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March 2008

March 2008


Expert Roundtable: AV Meets IT

By Jay Ankeney

Like the raging streams of the mighty Nile River, the two currents of audiovisual (AV) communication and information technology (IT) are combining to…

Technology Showcase: Fiber Routers and Matrix Switchers

Bennett Liles

During the past few decades, as audio and video signals have been routed and switched in crossbar frames and matrix units, the capabilities of these components…

Technology Showcase: IP-based AV Control Systems

By Bennett Liles

In the realm of AV systems, especially those deployed in mid- to large-sized plants, the clear trend is toward centralized control, and the most economical…

Installation Profile: All the Data that’s Fit to Transmit

By Dan Daley

When a famous corporation commissions a new headquarters, that new building needs to make a statement. The New York Times’ new glass tower sits across…


AKG Acoustics WMS 450

By John McJunkin

The AKG Acoustics WMS 450 wireless-mic system is intended for applications for which super-simple, plug-and-play solutions aren’t quite sufficient, but…

Broadcast Pix Slate 100 HD

By Jeff Sauer

For installation professionals, video switcher generally refers to a presentation switcher a rackmountable device with buttons on the front that mixes…


Picture This: HD DVD is Dead, Long Live HD

By Jeff Sauer

It is official. With Toshiba’s mid-February announcement that it will no longer continue to develop or market its HD DVD format, the prolonged format…

AV/IT Culture Gap

By Michael Goldman

Last year in this space, I gawked in awe at the sophistication of intelligent buildings such as New York’s Hearst Building the subject of the March 2007…

Sound Advice: Put IT in Your Toolbox

By Dan Daley

There’s a new posse of products in town, and they augur a significant change in the way audio-systems integration is going to evolve over the next few…

Associations Focus: Combined Effort

InfoComm 08 will open in just three months in Las Vegas, and it is already bigger than last year’s…

POV: AV Industry Strong in 2008

By Randal A. Lemke, Ph.D.

InfoComm International regularly conducts in-depth market and industry studies to keep its members informed on all aspects of their markets. One of the…


The Buzz: Installation Spotlight: Hastings College, Hastings, Neb.

By Trevor Boyer

With about 1,500 students, Hastings College a liberal-arts school in Hastings, Neb. has a sophisticated broadcast-journalism program for an institution…

The Buzz: Installation Spotlight: Detroit School of Arts

By Trevor Boyer

For Communication Design Associates (CDA) of Canton, Mass., the design for the Detroit School of Arts’ $22.5-million AV system was an extremely complicated…

What’s New

What’s New: Audio Technology

By Laura Dixon and Eric Melin

The 1RU Symetrix Integrator Series Zone Mix 760 paging and music-management system features microphone preamplification, compression,…

What’s New: Video Technology

By Laura Dixon and Eric Melin

Night-vision capability and a built-in omnidirectional microphone are two of the features of the new Zonet IP security cameras, launching…

What’s New: Residential Technology

By Laura Dixon and Eric Melin

High-end sound technology is proving to be a key element in the design of leading hotels, so the presence of an Artcoustic AV system…

What’s New: AV Technology

By Laura Dixon and Eric Melin

The Kramer Electronics TP-551 and TP-552 transmit HDMI signals at 1080i resolution up to 200ft. over two Cat-5e cables without…

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