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May 1996

May 1996


Mapping the Future of LCD TechnologyPixel mapping helps LCD projectors and LCLVs overcome many of their fundamental limitations and significantly improves their versatility.

Steven Barlow

Since appearing in the commercial market during the late 1980s, LCD (liquid crystal display) projectors’ image quality and popularity have soared. Today,…

A Decade of Change for LCD TechnologyA decade ago, we thought wireless slide controllers were the state of the art. Now we have multimedia touchscreens capable of video display, computer display and control.

Daniel S. Kippycash

It was early morning as I stood nervously behind the podium waiting to begin my presentation. As I looked down at the technology available to me, I felt…

The Best in Classroom Audio-Visual Storms SMUA natural disaster caused SMU to move a little more quickly in implementing its new distance learning systems.

David Keene

The university environment, with its wealth of talent and research resources, is often where the newest technical innovations first take root. However,…

Every Day’s a Fall SaturdayThe College Football Hall of Fame uses interactive video and talking statues to recreate the feel of a football stadium on a sunny autumn afternoon.

Toni Flosi

The new National College Football Hall of Fame has been created as much more than a place to view bronze plaques and grainy films of gridiron heroes of…

Information Technologies: The Heart of Rock ‘n’ Roll

Jim Cudahy

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, known informally as Rock Hall, is definitely not your father’s museum. It is a 150,000 ft2 (13,935…

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