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Installation Products

Telephone Interface The XAP TH2 replaces the XAP TH1 as Gentner's telephone device that routes audio from a single telephone line into Gentner's XAP800

Installation Products

Jan 1, 2002 12:00 PM,
Compiled by Elizabeth Price

Telephone Interface

The XAP TH2 replaces the XAP TH1 as Gentner’s telephone device that routes audio from a single telephone line into Gentner’s XAP800 audio conferencing system. Enhancements include compatibility with G-Ware software and an expansion bus port.
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MP3 Jukebox

ReQuest Multimedia’s AudioReQuest Zone is a hard-drive based digital music system. It can automatically replicate the ARQ Pro’s entire stored music collection and play lists, more than 450 hours of music.
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Speaker Stand

The S-170 tripod speaker stand provides sound professionals ease of use and reliability. It features Quik-Lok’s non-strip-out height adjustment collar and a heavy-duty nylon leg joint with tightening block. It is constructed of strong, lightweight steel tubing.
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EVID is a foreground/background surface-mount speaker system. The line features three full-range models including a subwoofer: EVID 6.2, dual 6-inch LF drivers and a 1-inch Ti-waveguide, 4.2 dual 4-inch LF drivers and a 1-inch Ti-waveguide, 3.2 dual 3-inch LF drivers and a .75-inch Ti-direct radiator, and 12.1 subwoofer with a 12-inch LF transducer.
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Commercial Phone Plug

Designed for the live sound industry, Neutrik’s NYS225-S commercial phone plugs are a 2-pole mono plug series with a larger shell to accommodate wider-diameter speaker cable. The 225-S features a silent switch to eliminate the popping distortion when inserted into a jack.
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The LE12JB is a two-way active/passive, multi-angle enclosure offering differential dispersion. It is fitted with high-sensitivity 12-inch/3-inch coil driver and handles low frequencies up to the 1.3kHz crossover point. High frequencies are reproduced by a 1.4-inch exit titanium-diaphragm compression driver.
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ST and LT Series amplifiers have a switch-mode design. The ST series ranges from 250 watts per channel to 1000 watts per channel at 4 ohms. The LT series offers the same range. Frequency response for both is 10 Hz to 20 kHz. The CPX Series features built-in defeatable GCL clip limiting, low-pass filters (18 dB per octave at 80 Hz) and electronic crossovers with direct outputs.
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Power Enhancer

The RGPC 1200S quenches A/C line noise, internal cross talk, and reflected black EMF without current limiting. This single, all-inclusive parallel power enhancer is also an effective surge protection system.
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Clean Room Speakers

The CL-1 speaker is driven by a solid-state, shape-change material. The LC-1 has a 12-inch, disc-shaped, sound-radiating face. Only the flat disc is exposed to the interior of the room, for clean design.
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The SP series of modulators from J.W. Davis & Company range from the SP-1M, with one input and one channel mono, to the SP-41MM with four inputs, four channel mono. The SP-22MS is a 2-channel stereo MTS modulator with digital channel display. And the SP-20MS is a 1-input, 1-channel MTS stereo modulator with patented CEX surround sound technology.
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Studio Microphone

The Shure KSM27 is a large-diaphragm, side-access cardioid model. It has a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Optimized for vocals (but capable of handling high-input SPLs as well), the KSM27 uses Class A transformerless preamp circuitry.
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Aural Exciter

The Aphex Systems Model 204 Aural Exciter with Optical Big Bottom increases presence and clarity of audio signals, in addition to improving sonic detail and intelligibility. Big Bottom provides deeper bass with little or no increase in peak output.
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Redwood Music distributes the STK VX1202N. This mixer has 13 inputs distributed among eight channels. There are four mic/line mono channels, one combination XLR mic and RAC stereo channel, and three stereo line channels using 1/4-inch inputs.
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DSP Engine

The 322 DSP engine is Symetrix’s latest addition to its Audio Workplace line. It is a 2-input, 2-output, 24-bit multifunction processor for engineered sound applications.
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Projector Control

The InFocus solution for management and control of multiple projectors in the corporate network includes a plug-in to existing IT software to remotely monitor, control and troubleshoot the projectors. It is fully compatible with existing and future InFocus system projectors.
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Desktop/Fixed Installation Projectors

The NEC GT950 is the first desktop/fixed installation projector capable of both portrait and landscape projection. It comes with a PC card viewer that lets users present without a laptop, and a DVI-I input for additional flexibility. It has extreme lens shift for adaptability to a variety of spaces. The GT2150 allows users to handle applications requiring SXGA native resolution, high brightness and CRT-like image quality.
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TV Control

Ideal for use in corporations, Contemporary Research Force TVs go to channels with security information, emergency news and weather alerts. Contemporary Research’s iC Series provides control to a variety of televisions, both smart and IR-controlled.
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Multipurpose Projector

The full-featured Boxlight CD-750m DLP projector puts out 2000 ANSI lumens and weighs 5.7 pounds. It has true 1024×768 XGA resolution and can also operate in a 1600-ANSI-lumen economy mode.
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Camera Cable

The HDC920 high-definition camera cable from Gepco is a flexible and rugged 9.2mm hybrid cable that uses both optical fibers and copper conductors for the digital video and control signals.
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Weatherproof Camera Systems

The Telemetrics PT-HD3 with heavy-duty pan/tilt head features DC servo-controlled drive motors encased in a rugged aluminum housing with all metal gears. Pan range is 345°; tilt range is 185°. It comes with a 14-pin connector for power and drive signals and easily adjusted end stops.
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Power Conditioner/Light Module

The ART Smart Power 4×4 metered power conditioner and light module features a VU meter to monitor input voltage. It has built-in RFI surge and spike protection, as well as two shock-mounted light posts, a separate on/off light switch, a dimmer dial, and a front-mounted circuit breaker reset switch.
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Protective Display Enclosures

Premier Mounts indoor and outdoor models of protection for plasma screen displays are available on the company’s Web site. The indoor display model has a steel-frame enclosure with a clear Plexiglas front panel. Outdoor models offer environmental protection from climatic conditions.
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Working as a video recorder and multiplexer in one unit, the Pelco DX1000 Series digital video recorder features four color video inputs for fixed cameras. It comes with a 30GB or 60GB hard drive, allowing for continuous recording for up to two or four weeks.
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Digital Disk Recorder

DVD-RAM archiving and playback modules for the Panasonic WJ-DH500 hard-disk recording system are available in internal and external models that can be purchased individually or in a set.
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LCD Projector

Mitsubishi’s X80 ColorView projector can reproduce the same natural color tones as other display devices like CRT monitors. It offers 1500 ANSI lumens and weighs only 7.7 pounds.
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Security Camera

In addition to its color and monochrome versions, the Philips G3 Enviro-Dome is now also available in a day/night version, which switches from color to monochrome when light levels drop. All three versions are offered in small, easy-to-install, weather-resistant packages.
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Video Monitoring

Trakonic’s AnyTrak is a wireless solution allowing remote video monitoring and device management on a personal digital assistant. AnyTrak provides real-time remote viewing and control of a variety of security systems including live and recorded CCTV.
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Dome Cameras

Ultrak’s KD6 Z-Series has a variable pan speed of up to 180° per second, 64 programmable pre-shots per dome and an integrated high-resolution DSP III-R color camera with 4-64mm (16X) optical zoom (2X digital zoom). It is designed for installation in drop-ceiling, hard-ceiling, pendant and WeatherDome configurations.
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Video Recorder

The Samsung SVR-1600 comes with 40 GB of hard-drive storage, with up to 80 GB optional. It can record 15 days on the 40GB drive and 30 days with the 80GB drive. It comes with a built-in triplex multiplexer and five video resolutions (fine, high, medium, low and user-defined).
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Progressive Scan Camera

Audio Video Supply provides the STC-1000 high-resolution monochrome full-frame shutter, double-speed, progressive-scan camera with asynchronous reset capability and continuous video output. It has internal sync and allows input of a random external trigger pulse for instant video output as well.
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Video Generator

Model 801 GD dual link DVI video generator offers digital output up to 300 MHz and analog output up to 360 MHz. A VGM user interface is standard.
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