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January 1997

January 1997


Editorial: Of Typos

By Ted UzzleUzzle is editor of S&VC

Recently a trade magazine for home-theater installers arrived in our office. It announced a new loudspeaker: “The SW-X1 subwoofer can handle up to 150…

The Sounds of Music

By the S&VC staff

“Tarump-bum-bam-boom.” Thunderous applause. The conductor takes a bow, the cast has its final curtain call, and the audience files out in an orderly fashion.But…

Business News

By the S&VC staff

Mark IV Audio sold Mark IV Audio, a division of Mark IV Industries comprising 10 companies, has been sold to Greenwich Street Capital Partners, a New…

E xcellence in Installation and Design: 1996 CEDIA Awards

By the S&VC staff

Congratulations to the 1996 winners of the Electronic Lifestyles Awards for Manufacturers’ Excellence and for Designer/Installer Excellence presented…

New business in your own backyardSelling to your existing accounts can grow into a substantial amount of income.

By Ted TateTate is author of Just Sell It!, Wiley Publishing, NY. He teaches at Cleveland State Uni

For those of you who don’t know me, until 1990, I was the president of a large burglar and fire alarm company. I did it for more than 17 years, starting…

Christie’s fabulous diamondSir Charles Wheatstone saw the sparkle in Samuel Hunter Christie’s diamond and made it into his own bridge.

By George Pfisterer Jr. P.E. & George Pfisterer Sr.
George Pfisterer Jr. is President of Pfisterer S

163 years ago in England an obscure physicist, Samuel Hunter Christie, made one of the most startling discoveries ever recorded. He unearthed the most…

IRON RULES OF MANAGEMENTIron Rule #4: Successful managers may not always have a formal education, but they always continue learning.

By Ron Davis
Davis is chairman of Security Associates, Arlington Heights, IL, a training, consulting

Okay, let’s get this up front. I don’t think much of people who don’t think much of themselves. And people who don’t spend any time improving themselves…


BY FRED S. STEINGOLDSteingold practices law in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Collecting bills can be tricky. Push too hard and your business can wind up paying money rather than receiving it. For example, in Maryland, a jury awarded…


By James BeckhamBeckham is principal of Audio-Video Corporation, Amarillo, TX.

Ted Tate, Just Sell It! Selling Skills for Small Business Owners, John Wiley & Sons, 1997; 224 pp; $24.95, hardcover; $14.95, paperbackI’m a nuts and…

A Tale of Two HallsTime, money and communication can make the difference between an acoustical disaster and an acoustical success.

By Leo BeranekBeranek is an acoustical design consultant based in Cambridge, MA.

The purpose of a concert hall is to provide beautiful music. If the hall presents striking architecture and makes the hall’s owners a mint of money in…

Microphones on the slyWhen miniature microphones are hidden in live-soundreinforcement, sound quality and clarity are sacrificed.

By Peter MappMapp is a consultant in the United Kingdom.

Microphones often need to be placed in far from ideal positions for recording and live-sound reinforcement. For example, during live performances, miniature…

Bad sound from good intentionsHow can someone adequately do the work of a soundperson without knowing the fundamentals of audio?

By Drew DanielsDaniels is owner of Sound Path Ltd./Sound Path Labs, a design and consulting firm in

I have some bad news. Although it may be true that you’ve mixed at the House of Blues, B.B. King’s, the Roxy, the Whiskey, the Derby, the Viper Room and…

The electronic acousticianUsing electronic architecture creates warmth,atmosphere and a more satisfying orchestral experience.

By Jonathan LaneyLaney is with Jaffe Holden Scarbrough Acoustics in Norwalk, CT.

Electronics and digital processing are accepted virtually everywhere: in the car, at the movie theater, at Broadway productions and at the local jazz…

Why consider the end-user?The best sounding system doesn’t sound goodif no one can figure out how to turn it on.

By David E. HomaHoma is with Acentech, Cambridge, MA.

Sound systems do nothing until people use them. At some point, a person will interact with the systems we design and install. Whether this person is the…

The art of theater soundWhen used to create the imaginary world of the theater, sound is an integral part of the artist’s palette.

By Ken Bell, P.E.Bell is general manager at Richmond Sound Design in Vancouver, BC.

The study of theater sound is much like the study of old paintings, with schools of presentation from mini-malist to spectacular. Each work involves a…

The hat squadThe sound-system consultant for a performing arts center wears many hats, acting as guide, facilitator and translator in a situation ripe for conflict.

By Paul GarrityGarrity is a theater consultant and head of sound-system design for Auerbach + Assoc

Oh, I’ve designed nuclear plants before. They’re much easier than theaters!This quote, from an electrical engineer we know, is no joke.The successful…

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