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A Lighthouse LED billboard screen measuring 5,373 square feet the largest outdoor LED billboard in the world has been unveiled alongside the Long Island
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Install of the Month

Oct 1, 2002 12:00 PM

A Lighthouse LED billboard screen measuring 5,373 square feet — the largest outdoor LED billboard in the world — has been unveiled alongside the Long Island Expressway in Long Island City, New York, for Internet-based fresh-food retailer FreshDirect.

Advertising FreshDirect's services and products, the sign is intended to reach traffic coming out of Long Island and both JFK and LaGuardia airports into New York City through the Queens Midtown tunnel on Highway 495 and the Long Island Expressway. It is also visible from the Queensboro Bridge and a number of other bridges and highways around the city.

The top of the LVP3165 screen is 170 feet from the ground, and the screen is supported on a single steel mast. It features a 31.2 mm pixel pitch, 624-by-832 resolution, and 6,500 nits of brightness. FreshDirect chose Lighthouse to develop a screen with intense brightness and resolution that could maintain visibility and clarity in various types of weather, including direct sunlight.

Lighthouse's R&D department developed the LVP3165 screen to meet and exceed those specifications. The Lighthouse image processor is also designed to maintain the screen's brightness over many years of continuous use.

“FreshDirect's requirements for high brightness levels, longevity, quality, contrast ratios, and economical constraints were the factors that led us to develop this screen,” says Troy Dodson, president of Lighthouse U.S. “It also had to be exceptionally durable and capable of withstanding high wind loadings.”

The screen is made of large-size panels to simplify installation and maintenance, and the pixel pitch is suited to long distance viewing. The sign shows colorful, animated images and video messages promoting the company's direct-to-consumer food service. FreshDirect ( has been building its operation for two years and is currently providing select areas of the New York metropolitan area with the fresh foods customized to consumer specifications and delivered to the consumer's door.

Driving information to the giant screen is a DigiBand Series DVX-5000 from fiber-optic transport systems technology specialist OptiComm, which transmits full-color video data to the screen at 600 Mbps through fiber-optic cable from FreshDirect's headquarters in Long Island City, New York.

“FreshDirect recognizes the need for advanced high-quality technology, and we are excited to have developed a premier solution with Lighthouse and OptiComm,” says Robert Slater, chief technology officer at FreshDirect.

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