thornburg, Pixell

The Author Responds:

There are several sources of good light measurement instrumentation, many of which are easily researched on the Internet. In the display industry, the most widely known are Minolta, Sencore and Photo Research. A new company, AV Standards, manufactures an accurate color comparator.

Minolta ( makes a wide variety of high-quality light meters, colorimeters and spectroradiometers. The most popular, to my knowledge, is the CS-100 colorimeter. It is portable and allows accurate measurement of luminance values from a distance.

For spectroradiometers, Photo Research ( is very well known. Photo Research is oriented more toward laboratory-type instruments although most of its product line is portable. It has a strong reputation for accuracy and quality.

Sencore ( makes a contact-style colorimeter specifically designed for CRT calibration. Its product line is oriented toward portability and maintenance in the field. The one product with which I am familiar is the CP290.

For color comparators, AV Standards) brings new technology to an old concept…that the human eye is very critical of color hues. Some users will use it to “rough-in” a display to the correct color temperature, then finish the job with a colorimeter. This saves considerable measurement time.

I hope this is of help.

Pass on the Love with Reprints

Compliments on [Steve Filippini's] fantastic article, “Scared Straight,” in the July edition of S&VC! We all had a laugh and enjoyed the “scary tales” so much that we would like to ask permission to use it in our magazine.

I am from a company called Electrosonic South Africa, and we produce a small publication called Pro Magazine. We have a tutorial section to educate our readers. We would love to use parts of the “Scared Straight” article and add a light, “feel good” dimension to the magazine.
Sherryn Riley
Electrosonic South Africa

The Assistant Editor Responds:

Glad you enjoyed the article. PRIMEDIA has a central reprint service: Call Reprint Management Services, 717/399-1900. Or get information from their Web site,

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