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Focus on Hospitality: New Products

TH-42PR10U plasma display Panasonic The 42in. TH-42PR10U high-definition plasma display is equipped with three interchangeable slots that can accommodate

Focus on Hospitality: New Products

Feb 1, 2008 12:00 PM

TH-42PR10U plasma display


The 42in. TH-42PR10U high-definition plasma display is equipped with three interchangeable slots that can accommodate a variety of optional slot-in boards to allow it to serve as a flexible in-hotel TV system. The display is available with hotel-mode settings including initial input and max volume, and it features a compact design with loudspeakers positioned under the screen. Other features especially suited to use in hospitality environments include the 16:9 display’s durability; slim, space-saving design; and ultra-wide viewing angle, which provides the best picture possible from anywhere in the room.

LifeSize Express telepresence system

LifeSize Communi-cations

The LifeSize Express telepresence system delivers a high-definition, point-to-point video-communications experience at a significantly lower price than most standard-definition systems. About the size of a wireless router, the LifeSize Express offers telepresence-quality HD video for less than $6,000.

DS15 kiosk

Planar Systems

The second-generation DS15 integrated kiosk offer integrators an easy-to-deploy, hardware/software solution. The all-in-one kiosk combines a heat-tempered, scratch-resistant IR touchscreen and a display featuring 550 nits of brightness with a leading-edge operating system and a software suite that enables businesses to easily incorporate creative assets such as JPEG, HTML, Flash, Shockwave, and QuickTime content. The kiosk is also available with an optional smart-card reader or magnetic-stripe reader, allowing businesses to easily capture customer data instantaneously.

SuiteTV Version 3.0 streaming platform

InfoValue Computing

The updated SuiteTV Version 3.0 streaming platform for hospitality applications allows guests or residents of multidwelling units (MDU) to perform e-commerce transactions from the television or via email, receive attachments directly through the television screen, and print documents to a common business center. In addition, groups hosting conferences at or near the premises can notify all members of the group of upcoming meetings and locations via the television. All these transactions occur through a newly redesigned, intuitive GUI that hospitality service providers can easily customize for branding purposes. Hotel owners and MDU service providers can use the platform to add video advertisements for local businesses as an extra source of revenue. In addition, this latest version of SuiteTV integrates full digital-signage capabilities.

SmartMount mounts

Peerless Industries

Twelve new SmartMount articulating-arm wall-mount models accommodate TVs from 32in. up to 63in. The mounts provide four internal cable-management channels for cable routing, with 1in. of cable-storage space per channel. Installation features in the new mounts deliver horizontal position adjustment on the wallplate up to 10.75in. to ensure the screen will be positioned where it needs to be. Single-stud or double-stud mount models are available. The double-stud models’ wallplates include two large openings for easy cord routing and electrical gang-box placement.

Anterus RFID system


The Anterus RFID system permits asset-based event triggering to extend the capabilities of AV-control systems while simultaneously providing status reports to system administrators. Rather than simply providing item-identity information, Anterus integrates the RF signal to facilitate a broad range of possibilities. For instance, an AV system can be powered up when a user wearing an Anterus RFID tag walks into a hotel room. The back end of the system is the ANT-RDR reader, connected to a NetLinx controller to trigger events when an Anterus RFID tag or badge passes into its zone of control. Anterus can also be integrated into the AMX Resource Management Suite.

Information Services Software

Guest Technologies

Information Services Software combines guest messaging, venue messaging, and digital signage functions to enable guests to communicate with each other and receive information about the venue via Location and Information Stations situated throughout a venue. The system also provides a means for venues to communicate with guests regarding venue specials, weather, and promotions, for instance. The stations may also display short movie files — tailored instructional shorts, venue promotions, or third-party or partner advertisements. The software includes a flexible Reservation Services Application, and it can be configured to allow for multiple languages.

Life|amenities control software

Exceptional Innovation

The Life|amenities concierge-amenities program integrates building and local services into the Life|ware user interface for installers working in the multidwelling-unit and hospitality markets. The program’s GUI allows users to select music and record TV programs; make restaurant reservations, spa appointments, and tee times; buy movie tickets; and interface with the building manager.

WebDT signage system

DT Research

The WebDT signage system integrates digital signage and kiosk functions in an aesthetically pleasing and durable display offering 37in. and 47in. flatpanel displays with optional infrared touchscreens that can be activated over eight independent zones or over the entire display. Businesses can now use one computerized system to display dynamic content, execute self-service applications, run interactive educational programs, or operate a combination simultaneously. The system consists of a display-integrated media player with remote-management software for device and content administration. The system is ideal for casinos, hotels/resorts, retail stores, and restaurants.

MS9400 HD FrEND HD player


The compact MS9400 HD FrEND HD-player network appliance allows HD playback from almost any location, moving control closer to individual signage displays. The networked player supports 1920×1080i, 1280×720p, and 720×576/480p, and it provides 30Mbps HD content economically enough for use in locations where standard-definition video is normally deployed. The system features remote management, content distribution, and automation capability over IP networks. Other features include simultaneous output of HD and SD (YC and composite video), turnkey operation, front-panel control of a simple onscreen menu, contact closures, analog stereo audio, and SPDIF.

PDS Plus universal projector mount

Premier Mounts

Designed to fit projectors weighing up to 75lbs., the PDS Plus universal projector mount is a direct response to requests for a very low-profile universal mount with dedicated mount features. Ideal for retail, corporate, hospitality, and education applications, the PDS Plus is designed to allow for precise projector positioning and ease of installation. The mount has four-axis tilt and rotational adjustments, and it features the Lock-It security system.


HPX 100 and HPX 200 digital tuners

Aurora Multimedia

Compact HPX 100 and HPX 200 (pictured) digital tuners provide customers with secure, on-demand access to premium Pro:Idiom HDTV content. In addition, the high-tech, pay-per-click engine of the HPX-series tuners is designed for both the technological and revenue expansion of guest services offerings.

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