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March 1996

March 1996



Ted Uzzle, Editor

Cliche is a wonderful word. It originated in French about 1820 meaning a cast, solid printing plate that included an entire page or multiple pages to…

The room with the views

Gregory A. DeTogne

For AAtronics, providing audio contracting services at the new Rose Garden Arena required more than the usual wire-pulling and rack-stuffing skills, especially…

The big picture

By Jim Wickizer

Portland, OR, is blazing a new trail in sports and entertainment with the opening of the $262 million Rose Garden Arena. “I never envisioned anything…

Planning the bed

By Ron Barker

Planning for the Rose Garden, initially called the Oregon Arena, began in 1991 when architect Ellerbe Becker signed Wrightson, Johnson, Haddon & Williams…

Westminster Abbey Phase II

By Keith Clark

Editor’s note: The Westminster Abbey sound-system refurbishment project had originally been programmed to run from October 1993 through September 1996….

Something old, something new

By Roger Vinton

Imagine the problems of placing a sound system in a conservatory-roofed building whose interior walls are actually the ornate stone exterior walls of…

A Heavenly Sound

By Gregory A. DeTogne

Seated deep in the southernmost tip of Sweden a stone’s throw across the Baltic Sea from Copenhagen, Malm” is a town of around 300,000. Some of its citizens…

Every Seat’s the Best Seat

By Charles Conte

There is an old joke about an usher who lined his pockets by ceremoniously leading patrons to a seat as if it were a great honor and, on being queried…

Business News

Mark IV Audio for sale Mark IV Industries, Amherst, NY, has announced the possibility of selling its audio division, including the Altec Lansing, DDA,…

CD review:Auditory brainteasers

By Patrick Bell

Diana Deutsch, Musical Illusions and Paradoxes, Philomel Records, compact disc, 42:21, 1995, $14.95. Two years ago, I sang in the chorus of a production…

Video review:Running wire

By William D. Costigan

Wire Running, As Easy As That, produced and written by Roy Bowling, Complete Vision Productions, 7 VHS tapes, 2 hr, 33 min, 1995, $495. Fellow installer,…

Book review: The bible of communication acoustics

By Ted Uzzle

Harvey Fletcher, edited by Jont B. Allen, The ASA Edition of Speech and Hearing in Communication, published for the Acoustical Society of America by the…

Global Contracting, Disco in the Stars

By Biff McGillicutty

The subject of this international issue takes us to another galaxy, er, I mean part of this planet. We travel to De Melkweg or, as translated, The Milky…

Expo takes you to test

By R. David Read

This January, the National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA) began regional training courses to prepare prospective applicants for the National Institute…

Bringing B.C. to the present

By Keith Clark

A recent sound-system upgrade at B.C. Place, a domed stadium in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, emphasizes the significant advances in digital audio…

All That Was Promised

By Keith Clark

When a venue is used for more purposes than one, it often serves only one of those purposes well; the others are treated rather like poor relations. That…

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