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May 2006

May 2006


AV Industry Icons

By Jack Kontney

Anyone who’s attended the major AV industry trade shows over the past couple of decades can’t help but be wowed by the tremendous growth of our industry. Installations that once struggled to sound good have become truly impressive displays of technology…

NSCA Award Winners

Staff Report

Exhibitors, educational offerings, and attendance steadily increase each year as NSCA continues on a path of incremental growth that parallels the industry it serves. The NSCA is in ways a good reflection of the climate of the industry…

Technology Showcase:
Digital Signage Hardware

By Jay Ankeney

In our post-literate world, people are accustomed to getting their input from flashy and eye-catching…

Technology Showcase:
Surface-mount Loudspeakers

By Bruce Borgerson

Think of the familiar surface-mount loudspeaker as a four-cylinder, gasoline-powered compact car. Then, recall the vehicles of 1961: VW Beetle, Ford Falcon, Chevy Corvair, and the first front-wheel-drive Minis from England. Now, look at the compact cars of today. Quality has improved vastly, while more manufacturers are flooding the market with a profusion of nameplates…

Installation Profile:
Heavy-duty Digital Signage

By Daniel Keller

As digital signage technology has begun to come of age, much has been written about this unique marketing tool and its immense potential. Articles by this writer and dozens of others have profiled a wide range of interesting and unique applications for these electronic display networks, from trade shows and movie theaters to supermarkets and fast food outlets. To adopt the nomenclature of Geoffrey Moore’s classic Crossing the Chasm…


Danley Sound Labs SH-50

By John McJunkin

Every once in a while, an incredible new innovation arrives to bowl us all over, and it is a real treat to savor that first moment of “Wow. I can’t believe what I’m hearing.” We all remember such moments when we first experienced some…

Datacolor SpyderTV

By Jeff Sauer

Even after someone or some business buys a new HDTV or flat-panel monitor, there’s still a question about image quality. That’s because many new displays…


And, We’re Off!

By Mark Johnson

It’s official: With NSCA under our belts and InfoComm happening in just a couple of weeks, we’re into the time for extensive product introductions, intensive…

Picture This: Display at NSCA 2006

By Jeff Sauer

For video and display system contractors, there’s probably no bigger carrot dangling out there in the marketplace than digital signage. As overhyped as it might have been over the last few years (and perhaps still is…

Associations Focus: Advancing Knowledge

This year, InfoComm 06, to be held June 3-9, 2006, in Orlando, Fla., offers more of everything to…

Security Watch:
IP-Based Security

By Bret Bass

As much as the industry enjoys introducing new technologies to the market, it equally dislikes reinventing the wheel. The most successful products are…

POV: A Message from the President

By Randy Pagnan

As one of my first acts as president of InfoComm International, I’d like to tell you a little about the experience of being a board member, provide you…


The Buzz: Install of the Month:
Pearson Theatre Berkeley, Calif

By Philip De Lancie

Over the past 25 years, Meyer Sound has been known not simply as a source of top-quality products for sound reinforcement, but also as a resource for…

The Buzz: Newsmakers

Scopus Video Networks has named Eli Yanuka director of Latin America. Raymond Roberts has joined Audio Visual Innovations (AVI) as account manager for…

The Buzz: 20 Years Ago in
Sound & Video Contractor

By Mark Johnson

CCTV: Security Technology and Design was the topic of the month back in May ’86. Barry Levine (who conveniently happened to be Sound & Video Contractor’s CCTV security and design technical consultant) kicked it off with “Marketing and Selling Security Systems,” providing some important whys and wherefores surrounding security system sales…

The Buzz: Contractor’s Web Watch

In March 2006, delivered more than 100GB of data in a single month a landmark data delivery for the site. In addition to installing design/documentation…

The Buzz: Upcoming Events

May 10-13 Expo Comm Wireless Korea 2006 Seoul, South Korea; 23-24 Streaming Media East New York

The Buzz: Industry News

Two new programs from Tandberg make it easier for K-12 educators to locate compelling educational video content and…

What’s New

What’s New:
Video Technology

By Laura Dixon

Aurora Multimedia’s Dido Pro…

What’s New: Audio Technology

By Laura Dixon

Martin Audio unveiled a new range of LE monitors: the LE1200, LE1500, and LE2100. The LE2100 three-way stage monitor offers very high power for use in large-stage…

What’s New:
AV Technology

By Laura Dixon

Communications Specialties’ Pure Digital Fiberlink 7250 series transmits RGB resolutions up to UXGA and stereo audio over two single-mode…

What’s New: Residential Technology

By Laura Dixon

NuVision’s new 1080p DLP television features its Deep Black LED light engine in a 52in. prototype rear-projection TV cabinet design. The…

What’s New:
Security Technology

By Laura Dixon

Dallmeier Electronic’s DF3000IP-DN day-night color IP camera incorporates Dallmeier’s Cam_inPIX technology. The ultrawide dynamic range…

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