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The Iridium Jazz Club Relocates and Gets a New Acoustic Design

NY Magazine named The Iridium Jazz Club New York's Best Jazz Club; and with Iridium's new sound system, it really lives up to the honor.

The Iridium Jazz Club Relocates and Gets a New Acoustic Design

Jan 10, 2002 12:00 PM,
From Meyer Sound

Electric guitar legend and inventor Les Paul specified an all Meyerloudspeaker system to be installed at his new business address. TheIridium Jazz Club recently changed its address, relocating to 1650Broadway. When considering the move from the old location, ownder RonSturm wanted the new locale to be among the best live experiencesavailable anywhere.

Attention was paid to every aspect of the new facility, includinglighting, acoustics, and interior design to create an environment thatwas conducive to not only listening but performing as well. Part ofthat brief meant upgrading the sound system. The old facility had someMeyer Self-Powered products, but there were also loudspeaker productsfrom other manufacturers. In the move to the new venue, the decision togo exclusively Meyer was made. Surm explained that decision: “We triedto address the sound issue; it was a very important aspect. And it’susually something that clubs put a backseat to. This was an opportunityto do it right.” The challenge was to break out of the mold byincluding a sound system that would live up to the club experience Pauland club management wanted.

The Meyer products were retained from the old facility and CarlFerruggia of SI Tech, who was responsible for the system and acousticdesign; Meyer’s John Monitto determined what additional loudspeakerswere required. The new system consisted of single CQ-1 wide-coveragemain loudspeakers for the left and right, and a center cluster of threeUPA-2P compact narrow-coverage loudspeakers. Delays were UPM-1ultra-compact wide-coverage loudspeaker, and a UPA-2P compactnarrow-coverage loudspeaker was used as a fill. Two 650-P high-powersubwoofers handle the low frequencies.

“It took about three days in total to get the system in,” recallsFerruggia. About the quality of the system, he added, “I think it’sgreat. It’s probably the best club I’ve heard so far.”

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