Quad Moves into Commercial Sound Market The name of Quad has extended its market base into the world of architectural acoustics under the banner of Quad
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Apr 1, 2003 12:00 PM

Quad Moves into Commercial Sound Market

The name of Quad has extended its market base into the world of architectural acoustics under the banner of Quad Industrial (QI). The newly formed division, a member of the International Audio Group (along with brands such as Wharfedale and Wharfedale Professional), is headquartered in Huntingdon, England. Focusing on the commercial and industrial sectors, QI has launched the first of what will become a seven-strong product family aimed at the installation contractor, architect, and product specifier.

Electrograph Doubles Sales Force

Electrograph Systems exceeded expectations with the advent of the Quick Response Sales Team (QRST), effecting an increase in sales personnel by doubling the company's existing sales force. The QRST is intended to streamline the Electrograph distribution process.

SIM2 Offers New Warranties

SIM2 USA has a new warranty program for the HT series and the RTX series. The warranty includes a two-year parts and labor and a one-year lamp for any Grand Cinema HT DLP projector and a one-year parts and lamp on the Grand Cinema RTX. The SIM2 Grand Cinema line of DLP projectors includes the HT300 Plus Link, the HT300, the HT 200DMF (dual mode), the HT200, and the HT200 SWA (superwide angle). The Grand Cinema RTX line includes a 45-inch monitor (RTX-45) and a 55-inch monitor (RTX-55).

Blonder Tongue Reports Third-Quarter Results

Blonder Tongue Laboratories announced its sales and earnings for the third quarter and nine months ended September 30, 2002. Net sales for the third quarter 2002 decreased 18 percent to $13,171,000 from the $16,064,000 reported for the third quarter 2001, owing to a decrease in capital spending by cable system operators. Net sales included approximately $770,000 of interdiction products in the third three months of 2002, compared with approximately $1,621,000 for the comparable period in 2001. Net earnings for the period were $536,000, compared with $1,034,000 for the comparable period in 2001.

KV2 Enters Sound Reinforcement

KV2 is a new sound reinforcement loudspeaker company specializing in advanced active speaker technology. KV2 comprises pro-audio and sound reinforcement veterans. The K stands for George Krampera, who has more than 30 years of design experience, creating audio solutions for Yorkville Sound, RCF, SpA, Fussion Audio, and Mackie Designs. The V stands for Marcelo Vercelli, who has been in the pro-audio industry for more than 15 years, serving as vice president, business development, for Sound Advance Systems; North American vice president of marketing for RCF; and a founder of Fussion Audio.

Projectors Are Brighter, Lighter, and Cheaper

Pacific Media Associates — a Menlo Park, California, market research firm that specializes in the large-screen displays market — delivered the 60th monthly issue of its Reseller Tracking Service (RTS), an information service for front data/video projectors sold to organizations. Comparing the September 1997 and September 2002 issues of the RTS shows how the professional projector market has changed in five years. Five years ago, the average projector had a brightness of about 400 lumens; today the average brightness is about 1,700 lumens. Five years ago, the average projector weighed 16 pounds; today the average projector weighs 8 pounds. In 1998 the average selling price of a projector was $5,400; the average price is now $2,800.

SPL Provides Service Center

Shortly after establishing its new office in Thousand Oaks, California, SPL USA was able to secure the continued cooperation of its longtime U.S. service partner Tony Marra. Based in Las Vegas, Marra's Thermal Relief has been servicing SPL products for several years. Marra is a seasoned technician and is in collaboration with SPL USA and the developers and technicians in the German headquarters.

Multicom Receives Achievement Certificate

Multicom recently accepted the Export Achievement Certificate at the Global Business Networking Forum, in Orlando, Florida. The Global Business Advisory Board (GBAB) was established to provide education to small and midsize companies and to promote programs, resources, and initiatives that support international development and trade. The Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce sponsors the GBAB. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Multicom is a stocking distributor of products to build and maintain cable television systems. Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, Multicom maintains sales offices, rep agencies, and subdistributors throughout North and Latin America.

OnQ Technologies Adds Training Course

OnQ Technologies' new training course — OnQ Home Network System: Installation Training, Level 1 — is designed for electrical and low-voltage system installers. The course provides an introduction to the home networking industry and highlights installation techniques and applications for the OnQ Home Network System. The training course introduces structured wiring and its demand in the marketplace. Industry experts predict that by 2004, 50 percent of all new homes will have structured wiring, opening the door to new installation business and making the need for a clear understanding of home networking essential for electricians and security installers.

Shure Awarded Technical Grammy

Shure was awarded the 2003 Technical Grammy by the National Academy of the Recording Arts and Sciences. The award is presented by the academy to individuals or companies that have made outstanding contributions of technical significance to the recording industry. In addition, 31 of Shure's endorsing artists received nominations for creative awards in 45 categories. Shure endorsers walking away with their own Grammy Awards included the Dixie Chicks, Coldplay, the Foo Fighters, India.Arie, Herbie Hancock, Korn, Usher, Take 6, Erykah Badu, Lee Ann Womack, Alan Jackson, Mana, Michael Brecker, and Nickel Creek.

Gold Line Celebrates Five Years with TEF

Gold Line is celebrating its fifth anniversary of manufacturing and supporting the TEF20 audio analyzer. Originally designed and built by the Techron division of Crown International, Gold Line purchased the rights to the product's manufacture in early 1998. Gold Line's TEF20 is a dedicated instrument designed to perform time, energy, and frequency measurements using the science of time delay spectrometry. A tool for audio system design, installation, and verification, the TEF analyzer enables sound professionals to see and measure existing acoustical problems while evaluating each change as it is made.

SoundTube Wins Patent Infringement Action

A federal judge of the District Court of Massachusetts ruled that SoundTube Entertainment's FP FocusPoint Dual-Parabolic speakers do not infringe any claim of Brown Innovations' U.S. patent No. 5532438. For years Brown has been claiming patent infringement and lack of sound focusing regarding SoundTube's patented FP speakers. Finally, Brown sued one of SoundTube's independent reps. In response to that action, SoundTube filed suit against Brown in the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts, seeking a declaratory judgment that SoundTube did not infringe Brown's patent.

Processor Based on CobraNet

Peak Audio, the commercial audio products business of Cirrus Logic, announced the CS18101 digital-audio networking processor, the first release of CobraNet technology integrated into a microprocessor. CobraNet, developed and marketed by Peak Audio, is a technology for distributing uncompressed, real-time, digital audio over a fast Ethernet network. The introduction of the CS18101 will result in a reduction in the cost of incorporating CobraNet technology into a product, allowing manufacturers to offer audio networking in a lower-cost class of products. Capable of handling eight bidirectional audio channels, the CS18101 is for use in powered speakers, power amplifiers, signal-processing devices, and mixing consoles.

Seminar Draws International Audience

The Fall 2002 Fundamentals of MediaMatrix seminar, held at Peavey Electronics Corp.'s international headquarters in November, drew attendees from across the United States and Canada, including the key audio and integrated system staff behind installations in the U.S. House of Representatives and the Canadian House of Commons. Since its inaugural session in 1994, the MediaMatrix seminar series has provided instruction to system integrators, designers, consultants, engineers, and end-users on MediaMatrix products, technology, applications, and design. Because there is usually a waiting list for each seminar, the company plans to increase the number of seminars in 2003. The Fundamentals of MediaMatrix seminar covers the majority of practical technology required to design and implement MediaMatrix audio systems as well as includes extensive coverage of the X-Frame 88 digital-audio processor.

Sennheiser Launches Communications Division

Sennheiser has created a new communications division called Sennheiser Communications, which is dedicated to telecommunication headset technology solutions. The new division represents a joint business venture between German company Sennheiser electronic GmbH and Company KG and Danacom A/S, a division of Danish company William Demant Holding A/S, Copenhagen. The William Demant Holding Group will transfer its current headset business to the joint venture, and Sennheiser will complement that with its newly established telecom business unit and global distribution network. The newly established joint venture, Sennheiser Communications A/S, will be based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and will combine the core competencies of William Demant and Sennheiser to provide leading-edge acoustic and electronic headset products.

Stardraw Introduces Symbol Wizard

The past few months have seen the introduction of some new technology to the Stardraw product portfolio through the Feature-per-Month update service. The newest feature to be added is the Symbol Wizard. The Symbol Wizard can be used within the Block Schematic environment of Stardraw Audio, Stardraw AV, and Stardraw Radio to create a high-quality symbol in seconds. The new symbol can be based on one of hundreds of predrawn templates that are grouped by product types such as amplifiers, loudspeakers, and players/recorders.

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