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January 1999

January 1999


Business News

Tiffany Seeman

Switchcraft holds drawing Switchcraft, Chicago, participated in the 1998 NAB Radio Prize Patrol Giveaway and sponsored its own pre-show mail drawing….



Steve Linn has been named vice president and David Kuhner, Judd Levison and Stacy Linn have been added to the sales team of Western Audio Sales, Costa…

Video Projections

Managing for church projection

Peter H. Putman

Churches, by nature, are environmentally hostile to projection. Traditional CRT projection systems are no match for ambient light from outside and warm…


Spiritual focus

Jack McLean

Modern times demand modern means. A growing number of religious organizations, taking this credo to its fullest, are working with systems designers and…

Adapting to change

Michael Garrison

Jubilee Christian Center, San Jose, CA, is on the forefront of contemporary worship and ministry. Dick Bernal, senior pastor, ministers not only to his…

Highlighting the Word

Peter H. Putnam

One of the fastest-growing markets for large-screen displays is in houses of worship. Churches of all types and sizes are installing projectors, monitors,…

The best of both worlds

Timothy Thornton

Tens of thousands of religious organizations in this country own and operate sound systems. Among other factors, the size of each church, synagogue or…

Operation in harmony

Gordon Moore

In today’s modern world of worship, the sound system has become even more critical in helping convey the message. Going along with this increased reliance…

Getting the Message

Marshall Long

Single room spaces used for both speech and music are particularly interesting to design. Often, the features that make a room good for speech intelligibility…

A Different Angle

David Klepper

Until recently, sound systems in Orthodox Synagogues could not be used on the Jewish Sabbath, sundown Friday evening to after sundown Saturday evening,…

Higher rewards

Drew Daniels

Although not as lucrative as some other jobs, I derive satisfaction from helping smaller churches. Larger sound firms do not usually like tiny jobs. In…

Budgets: avoiding the icebergs


“Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Titanic sinks. Great loss of life.” In 1912, the Titanic sank, creating tremors throughout the world. Although many…

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