Steven Klein SCR a designer and builder of commercial recording studios, post-production facilities, and project studios recently completed an application-specific
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Sep 1, 2003 12:00 PM

Steven Klein SCR — a designer and builder of commercial recording studios, post-production facilities, and project studios — recently completed an application-specific audio production room for Honda Research and Development Center, based in Torrance, California. The facility comprises a soundproofed area in which the interior environment of a typical automobile can be simulated using material recorded inside various vehicles, as well as a companion control room. The facility will test a range of audio systems intended for use within Honda automotive products.

“The project included consulting, design, and installation of acoustic treatments to ensure outstanding sonic clarity and isolation,” Klein says. “We handled installation of a modular isolation booth in which the R&D Center can perform voice recording inside a simulated automobile environment, plus installation of the Honda-specified equipment package.”

“The new audio production room will serve a number of purposes,” says Ed Castaldi, senior project engineer at Honda R&D Center. “Firstly, we need to examine how a noisy environment affects the way in which drivers and passengers interact with voice-controlled systems. Secondly, we want to test voice-recognition and response systems by recording voices within noisy environments. Finally, we want to evaluate the audio quality and playback properties of in-car systems.

“The entire design and construction project, start to finish, took less than a month,” Castaldi says. “We decided to convert an existing storage space into a self-contained facility, including an eight-foot-square acoustic isolation cubicle — essentially, a room within a room.” The isolation room contains a 5.1-channel loudspeaker array linked to playback systems and a mixing console located in an adjacent control room area.

“The major challenge of this project was the short time frame we were provided with,” says Klein. “In less than a month, we needed to provide a working environment that encompassed equipment, furniture, acoustic design and installation, wiring, booth assembly — all of which needed to be fully operational. The logistics of ordering, designing, assembling, and installing had to be right in line for everything to run smoothly. Yet we completed the project on time and under budget.”

In terms of the acoustic installation, Steven Klein SCR placed extra insulation above the grid tiles to provide for additional isolation, and one-inch absorption fabric panels were installed as wall treatments. “Because we were involved as consultants for the equipment, we recommended the use of Hayes Spatial One monitors,” Klein says.

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