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January 2007

January 2007


Church Media Roundtable

By Dan Daley

The worship market has been fertile ground for media technology in the last decade. As church sizes increase, AV media tools are critical to reaching…

Technology Showcase: Hanging Microphones

By Bruce Borgerson

Riddle: It’s a piece of audio gear that everybody looks up to, yet it doesn’t get much respect. What is it? The answer, of course, is the hanging microphone….

Technology Showcase: LCD Displays in Houses of Worship

By Jay Ankeney

High-tech media has long been a major feature in many houses of worship. The elaborate mosaics found in early Byzantine churches such as the Hagia Sophia…

Installation Profile: Investing in HD

By Jack Kontney

Faced with an aging infrastructure and staring at the high-definition future of broadcasting, Crystal Cathedral Ministries (CCM) recently decided the time had come to invest in the future by upgrading to HD for production on The Hour of Power


Beyerdynamic MCW-D 50

By John McJunkin

The brochure for the Beyerdynamic MCW-D 50 emphasizes clarity as a crucial priority in conveying information verbally in congresses, seminars, or conferences….

NEC Display Solutions LCD3735WXM

By Jeff Sauer

You’ll probably find an awful lot of 37in. LCD panels on the market these days. LCD TVs are now quite popular, of course, and screen sizes continue to…



By Michael Goldman

When I took over as editor of Sound & Video Contractor this past summer, I marveled in this space about the importance of technology convergence in our…

Picture This: Digital Quality

By Jeff Sauer

Most moviegoers would probably recognize the name Even my young children know it albeit with a little contextual help from their Toy Story, Monsters Inc.,…

Associations Focus: New Year’s Resolutions

InfoComm International is organized with an elected board of volunteer governors and hired…

POV: Setting AV Standards

By Randal A. Lemke, Ph.D.

Following its decision to seek American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accreditation (as discussed in December’s POV column), InfoComm International…


The Buzz: Installation Spotlight: Steiner Studios Screening Room, New York

By Trevor Boyer

Deep within the once-crumbling Navy Yard complex in Brooklyn, N.Y., is a screening room where Hollywood directors, producers, and editors convene. There…

The Buzz: Installation Spotlight: The Way International, New Knoxville, Ohio

By Charles Conte

Tucked away within the heart of America’s farmland, near the village of New Knoxville in northwestern Ohio, is The Way International, a worldwide, nondenominational…

The Buzz: Newsmakers

Sennheiser has appointed John Page as industry team leader of its music industry and Brad Stephens to the dual position of national sales manager for…

What’s New

What’s New: Audio Technology

By Laura Dixon, Jessaca Gutierrez, and Charissa Young

Beyerdynamic’s Headzone portable headphone system allows for professional monitoring and provides headphone-based 5.1 surround sound…

What’s New: Video Technology

By Laura Dixon, Jessaca Gutierrez, and Charissa Young

The FA-128 14-bit internal processing frame synchronizer from For-A comes as a standalone unit or as a modular card (UFM-128FS). Prior…

What’s New: Residential Technology

By Laura Dixon, Jessaca Gutierrez, and Charissa Young

Da-Lite adds a veneer frame option for the Cinema Contour and Imager fixed-frame screens. The visible face of either frame can be covered with a real wood veneer for a warm, elegant look…

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