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Imaging with sound and light

Sound, light and video constantly bombard you. From the morning news show, to the surveillance camera in the lobby of your apartment building, to the

Imaging with sound and light

May 20, 1997 12:00 PM,
The S&VC staff

Sound, light and video constantly bombard you. From the morning newsshow, to the surveillance camera in the lobby of your apartment building, to the conference room at the office, to the strobe light at the dance club. These technologies combine to keep you safe, help you learn, show you new ideas and generally make your life more enjoyable. You are exposed to imaging installations daily, but the audio and video systems are so seamlessly integrated that you rarely notice their existence and the resulting enhancements to our day-to-day lives.

With the task of designing and installing these systems, the audio-video contractor or systems integrator has a surprisingly big — and often unnoticed — impact on people’s daily lives. And nowhere is that task more important than security. Proper integration of audio and video is crucial in security applications. For a look at the system used in one of America’s busiest and most famous retail establishments, see our profile of Macy’s 34th Street store on Herald Square. This installation required a system that could provide enormous surveillance capability as well as centralized communication.

The combination of sound and light is synonymous with modern entertainment — television, films, nightclubs. Discover the latest system developments used in the Planet Hollywood restaurant chain. Our profile of the company’s Nashville location illustrates the obvious video connection to its founders — all popular film stars — while emphasizing the necessity of an equally impressive sound system. For an international installation, turn to our article on the Ministry of Sound, London’s famed nightspot. Learn about an A-V system that can provide the constant change needed to satisfy the often fickle clubbing set.

Sound and light also plays an integral part in providing information and motivation for the attendees of large-scale meetings. The sometimes jaded convention-going public demands sophisticated A-V technology that can hold an already over-extended attention span. Look to our article on the Target discount store chain’s recent meeting in Tucson, AZ, to see how designers managed to entertain and educate their audience.

Of course, none of these installations could have been completed without making the initial equipment selections, and one of the most basic pieces of equipment is often the most overlooked: the screen. Yet, choose the wrong screen and all of your careful choices in related equipment will lose their impact. For the low-down on rear-projection screens, turn to “Choosing the Right Rear-Projection Screen,” which includes technically specific options for making the right equipment choice for each application.

Use this issue of S&VC to educate yourself in the many possibilities of imaging with sound and light.

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