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It’s Only the Beginning

In the August issue of S&VC, Peter Putman began his review of INFOCOMM 2001. He spotlighted the results of the Projection Shoot-Out and discussed some

It’s Only the Beginning

Sep 1, 2001 12:00 PM

In the August issue of S&VC, Peter Putman began his review of INFOCOMM 2001. He spotlighted the results of the Projection Shoot-Out and discussed some of the many new projection products and innovations that graced the show floor this year. In this issue, he reviews the show’s biggest surprises in plasma panels and datawalls and continues to summarize the main themes of the show. However, with INFOCOMM 2001 in the rearview mirror, we turn to look ahead at the events of the coming year.

Registration Open for Free INFOCOMM Europe Seminars

INFOCOMM Europe is offering free seminars, open to all attendees. Wednesday’s seminars, sponsored by Professional Systems & Production Partners, focus on topics relating to the convergence of A/V and IT. AV Magazine sponsors Thursday’s seminars which focus on the European systems integration market. Friday’s seminars, sponsored by AV Views, discuss the future of display technology.

New Zealand IPD

The first ICIA New Zealand Institute for Professional Development is scheduled for September 17-21 in Auckland, New Zealand. This is a weeklong intensive session of educational and networking opportunities, designed to train technicians, managers, salespeople, principals and other professionals in the audio-video/presentations industry.

Start the week with selections from INFOCOMM Academy’s Presentation Seminar Series. Continue with the IPD, “Professional Sales Skills for the A/V Industry,” Tuesday through Thursday. Then wrap up the week with the Educational Communications Foundation’s golf event.

E-mail Jonathan Seller with questions or to register, [email protected].

INFOCOMM 2002 Call for Presenters

June 12-14, 2002, Las Vegas, Nevada: ICIA’s Professional Education and Training Committee announces its annual call for presenters. Dynamic speakers and presenters interested in leading ICIA’s INFOCOMM 2002 workshops and seminars are invited to participate.

In 2002, ICIA plans to offer workshops and seminars in a variety of A/V disciplines and technologies. The PETC is particularly interested in sessions about emerging technologies and their potential effect on the industry. (Note: ICIA is not looking for product-specific sales pitches during presentations. No workshop or seminar should slant toward any one manufacturer or service provider.)


Workshops are four or eight hours long. Because they are hands-on, attendance is limited to 40 people.


Seminars are two hours long. Attendance at seminars is not limited.

Panel Discussions

Panels are considered seminars, and names of all potential panelists must be submitted with the proposal.

Presenters are expected to provide an electronic presentation and handout materials for each session. In 2002, ICIA will provide handout material on CD-ROM and make several seminars available on the Internet.

Although the deadline for first consideration has passed, the last possible date to submit proposals for final review is November 9, 2001. For complete information on timelines and proposal submission guidelines, visit

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