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FYI: Hangouts Meet is now Google Meet

Premium features will be free until Sept. 30th

In a blog post, Google confirmed thatHangouts Meet is no longer a Hangouts product, and will simply be known as Google Meet.

The post seems designed to reassure on Google Meet’s extensive security and privacy credentials, without actually mentioning the name change. In addition, the Meet support pages have almost all been updated with language calling the service Google Meet, where they previously said Hangouts Meet.

It makes good marketing sense considering the privacy and security issues hitting Zoom. “Hangouts” just doesn’t sound that reassuring.

However the rebrand seems to be rolling out gradually across Google’s marketing, support, apps and FAQ assets, as Hangouts Meet is quietly replaced with Google Meet.

Google Meet has seen explosive growth in the current situation, now 25 times what it was in January, Google revealed late last month, and the service is gaining more than 2 million new users a day.

In other news, Google is extending the amount of time its premium video chat features will be available to schools and other organizations. Google Meet will also be open to all G Suite customers through Sept. 30th.

The company  had previously announced premium features for Meet would be available to all G Suite and G Suite for Education customers through July 1st. Premium features include the ability for up to 250 participants to join a call, live stream support for up to 100,000 viewers and the ability to record and save calls.

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