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June 2000

June 2000


PROCESSING small projects

Alan Kruglak

In life, there are many questions that appear to be so complex that we avoid any direct attempt to answer them. For instance, when it comes to the male…


Chief Manufacturing updates company identity

Cindy Holst

A manufacturer of presentation support systems, Chief Manufacturing has altered its corporate identity and business theme with emphasis on “Ideas Supporting…

Telex/EVI receives awards

Cindy Holst

During the Frankfurt international music fair ProLight & Sound in April, the Dynacord PowerMate 600 mixer from Telex/EVI Audio was granted the Sound Check…

Metric Halo acquires license to Project X technology

Cindy Holst

Metric Halo Laboratories has acquired the license to manufacture, market and enhance the line of digital mixing consoles and peripherals based on the…

AudioControl improves website

Cindy Holst

AudioControl announces improvements to its website at Improvements to the site include updated photography of all products, technical…

IMMAD ECVS acquires UK and Singapore systems integrator

Cindy Holst

IMMAD ECVS has agreed to purchase 100% ownership of Ian P. Kinloch and Co., a UK-based systems integrator known locally as IPK Broadcast Systems, and…

Rotel CD player receives award

Cindy Holst

Rotel of America announces that its RCD-971 HDCD-capable CD player has been named European CD player of the year 1999-2000 by EISA, the European Imaging…

Vicon expands

Cindy Holst

Vicon Industries, Hauppauge, NY, announces the official opening of its expanded headquarters facility. Vicon has also expanded its European headquarters…

SoundTube offers install engineering assistance

Cindy Holst

SoundTube Entertainment offers 48 hour turnaround on loudspeaker placement engineering and power requirements when a contractor provides floor plans or…

Pulizzi releases product design guide

Cindy Holst

Pulizzi Engineering has released its 2000 Product Design guide on its website for review and download. The guide includes standard units, new product…

Electrosonic moves

Cindy Holst

Electrosonic has relocated to 4501 Vineland Road, Suite 105, Orlando, FL 32811. The company can be reached via phone at 407-839-1154 or fax at 407-839-2055….

Quantegy and Xytech enter partnership

Cindy Holst

Quantegy and Xytech Systems entered into an agreement under which Xytech’s software will be the standard inventory application for Quantegy products….

EVI and JBL support EASE

Cindy Holst

Telex/EVI and Renkus-Heinz renewed an agreement concerning the distribution of EASE software. Now both Telex/EVI and JBL Professional dealers and distributors…

Recoton integrates home audio and mobile electronics divisions

Cindy Holst

Recoton’s domestic home audio division (RHA) has been integrated with its domestic mobile audio division (RME). The consolidated division will operate…

Yamaha launches support program

Cindy Holst

Yamaha’s pro audio and combo (PAC) division announced a customer support program that will provide expert assistance to customers around the clock. For…

JLG launches website

Cindy Holst

JLG Industries announced the launch of its interactive website featuring an expanded product area, a corporate “About JLG” section, enhanced investor…

Philips CSS and Loronix sign memorandum

Cindy Holst

Philips Communication & Security Systems (Philips CSS) and Loronix Information Systems announced that it has entered into a memorandum of understanding,…

ITW Switches and ITW Pancon announce unified distribution sales and supportorganization

Cindy Holst

ITW Switches and ITW Pancon announced the formation of a unified distributor sales and customer service organization. The new structure is designed to…

David Clark Company opens repair facilities

Cindy Holst

David Clark Company opened authorized repair facilities in Europe and Australia. The facilities are located in Western Europe: Headset Services Ltd, Unit…

Simon-Kaloi manufactures

Cindy Holst

Simon Systems Products are now manufactured by Simon-Kaloi Engineering, Thousand Oaks, CA. Simon Systems founder Rick Simon is now the CFO at Simon-Kaloi…

Larson Davis forms alliance

Cindy Holst

Four companies in the acoustics and vibration measuring instrumentation industry have combined to form an acoustic alliance. PCB Group members Larson…

SpeakerCraft acquired

Cindy Holst

SpeakerCraft has been acquired by a private group of investors including Jeremy Burkhardt, Jim Munn and Bob Cavazos. Burkhardt serves as SpeakerCraft’s… launched

Cindy Holst focuses on continuity of service for the family of Stardraw products (Stardraw 2D, Stardraw Professional, Stardraw Audio and Stardraw Audio…

Production Intercom moves

Cindy Holst

Production Intercom has moved into a larger facility. The new address is 4 Hillview Drive, Unit A, Barrington, IL 60010. The mailing address, P.O. Box…

TOA announces contest winners

Cindy Holst

At the NSCA show in Las Vegas, TOA Electronics announced two prize winners who will have the opportunity to attend a Syn-Aud-Con seminar at no charge….

Denon incorporates Escient protocol

Cindy Holst

As a result of the adoption of Escient technologies, Denon’s DCM-5000 and DCM-5001 CD changers are compatible with Escient’s TuneBase 100. Featuring digital…

Video Projections


Peter H. Putman

This year’s NAB trade show in Las Vegas was filled to the rafters with exhibitors and attendees, but the buzz was all about the mixing of Internet Protocols…

Contractor’s Toolbox

A LOOK AT soldering irons

Glen Ballou

When I was just a kid, my grandfather was a plumber, and he occasionally had to solder pipes. Now those were irons. A 1.5 inch (38 mm) wood handle connected…


Keeping quiet

Eddie Ciletti

Learn to handle hum and buzz with a critical look at system noise from the ground up.For sound and video systems in stallers, voodoo and wives tales abound…

Visual precision

Steve Epstein

Video test signals can be used to check system health periodically and maintain system quality.When most people think of video, they think of a picture…

The right fit

Roy Bowling

I cannot believe all these years that I have been turning the handle of a screwdriver. I wonder how much time I lost until the day I bought my first battery-powered…


David Drommond

Utah is well known for its snow, spectacular National Parks and cultural attractions like Temple Square and the world-famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir….

EXAMINING digital cinema

Josh Kairoff

You might be wondering what cinema anything is doing in a video column. You also might be wondering about the apparent oxymoron of “digital cinema.” Hopefully,…

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