Installation products Projector mount: The VCM-22S stationary video projector ceiling mount from Chief Manufacturing accommodates Sony models VPH-D50Q/QM
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Jan 1, 1998 12:00 PM

Installation productsProjector mount: The VCM-22S stationary video projector ceiling mount fromChief Manufacturing accommodates Sony models VPH-D50Q/QM and VPH-G70Q/QM.Features include a positive registration lock and roll, pitch and yawadjustments.

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Dome housing: The PressurDome PDW1 from Videolarm is an airtight 16 inch(406 mm) outdoor unit. Pressurized nitrogen protects internal componentsfrom moisture, dust and other harmful elements. All video and controlsignals pass through connectors that assist in sealing the housing.

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Loudspeaker: IMP Systems' Wedge model has a frequency response of 70 Hz to20 kHz. It comes in 6.5 inch (165 mm) or 8 inch (203 mm) coaxial versionswith 20 W or 40 W amps, or an 8 inch (203 mm) dual concentric loudspeakerwith a 40 W amp.

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Control systems: The Prevail integrated AXCESS system from AMX combines sixserial ports, six data ports, six I/O channels and eight relays in a singleenclosure. The Prevail PRO model also includes four slide-in slots for AMXAXC control cards. A portable panel delivers visual, software-assistedsystem setup, status and testing.

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Videowall: Sony Electronics' RVP-411D model is a 41 inch (1 m) projectionwall unit equipped with an optical coupling CRT, field-doubling circuitryand a two-piece cabinet. Peak white brightness is 1,800 cd/meter squared,with 800x600 resolution. Features include switchable color temperature,multiple input options and remote control system.

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Projection fabric: Dual Vision unity-gain flexible fabric from Da-LiteScreen Company may be used for both front and rear video projection undercontrolled lighting conditions. It is available on Da-Lite's Perm-Wall andDa-Snap screens, as well as Da-Lite's tab-tensioned electric screens.

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Loudspeakers: JBL Professional's models 2192, 2193 and 2194 two-way coaxialhorns have a frequency response of 300 Hz to 16 kHz. Coverage patterns are90 degrees x 50 degrees , 60 degrees x 50 degrees and 40 degrees x 30degrees, respectively. Each model comprises mid- and high-frequency hornsand is available in a weather-resistant version.

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Strobe plates: The series RSSP plates from Wheelock retrofit strobeappliances to bells, horns, chimes, multitones and loudspeakers. They areavailable in 15, 15/75, 30, 75 and 110 candela intensity. Plates featurezero inrush and a lower current draw of 0.053 A for a 24 VDC, 15 cd strobe.

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Projectors: Electrohome's Marquee 8500, 8500-LC and 8110 models produce adiagonal image size of 5 feet (1.5 m) to 25 feet (7.6 m) with a resolutionof 1,350x1,100 ANSI pixels. The Marquee 9500-LC produces diagonal imagesfrom 5 feet (1.5 m) to 25 feet (7.6 m) and offers 1,500x1,200 ANSI pixels.Features include menu-driven projector control software andimage-shifting,edge-blendingand contrast-modulation capabilities.

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Loudspeaker platforms: Remote-controlled, pop-out ceiling and wallplatforms are available from Auton Motorized Systems. Features include allsteel-welded construction, a direct-drive motor and 45 degrees drop,adjustable from 0 degrees to 90 degrees.

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Camera systems: Panasonic's unitized camera systems include eight modelswith advanced digital signal processing (DSP) features. Four models includescene files that can be programmed to recall multiple tasks from memory.Other features include a 360 degrees viewing capability and cablecompensation for multiplexed video, control and sync signals for distancesup to 3,000 feet (914 m).

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Loudspeaker: The Crescendo 10MB mid-bass driver from Fane Acoustics isintended for use in ported enclosures of 15 liters (0.5 ft cubed) to 25liters (0.9 ft cubed). The unit handles 300 W and has a frequency responseof 60 Hz to 4 kHz (-6 dB). Sensitivity is 96 dB (1 W, 1 m), with a nominalimpedance of 8 V.

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Acoustic panels: The illbruck SONEXvalueline panels are made fromwilltec,which is an open-cell, fiber-free melamine foam. They measure 29x49(0.6 mx1.2 m) and come in various depths and colors.

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DJ mixer: The DM1090 compact model from Numark Industries has inputs fortwo turntables, four lines and two mics with treble and bass adjustment.Other features include a five-band graphic EQ with bypass, as well as abooth-zone output and Neutrik mic connector.

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Video-control data system: Fiber Options' 135V supports the transmission oftwo channels of video from CCTV cameras to monitoring stations and verticalinterval control signals back to pan-tilt-zoom lens controls over onemultimode fiber. The system operates over distances up to 8,000 feet (2.4km) and interfaces with BURLE, Pelco, Robot or Vicon's up-the-coax systems.

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Open rack: The DC-8035 open rack and cable-management system from BudIndustries consists of an aluminum rack with 190x770 (0.5 mx2.0 m) usablepanel space, 12 cableway rings, one pair of cableway covers and six cablerings. All necessary assembly hardware is included.

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Digital remote interface: Biamp Systems' ADVANTAGE DRI providesmicroprocessor control to ADVANTAGE DLA93 and RCII models. The DRI acceptscontrol via contact-closures, IR, wall-mount and custom panels, computerand third-party controllers. It provides control voltages and logicoutputs. Software and cables are included.

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Microphone: The CS-3 short shotgun mic from Sanken measures 10.6 inches(269 mm) in length and features a low-frequency roll-off switch. Itoperates as a traditional shotgun mic or with increased high directivity inthe low-frequency ranges.

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Digital recorders: Otari's stand-alone disk-based recording systems recordup to one hour of uncompressed stereo digital audio to standard, 3.5 inch(89 mm) magneto-optical (MO) disks. The PD-80 eight-channel model features20-bit A-D and D-A converters, an editing system and on-board DSP. ThePD-20 two-channel unit has 20-bit converters as well as four internaltracks, XLR-type mic/line inputs, an SVGA output and SCSI port. The DX-5050portable two-channel model is equipped with a tape-like interface andjog-shuttle wheel.

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Compressor-limiter: The C-132 single-channel model is from Furman Sound.Its action can be varied from a compression ratio of 2:1 to 50:1. Featuresinclude a 10-segment LED meter, limit-threshold control and an output-levelcontrol with up to 12 dB of available gain. The unit is equipped withcompress, de-ess and side-chain functional modes.

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Loudspeaker: Beyma's TD 590 constant-directivity horn has a frequencyresponse of 630 Hz to 16 kHz (-6 dB), with a cut-off frequency of 800 Hz.The unit has a 2 inch (51 mm) throat entry and a 90 degrees x40 degreescoverage pattern.

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Control keyboard: The TC8553-232 from Philips is used for system control,programming and pan-tilt-zoom operation and includes integral pan-tiltjoystick and zoom lens controls. It uses RS-232 protocol for datacommunication and requires a full-duplex RS-232 link.

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Console: Soundcraft's K2 eight-bus sound-reinforcement console is nowavailable in a 48-channel version. All circuitry is located on individualvertical channel PCBs. Other features include a built-in VU outputmeterbridge, individual LED pre-fade input meters and a comprehensive mutecontrol section.

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Sound-distribution system: The RMZ-955 multiroom system from Rotel ofAmerica includes a controller-amp, hand-held remote, in-wall keypad and IRsensor-display. It features four-zone operation with independent sourceselection and volume for each zone, with four sources independentlyavailable in any number of zones. Controller-amp piggyback capability andpaging facilities are also included.

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Loudspeaker selectors: The Atlas/Soundolier's ASL and AST seriesimpedance-matching selectors provide dual-source switching capability forup to four or six loudspeaker pairs positioned in multiple-roomconfigurations. The units have an impedance-protection circuit andaccommodate any combination of loudspeakers with 8 V and/or 16 V impedance.

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Subwoofer: The Stratus SubSonic 3i from PSB Speakers employs a 15 inch (381mm) woofer and an amp capable of 350 W of program power. The unit featuresproprietary fast-acting limiting and compression circuitry.

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Headset intercom: 3M's model C960 is a 900 MHz intercom system weighingless than 8 ounces (225 g). Features include a swing-away function,optional clip, two-way adjustable headband and rechargeable battery. Theunit also has a page mode for internal communications.

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Loudspeakers: The Coraltone model from Rockustics has the look and feel ofnatural tube coral and features omnidirectional sound. The Rockolyth, witha southwestern motif, has two 8 inch (203 mm), 100 W drivers and one dometweeter. The Tunestone is equipped with an 8 inch (203 mm), 70 W driver,and the BP Subrock has two 300 W, 10 inch (254 mm) long-throw woofers.

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A-V receiver: Yamaha's RX-V793 home-theater receiver delivers 80 W/ch tofive channels. It has built-in Dolby Digital, Tri-Field Cinema DSP andDolby Surround Pro Logic. Other features include 13 music and movie-theatermodes, dual-center channel outputs and an independent subwoofer output withlevel control.

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Show-control system: The Media Pro 4000 from Anitech Systems is anexpandable modular system that integrates event-driven and real-timeprogramming. It contains show media such as solid-state audio, solid-statevideo, animation controls, MIDI devices and direct connections toprogrammable logic controllers (PLCs).

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PublicationsCD-Rom: Atlas/Soundolier has released its first product-specificationbinder on CD-Rom. With more than 544 pages of specifications, it loadsautomatically onto a Windows 95 system and allows users to copy and pastetext and graphics onto other applications.

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Catalog: The 1998 Cabling Installation Program Catalog is available fromBICSI. It includes course descriptions and class schedule and registrationinformation.

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Security-marketing catalog: The Security Dealer Catalog, published by ARKSolutions, includes corporate and residential brochures, proposal foldersand customer newsletters that can be customized for the use of localsecurity dealers in their marketing.

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Reference: Sound and Recording: An Introduction, Third Edition, by FrancisRumsey and Tim McCormick, is available from Focal Press. Written forstudents and trainee engineers in the music recording, broadcasting andrelated industries, it covers the principles of sound, perception, audiotechnology and systems.

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Catalog: Fluke Corporation has released its 1997-1998 InstrumentationCatalog. The 240-page publication presents the company's full range ofinstruments, accessories and software for test and measurement,calibration, data acquisition, network testing and other application areas.

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EventsInstallation training: The International Communications IndustriesAssociation (ICIA) Installation School is conducting Phase I and Phase IItraining and CTS testing in February, March and May in Fairfax, VA. Call800-659-7469 for more information.

Seminar: A day-long seminar offered by the Society of Motion Picture andTelevision Engineers (SMPTE) will be held Feb. 7 at the Sheraton CentreHotel in Toronto. Digital television standards and digital videobroadcasting techniques will be covered. Call 914-761-1100 for moreinformation.

Rigging seminars: Harry Donovan and Jay Glerum are presenting a seminarseries on principles and operation of arena and stage rigging. They will beheld in New Orleans in February, Long Beach, CA, in March, Denver in Mayand Boston in June. Call 812-278-3123 for more information.

Conference: The Urban Land Institute is hosting the Urban EntertainmentDevelopment Conference at the Marriott Marquis Times Square in New YorkMarch 2-3. Call 800-321-5011 for more information.




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