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May 2001

May 2001



Nathaniel Hecht, editor

I KNOW THAT SUBSCRIPTION FORMS SOUND LIKE A BORING SUBJECT, but they really are important. We have thousands of readers who have been with us since the…


Alan Kruglak

Compensating Non-Commissioned Sales Support Staff…


Industry Notes

Compiled by Elizabeth Price

PLUS Corporation Hits Digital Projector Market PLUS Corporation of Japan has opened the first digital projector production and distribution center in…

Agreements, Partnerships and Acquisitions

L-Acoustics and CATT-Acoustics L-Acoustics and CATT-Acoustics have been working to develop a DLL directivity interface for modeling V-DOSC and dV-DOSC….

New on the Web

Millennium Communications Designs Collaborative Site Visual display industry companies NEC and Electrograph have a new collaborative site at….


Lake Technology Corporation Lake Technology Corporation, the wholly owned U.S. subsidiary of Lake Technology Limited, Australia purchased the assets of…


June 3-8 Society for Information Display Symposium, Seminar and Exhibition An annual event gathering scientists, engineers, manufacturers and users to…

People News

Who’s where today….

Representatives and Dealer News

The companies and people that represent major manufacturers….

What’s New

Video and Audio Products

Each month, S&VC highlights new and improved audio and video products in the What’s New Spotlight section….

Installation Products

Compiled by Elizabeth Price

LCD Projector Sharp Electronics’ XG-V10XU Conference Series projector features 3800 ANSI lumens, a range of optical lenses, network and videowall capability,…


Compiled by Elizabeth Price

Part Number Information In this book from Sams Technical Publishing, readers will find all major manufacturers and components and will be able to cross…

Main Features

The Digital Video Future

David Parish

How Products Pass from Cutting Edge to Mainstream: Beyond VCRs, beyond laserdiscs…beyond DVDs. Where digital video players will go from here–and how they’ll get there….

Going the Distance

John Lopinto

Installing fiber optic cable is easier than you think. After reading this article, and with a little practice, it’s just as simple as installing co-ax… with even more advantages….



Witness the dawn of an all-digital world at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas. But, first get a head start with this INFOCOMM product preview….

Real Coverage, Part 2

Rick Kamlet

A follow-up to the March article, this month’s discussion includes sound levels, power compression and how to figure out real SPL capability….

Not Dim, Not Blinding

Chuck Gloman

How to Light for Video Conferencing: How to light boardroom and corporate presentations without blinding the presenter or washg out the projected images, plus a special section on tips for effective light-meter usage….

Installation Profiles


Ellyce Kelly

Video technology at the brand new FAA Large Terminal Radar Approach Control Center in Atlanta has to keep up with the center’s 24-hour-a-day, year-round schedule….

Microsoft’s Multimedia Meeting Facility

Greg Doyle

All audio, video and control signals at the new Microsoft conference facility can be sent tooany space in the building via just one central, integrated hub….

Video Projections


Peter H. Putman, CTS

Video/Computer Mixer/Scalers Simplify Electronic Image Blending…

Contractor’s Toolbox


Glen Ballou

A Circuit Primer…

Online Exclusive: Installations

Divided We Stand

Mike Safer

Versatile Audio Controller Cuts Cost of Teleconferencing/Presentation System for Divisible Room…

Vertical Reality

Bryan White

Spectacular Video Game Made Possible by Splitter Router Mixer…

Industry Associations

NSCA Councils Take Action on Leading the Industry

Productive Meetings at Expo 2001 Regional NSCA Regional Council The NSCA Regional Council met at Expo 2001 to address issues concerning NSCA members and…

ICIA Update

Keynotes for INFOCOMM International

ICIA announced its three keynote speakers for INFOCOMM International at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, June 13-15. The keynote…

Excitement Builds for INFOCOMM 2001

With Systems Showcases, the Display Systems Exploration, the Audio Systems Experience, and the new Networking Pavilion and Streaming Media Production…

Larry Smith Joins ICIA Staff

Larry Smith has joined ICIA as the director of workforce development. He will assist ICIA’s members in addressing their short- and long-term strategies…

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