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July 2004

July 2004


InfoComm 2004: It’s a Wrap!

By Mark Johnson

InfoComm 2004 in Atlanta was hot, and it wasn’t just because of the humidity. More than 22,000 people attended the show during the three days of exhibits…

Projector Technologies

By Bennett Liles

This is an exciting time in the world of projection technology. Until recently, there had been a pretty familiar array of players on the commercial scene,…

Installation Profile: Memphis Belle

By Charles Conte

It’s being called the digital research epicenter of the mid-South, a reference to its location on the seismic fault line that runs through Memphis. While…


Editorial: A Change Is Gonna Come

By Mark Johnson

Those of you who are old soundmen like me (I’m a charter member of the Old Guys in Audio focus group) probably are familiar with the saying, Everybody…

Management Perspectives: Marketing Loyalty

By Sabrina Mehra

It’s sad when independent integrators cling to marketing myths. The most costly of these misguided notions is the idea that being an effective marketer…

Picture This: Cutting the Cord

By Jeff Sauer

If you’ve been following the projector industry, especially personal travel-size models, you probably know that is one of the day’s hottest features….

Associations Focus: Get Ready for CEDIA EXPO

The annual golf outing, keynote speakers, and Installer Olympics are just a few of the events during the 2004 CEDIA EXPO in Indianapolis. Throughout September…

Line Out: Going Full Circle

By Dave Hosbach

Career paths are circular in nature. People move around in their industry, perhaps returning to the position in which they started. We often think of…


Milori ColorFacts CF6500

By Jeff Sauer

I don’t know what’s good, but I know what I like. It’s an old adage that usually describes an outsider’s approach to appreciating art, but it could work…

Audix MICROS Series

By John McJunkin

Small out-of-the-way microphones have innumerable applications, particularly in live performance or lectern applications, and the Audix Micros Series…


The Buzz: Install of the Month

By Trevor Boyer

One of the nation’s largest book and multimedia retailers has adopted digital signage as a means to increase traffic and boost sales within its stores….

The Buzz: 20 Years Ago in Sound & Video Contractor

By Mark Johnson

July 15, 1984. Cluster’s last stand. No, it wasn’t the battle of Little Big Horn; it was the Sound & Video Contractor cluster design issue. The cover…

The Buzz: Publications

North American Cable Equipment’s ( 484-page catalog, v. T113, is being distributed. The catalog exhibits more than 25,000 products…

The Buzz: Associations

NSCA Certifies First C-ESTs Testing nearly 100 Certified Electronic Systems Technicians (C-EST) certification candidates at the 2004 NSCA Expo in Las…

The Buzz: Upcoming Events

July 23-25Summer NAMMInternational Music Products Association September 8-12CEDIACustom Electronic Design and Installation Association…

The Buzz: Feedback

Speaking in Code Thanks for Mark Johnson’s insight [see What You Talkin’ ‘Bout, Willis? in the May 2004 issue] on what we are all guilty of: techno speak….

What’s New: Audio Technology

Digital I/O Expanders Biamp Systems The Expi-D and Expo-D expand the number of digital I/Os from the base of your current AudiaFlex system….

What’s New: Video Technology

Firmware Upgrade BenQ A firmware upgrade for the DW800A DVD+RW drive can be used to reflash the DW800A drive to support the -R/RW writing…

What’s New: Security Technology

Call System Bosch Security Systems The Security Escort System is a wireless help-call system that allows the user to signal the need…

What’s New: AV Technology

Interactive LCD Hitachi Software Engineering America The StarBoard T-15XL is an interactive 15-inch TFT display with XGA-quality…

What’s New: Residential Technology

Loudspeakers Krell Industries Applying lossless acoustic transducer technology, the Resolution Series cabinets are 1-inch-thick medium…

What’s New: Information Technology

Alarm Management System Avitech International AviNet is a software-based subsystem that uses industry-standard simple network management…

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