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Harnessing Data: The New Frontier

A big role for our industry? Is that an exaggeration? Consider: the biggest revolution in the business world over the past twenty years has been the rise of business intelligence as companies are able to capture and analyze data in ways that were not possible before. Companies have more information now than ever before. And they have more data than they know what to do with. Data about customer buying habits. Data about facility operations. Sales intelligence. Website analytics. Data from partners. Data from marketing vendors. Data from the government. Data, data everywhere. What companies need is a way to harness and convert and communicate that data in a way that resonates with people in the way they process information most readily: visually. That is where our industry comes in, with new tools like video walls that have new features that can harness and visualize data. We put that ocean of data to work by serving as the indispensable conduit between the nearly infinite digital information in the world today and all the people who use it in their work life and personal life.

Next-generation video walls (here now BTW) that are much smarter than traditional banks of tiled LCD panels can be data- driven in strategic, sophisticated ways to deliver remarkable customer engagement and sales generation results for companies. Because of the advanced information management soft- ware behind these screens, these video walls are integrated with smaller displays in key locations to reach targeted audiences. For example, Four Winds has a customer that manufactures airplanes and it would need a massive 20×20 video wall of large-format

LEDs to effectively deliver information to all of the employees that can get the information they need. With next-generation visual communications systems, that company can create an organization-wide, inter-connected series of screens that deliver information to employees on interactive, smaller screen in their “neighborhood,” allowing the central video wall to serve higher- level objectives and be more effective.

We’re entering a new era now and it’s all about turning those 1s and 0s into visual information. I can’t guarantee that people will do a big Hollywood or Broadway production about us years from now, but just in case, I call dibs on having Jennifer Lawrence play me in the movie.

Janet Eden-Harris is CMO at Four Winds Interactive. She formerly served as CEO of Umbria, successfully sold to McGraw-Hill; EVP & Chief Marketing Officer at both IRI Worldwide and i2 Technologies, SVP of Marketing & Strategy at Market Force Information, Vice President at J.D. Power & Associates, and as founder and CEO of Eden-Harris Group.

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