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InfoComm Strikes Again

Just home from InfoComm at press time, and I'm still digesting the show and the many industry trends that it portends for us all. The buzz word obviously

InfoComm Strikes Again

Jul 1, 2007 12:00 PM,
By Michael Goldman

Just home from InfoComm at press time, and I’m still digesting the show and the many industry trends that it portends for us all.

The buzz word “convergence” obviously belongs in there. Among other things, I had several folks tell me how rapidly and impressively consumer and residential AV technologies are now influencing the professional installation market after years of that paradigm working primarily in the opposite direction.

Digital signage, as we covered in detail last issue, is growing into a ubiquitous force. In particular, I was struck on the show floor by various attempts now being made to address the tricky issue of creating meaningful directional audio systems specifically for digital signage applications, and the growing number of solutions for IP-based control of digital signage and other AV technologies.

Jack Kontney, a regular contributor to Sound & Video Contractor and a key member of our roster of audio experts, says he spotted a general audio trend toward application engineering, with more new products fine-tuned to the specific needs of the market. In particular, he points to the big splash made by the Audio-Technica SpectraPulse ultra wideband wireless microphone system, and its method of bypassing the white space discussion, as an example of this trend.

Jack will have a detailed look at InfoComm’s audio breakthroughs in our August issue, and you can also learn more about A-T’s SpectraPulse approach at, where George Petersen, our senior consulting editor, has posted an article on the product. A visit to our website will also give you a sneak peek into Sound & Video Contractor‘s 2007 Pick Hits — award-winning products from InfoComm, including SpectraPulse, among others. For more elaboration on those award-winning products, check out the continuation of our InfoComm coverage in the August issue.

Meanwhile, Jeff Sauer’s Picture This column on p. 16 addresses crucial video developments at InfoComm. You can also count on our roster of newsletters and podcasts to follow the products and trends that debuted at InfoComm this year — all part of our growing multimedia approach to supplying the installation community with meaningful, educational information.

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