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May 1997

May 1997


Too Many Trade Show Cities?

David G. Meyer

Everyone hates trade shows.Hear me out. I’m not here to dump on shows; in fact, I have a great solution for the uncertainty and hassle of that necessary…


Business News

Stage Tech and Zone Productions merge Stage Tech, Columbus, OH, has merged with Zone Productions. The new company is known as Stage Tech, and Zone Productions’…

Controlling the Room Environment

Bob Heil

Think about any theater, auditorium, arena or concert hall you have ever visited. As you enter, the lights are fairly bright, but when the music begins,…

Iron Rule # 5: A manager or entrepreneur who is not fighting a crisis is probably too insulated.

Ron Davis

We’ve all heard of management by objectives, management for excellence and zero defects management, but how many of us really understand the concept of…

Iron Rule #6: Successful managers and entrepreneurs dwell not on their failures, but rather their successes.

Ron Davis

So many of the people I meet are so consumed by dealing with failures that they haven’t had time to think about success. One of the most bewildering conundrums…

Imaging with sound and light

The S&VC staff

Sound, light and video constantly bombard you. From the morning news show, to the surveillance camera in the lobby of your apartment building, to the…

Choosing the right rear-projection screen

Da-Lite Screen Company

The best projection equipment in the world won’t perform well if the screen is not right for the application.Buying the right projection equipment is…

Macy’s miracle on 34th street

Vince Galdi

With the task of standing guard over a million square feet of retail space, the security system at Macy’s provides unblinking protection that gives new…

Nashville attracts a new planet

By Charles Conte

Although the focus at the Nashville Planet Hollywood is understandably on entertaining with video, the sound system is just as important to the overall…

Targeting the corporate client

Jack McLean

Corporate presentations rely on sound, lighting and video to motivate and inspire.Corporate meetings and presentations have a basic need: to communicate…

Music for the masses

Biff McGillicutty

The sound, video and lighting systems are all essential to the Ministry of Sound’s mission of entertaining the club-going public.In a country where an…

Staying Out of Court: a 12-point plan

Fred S. Steingold

Trials look like fun on television. Don’t believe it. It’s one thing to be an unaffected spectator; it’s quite another to be an active participant in…

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