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May 2007

May 2007


Sports Audio Adventures

Survey by Travis McGee

Harman Pro Audio officials recently surveyed some of their leading system integration partners to discuss some of the issues and challenges involved with…

Technology Showcase: Automatic Microphone Mixers

By Bennett Liles

Because necessity is the mother of invention, two problems have spawned the science of automatic microphone mixing. The more traditional situation has…

Technology Showcase: AV Room Control Systems

By Bennett Liles

As in all good stories, there is in every AV room control system a beginning, middle, and end. To all but the installer and the AV tech who get the trouble…

Installation Profile: Entertaining Venues

By Jack Kontney

Concert promoters, theme parks, museums, and restaurants all pursue the same basic goal to lure limited leisure dollars from an eager public. In the world…


TOA 9000 Series

By John McJunkin

It’s a great idea: Combine a mixer/signal-routing matrix with an amplifier to facilitate simple, no-fuss blending and distribution of signals along with…

Mediagate MG-350HD

By Jeff Sauer

When you look at the obvious places theaters, sports arenas, and large retail chains digital signage is clearly showing signs of becoming a real killer…


New Sports Paradigm

By Michael Goldman

InfoComm’s presence in Anaheim, Calif., this year returns me to my old stomping grounds. That’s where I spent chunks of a former lifetime, dwelling in…

Picture This: Technology on Display

By Jeff Sauer

Displays at NAB tend to have a fairly narrow focus. Most are elite products that target image-critical applications more than the general-purpose or public…

Associations Focus: Building the Buzz

InfoComm 07, the largest tradeshow serving the professional audiovisual industry…

POV: Building Better Relationships with Architects

By Randal A. Lemke, Ph.D.

Architects control the design of many new spaces in need of audiovisual equipment, lighting, and services, and educating this key audience should play…


The Buzz: Installation Spotlight: National World War II Museum, New Orleans

By Trevor Boyer

They’re often beautiful and stately, but older conference rooms can prove challenging for systems contractors who are trying to integrate modern AV equipment…

The Buzz: Installation Spotlight: Dolphin Stadium, Miami

By Charles Conte

Home to the NFL’s Miami Dolphins, baseball’s Florida Marlins, and Super Bowl XLI, Dolphin Stadium has undergone numerous changes since it opened in 1987….

The Buzz: Upcoming Events

May 14-16, Streaming Media East 2007, New York,

Focus On AV in Education

Focus On AV in Education: Wired School District Combines Projectors, Document Cameras, and Powered Loudspeakers for All-Sensory Education.

By Linda Seid Frembes

Without a doubt, Shoreline School District in Washington state thrives on technology. With a combination of a high level of technology access and a first-rate…

Focus On AV in Education: New Products

TT-02u presentation tool Elmo Elmo USA’s new TT-02u presentation tool enables K-12 instructors to incorporate exciting visual technology and classroom…

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