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July 1997

July 1997


Installation Technologies

Every thought, calculation, spec and design you produce for a specific job culminates at the installation site. It’s where your best efforts are brought…

Testing the installed sound system: Testing a system helps identifyhard-to-find yet easy-to-correct installation errors that ruin the sound ofyour system.

Pat Brown

In all areas of life, we rely on goods and services to make our lives easier and more productive. And with our investment, we have the right to expect…

What is its response?: The many different types of response can give subtletesting variations that help pinpoint problems in loudspeaker systems.

Don Davis

The definition of the word response – “a reaction to a specific stimulus” – happens to offer a valuable lesson in system testing. The circumstances of…

What are our performance goals?: Although we can’t yet evaluate thesubjective quality of a system, we have measurement techniques that atleast point us toward better quality.

Bob Thurmond

What is the difference between a really good sound system and one that doesn’t sound good enough? Yeah, yeah; your systems sound great and your competitor’s…

Volume control at U T: A mammoth 45-foot-wide, 17-foot-tall loudspeakercluster pumps up the volume to compete with vocal Vols fans.

Brian Blackmore

When more than 100,000 people congregate in any one place, the sound system is going to have a tough time competing. When those 100,000 people are orange-clad,…

The evolution of Turner Field: The five-year conversion of OlympicStadium’s PA system to Turner Field’s complex sound system presented a realbookkeeping challenge.

Ron Baker

In early 1992, Wrightson, Johnson, Haddon and Williams (WJHW) was contracted to develop the sound-reinforcement system for the yet to be built Olympic…

Something old, something new at Ericsson Stadium: Modern technology appliedto old concepts makes spectacular sound.

Sam Gidren

Since their inception, stadium audio systems have encom-passed every type of loud-speaker layout, with the possible exception of a seat-back system. Ring…

Setting sound system level controls: The most expensive system set up wrongnever performs as well as an inexpensive system set up correctly.

Dennis Bohn

Correctly setting a sound system’s gain structure is one of the most impor-tant contributors to cre-ating a sound system that sounds good. Conversely,…

The ambiguous frequency response: The BDPR, not the axialresponse, depictshow a given loudspeaker will perform in an actual listening environment.

Jeffrey A. Rocha

One of the most important considerations in sound-system design is consistency of coverage throughout the entire venue. This consistency is governed by…

Is there a better way to set limiters?: Using some methods for setting peaklimiters is like playing Russian roulette with your equipment.

Tom Walker

“I just know how to do it.” Set ting limiters, it seems, is just one of those things you know how to do. It is hard to explain to someone else, and heaven…

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