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Huddle Rooms: New Products

A variety of new products to outfit your next huddle room.

Huddle Rooms: New Products

Nov 13, 2014 1:52 PM


With Crestron AirMedia, anyone can walk into a room and wirelessly present PowerPoint, Excel, Word and PDF documents, as well as photos, on the room display from their personal iOS or Android mobile device. MacBook and PC laptops can be connected seamlessly as well. There are no wires to hook up, no complicated settings to configure, and no AV or control system is required—simply connect via the local Wi-Fi network. Collaborate and share content from up to four personal devices simultaneously on one room display. For very large meeting spaces, Remote View enables up to 40 participants either at the back of the room or in other locations to log in from a Web browser to view the presentation on their mobile devices. Securely connect AirMedia to the wired LAN; users connect to the existing wireless infrastructure, so there are no new access points to manage.


Vaddio RoboSHOT represents a new approach to integrated robotic HD PTZ camera technology. The broadcast-quality Tri- Synchronous “On-Air” motion, combined with the new Range-Set optical image range adjustment, results in a smooth and controlled HD video image. Pan/tilt/zoom are now combined into just one command, for smooth and repeatable “On-Air” camera motion. Range-Set technology allows the integrator to set limits on camera zoom and field-of-view. RoboSHOT comes in a standard broadcast version, as well as a conference version for a wider angles-of-view. Both feature a Sony 1/2.8- type Exmor CMOS imaging sensor with native HD resolution of 1080p60.


The Cisco TelePresence SX10 Quick Set is an all-in-one unit that combines with any flatpanel display to video-enable your small collaboration spaces. It offers tremendous affordability for small- to medium-sized businesses just starting out with telepresence, or in extending telepresence throughout an enterprise. It ships with the SX10 codec with integrated HD camera and integrated microphone, wall mount, TRC6 remote control, and network and HDMI cables. Specifications include optimal definition up to 1080p30, video and content sharing at 1080p30 plus WXGAp5, and wide-angle 83-degree horizontal field of view with a 5X zoom.


Hall Research has added the SC-12BT to its line of presentation video switchers. This new addition provides 12 video inputs and features three simultaneous scalable outputs. The SC-12BT accommodates four HDMI, four VGA, and four AV inputs and offers VGA, HDMI, and HDBaseT outputs to meet a variety of installation requirements. The device also includes IP control and audio processing with built-in amplifier for direct connection to speakers. Inputs are selected using individual pushbuttons on the front panel or by using the included IR remote. IP and RS-232 external controls are provided for control through LAN or serial port.


Revolabs offers the FLX UC 500 USB conference phone, setting a new audio standard for unified communication applications. Designed specifically for everyday PC-based communications, the speakerphone provides high-fidelity audio experiences to settings such as desktop workspaces and conference rooms via dual speaker elements, four microphones, and integrated echo cancellation. It provides powerful high-fidelity audio capabilities as well as conference-room-quality audio playback and capture using tweeter and mid-woofer elements, and four embedded microphones within a compact design. Equipped with leading-edge echo cancellation technology, higher bandwidth, and more power than traditional devices, the FLX UC 500 delivers a new level of audio clarity, quality, and volume. The FLX UC 500 can be used as an external audio device or connected to any laptop, PC, or tablet device for use with Skype, Microsoft Lync, Cisco Jabber, IBM Sametime, WebEx, and many other applications. The FLX UC 500 also serves as an ideal desktop music sound system.


Designed for both educational and corporate applications, the Peerless-AV Video Conferencing Cart supports the need for and use of virtual communications solutions. Unlike traditional videoconferencing set-ups, the Peerless-AV Video Conferencing Cart is mobile, providing users the option to move their videoconferencing system from room to room as opposed to purchasing a system for each room. With a stainless steel design, the Video Conferencing Cart is aesthetically pleasing for any environment. Offering ease of use, the Peerless-AV Video Conferencing Cart includes lockable rackmountable internal storage, allowing for videoconferencing systems to easily integrate into the cart. It also features shelving inside the unit as well as a built-in power strip and internal cable management. All of the components within the cart can be kept secure with a back door lock. The Peerless-AV Video Conferencing Cart can support two side-by-side displays in landscape orientation, ranging from 40in. to 55in. each. The Video Conferencing Cart offers 20in. of display adjustment (center positions 40in. – 60in. from the ground) and can hold up to 150lbs.


To address an array of AV switching and processing needs often encountered in boardrooms, classrooms, and other presentation settings, Atlona has a 4K-capable, HDBaseT switcher for systems that need to accept multiple digital and analog inputs as selectable sources for displays located as far as 230ft. away. The new Model AT-UHD-CLSO-612 is equipped with two HDBaseT, two HDMI, and two analog inputs, and provides switching, up- and down-scaling, converting, audio de-embedding, and signal extension capabilities in a 1RU enclosure. The CLSO-612 permits source selection, master/ sub volume control, audio line-level and EQ adjustments, and other functions manually via the front panel or remotely via IR, RS-232, or IP control. By providing two HDBaseT inputs in addition to the scaled HDBaseT output, the CLSO-612 is designed to give integrators more options for boardroom and classroom system design.


Draper’s Scribe Interactive Screen is a rigid front projection screen for use with ultra-short-throw projectors. The strong protective coating allows you to write directly onto the screen with a dry erase marker. With 80 percent lower gloss than the typical whiteboard, Scribe Interactive Screen’s protective coating reflects less light, so the projected content isn’t washed out by bright office lights or in areas where there isn’t a lot of lighting control. The coating is also tough, wiping clean easily with an eraser. In addition, the Scribe comes with a low profile frame, and is magnetic as standard.


Video Furniture International’s table TLF4X8 seats six with TV or eight without. It is a modern, multi-function, height-adjustable table that is useable in collaboration, videoconference, and education environments. It has a heavy steel base with silver finish and height adjustment from sit to stand height 27in. to 42in. Featuring Linak electric actuators, the TLF has two switches with LCD height display and programmable memory settings. The 1in.-thick tabletop with resistant thermal wrap finish is available in many colors. It is offered as a standalone 360-degree table or with TV mount at one end supporting up to 60in. display.

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Huddle Rooms: New Products

Nov 13, 2014 1:52 PM


Kramer Electronics’ new VIA product line includes the VIA Collage (right), the VIA Connect PRO (below), and the VIA Connect. These wireless collaboration devices allow people to meet smarter through connection, collaboration, and engagement by providing a shared workspace that makes team collaboration in realtime seamless and simple. The VIA Collage is a collaboration hub that solves BYOD challenges and allows for the effective integration of PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. With the VIA Collage, files can be shared quickly and easily between participants or with all participants at once. The VIA Collage also allows for full 1080p/60 HD video streaming and the main unit even has an HDMI input to allow the integration of an external video source. Up to six presenters’ screens can be dynamically displayed on a single display device, and up to 12 can be shown simultaneously when two display devices are used. The VIA Collage is a PC that supports third-party applications such as Skype, Go To Meeting, Lync, WebEx, and PowerPoint. VIA Collage also has built-in 1024-bit encryption for information sent between the Collage and the meeting participants as well as a dynamic room code to prevent unauthorized participation in the meeting. The digital canvas created by the VIA Collage allows meeting participants to all work on the same document in realtime and save the results to their device.


The PJ WX4141N from Ricoh is a network-enabled, 33000-lumen ultra-short-throw projector, capable of displaying a 48in.-diagonal image when placed less than 5in. from a wall or screen; when it’s only 9.6in. from a wall it delivers a 80in. WXGA 1280×800 picture. The unit weighs 6.6lbs. and can be mounted below or above the screen. It is designed for conference rooms, offices, small-to-midsize meeting spaces including huddle rooms, classrooms, tradeshows, stores, restaurants, and hotels. An HDMI input provides high-quality video from DVD players and Blu-ray players. Other connection options include VGA, video, and audio inputs. Designed to be lightweight and portable, this unit can be placed on a table or in its optional stand. The PJ WX4141Ni version transforms conventional screens into interactive whiteboards with Ricoh PJ Interactive software. Presenters can share screens remotely and add notes directly to presentations using the digital pen.


Digital Video Enterprises designed the Huddle Room 70 as a complete videoconferencing system to accommodate up to four participants at either end of the transmission or up to eight people arranged in two rows. The system allows them to appear to be in the same room by including a zero-frame 65in.-70in. HD flatscreen with HD and PC inputs as well as eye-level embedded camera(s) so that the participants can sit very close to the screen with natural eye contact. Each room comes with a boardroom-quality table custom made for each client and provides 21in. data tablets on the table for up close and easy-to-read text. There is an option for Intelligent Switched Telepresence with multiple cameras, and the Huddle Room 70 is also designed to work with any HD codec so that it can be incorporated into many existing systems as a significant upgrade.


FSR continues to expand the HuddleVU collaboration systems with a new line of tables built to accommodate HuddleVU 4, 5, and 6 user configurations. Designed to amaze with built-in AV features, all equipment is plug and play, eliminating the need to load custom applications or software. The new tables provide collaboration opportunities in any number of environments with both table and counter height versions. The table base provides an area for mounting all HuddleVU equipment, and a vertical rear panel can be finished for open office environments. The HuddleVU Dugout seats up to 12 users who can share their information on one or two large monitor screens. The dual height tables seat the users at two viewing levels to maximize space, reduce visual obstructions, and provide seating comfort. Two additional seating areas can be used for handicapped seating as required. The inner table boxes furnish AC power, device charging, AV connectivity, and control while the outer table has AC power and device charging. There are a variety of table finishes available as well as upholstery styles to match existing décor.


AKG’s CBL31 WLS and STSDAM+ wireless tabletop microphones offer durability and flexible housing options and are ideal for meeting rooms, courtrooms, conference rooms, and houses of worship. The AKG CBL 31 WLS and STSDAM+ are based on heavy-duty tabletop mechanics and due to their heavy weight, are highly shock-absorbent and hold the microphone firmly in place. Various AKG pocket transmitters (including the WMS40/45/420/470 and DMS700) fit into the housing of both the CBL31 WLS and STS DAM+, to transform the stations into complete wireless solutions. Both models offer a rugged mute switch (more than 25,000 switching cycles) that controls the microphone, plus an LED bar to clearly show the status. A 3.5mm input jack plug allows connection of either up to four AKG CBL410 or a laptop to transmit the audio signal of a presenter to the local PA system.


Christie Brio Team, the newest model in the Christie Brio family of presentation and collaboration systems, is a plug-and-play unit that makes it easy for individuals to wirelessly stream content onto displays from devices such as PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Users can share content, edit in realtime, save their work, and capture action items for quicker follow-up while in study areas, small meeting rooms, and huddle spaces. Brio Team, with its integrated Wi-Fi, AirPlay and WiDi receiver, requires no additional software apps, external dongles, or local area network.


The FlexView series from Middle Atlantic is a collection of display stands and carts ideal for corporate, hospitality, and education environments. The FlexView models feature a slim profile, enable mounting of larger displays, and are available with electric or manual display height adjustment. FlexView solutions are also available in stationary or mobile configurations with rugged casters that provide long-lasting use and seamless maneuverability, even when wheeling over door thresholds. Other features include the Lever Lock system for small component mounting and a locking easy-access door for quick maintenance.


Crestron Connect It presentation interface offers a cost-effective, simple-to-use presentation solution that provides connectivity, cable management, and one-touch control in a stylish and easy-to-install tabletop device. Using a Crestron Connect It Presentation Interface (TT-100 series), anyone can easily connect their laptop, tablet, or smartphone device and instantly start presenting. Multiple presentation interfaces can be deployed across any sized table to enable natural, free-flowing collaboration amongst several participants in a huddle room, conference room, council chamber, or training lab. Simple one-touch control at each Presentation Interface makes toggling between sources effortless.


RelampIt provides an eco-friendly, projector lamp replacement option for more than 95 percent of the projector models used within the AV industry. The company takes the original projector lamp assembly, uses the OEM housing, and replaces the spent bulb with a new one. This service saves 30 percent to 50percent off of the cost of a new original manufacturer lamp, without compromising performance, according to the company. If you don’t have the projector lamp housing, RelampIt most in stock and ready to ship. See the full list of the projector brands RelampIt is able to relamp on the company’s website. RelampIt also offers projector lamp recycling services, free of charge and in accordance with federal and state requirements.

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