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When the Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, Texas, needed a microphone setup that would be easy to set up and flexible enough to handle music and
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Sep 1, 2002 12:00 PM

When the Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, Texas, needed a microphone setup that would be easy to set up and flexible enough to handle music and voice reproduction, the congregation turned to the pastor's son.

Chuck Swindoll, son of pastor and radio show host Charles Swindoll, serves as the church's audio engineer. He opted for a wide range of Neumann mics (about 40 total) to capture the strains of the church's choir and his father's sermons. In addition, the church often has a full orchestra and even bands.

Loud and clear

First, Chuck Swindoll needed a setup that would allow his father to preach without being effectively chained to the pulpit. Swindoll installed a KM 150, which lets his father move as much as three feet away from the mic and still be heard loud and clear.

KM 185s and KM 184s are used for musical instruments and the choir. “With the KM 185s, I'm picking up 25 vocals without hot spots,” Chuck Swindoll says. “I never have to worry about the musicians' movement. I never have to add or take away EQ from instruments due to the accuracy and neutrality of the mics. You put your instruments in front of the microphones, bring up in the house, and roll off the low end, and you're done.”

The church's inventory of mics includes 16 pairs of KM 184s, 8 KM 185s, 6 KMS-105s, 8 KM 150s, and 2 TLM 103s. “Traditionally, microphones have been very specific in terms of what they do best, and though they may be good at one thing, they don't do a lot of things well,” Chuck Swindoll says. “With the KM 184s, for instance, I can mic any one of the string instruments, all of the woodwinds, timpani, the Steinway Grand, group vocals, or whatever I need to put in front of it.”

Chuck Swindoll also uses the mics to capture his father's sermons for broadcast on the Insight for Living radio ministry. Entire services are put on the hard drive and sent to more than 140 countries and translated into 16 languages. “The microphones pick up every nuance of my dad's voice,” Chuck Swindoll says. “That makes him more real, picturesque, and friendly to our radio listeners.”

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