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Trade Journals for Professionals Only S&VC purports to be The International Management & Engineering Journal for Systems Contractors & Consultants. If
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Sep 1, 2001 12:00 PM

Trade Journals for Professionals Only

S&VC purports to be “The International Management & Engineering Journal for Systems Contractors & Consultants.” If that is so, I am perplexed by your response to an end-user reader in the June 2001 Feedback Forum (page 6) regarding system diagramming. It is obvious that this person is not a sound contractor or consultant. I know there are many contractors and consultants that would like to solve his problem for a fee.

This may seem a trivial thing, but there are people and powerful forces trying to bypass and undercut the professional sound contractor and consultant, and this does not help. I don't think this feedback belongs in a publication that is written for contractors and consultants who are trying to make a living in professional sound.

Please keep the amateurs out of an otherwise professional and excellent journal. (How do they even get on the mailing list?)
George Pfisterer, Jr., P.E.
(via e-mail)

The Editor Responds:
While the gentleman who asked about diagramming his church's audio system may not be an industry professional, our Web site is accessible to anyone who wishes to find it, and we receive e-mail from many of its visitors. To your concern, our print magazine circulation is tightly controlled: Over 90% of the issues we mail were requested in writing within one year — by qualified industry professionals

I included Stephen's question in the Feedback Forum so that the information about STARDRAW might benefit our regular readers. My goal is to spread the wealth of knowledge, not undercut the very readers of our magazine.

Suggestion Box: Add Links

Perhaps your feature writers could include Web sites and contact info for companies whose products they are evaluating. I keep all back issues for reference and have spent my entire day searching for contact information for SIA Software, makers of the Smaart Pro Audio Analyzer program. On the Web, I did find an Italian site for SIA Software, and (notwithstanding my lack of Italian) they don't appear to make the Smaart Pro. I would be grateful for any leads you could give me.

Your magazine is a great contribution to the industry.
A/V Tech (via e-mail)

The Editor Responds:
Thanks for the compliments and sorry about the lack of Web site info in feature articles. We do put them into the installation profiles that we run each month; but since most of the feature articles are not product driven, we often don't include Web sites

The SIA Web site is and is administered by the folks at Mackie/EAW.

Good luck, and let us know if there is anything else we can do.

Send your comments to Nathaniel Hecht, 6400 Hollis Street, Suite 12, Emeryville, CA 94608; or via e-mail




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