IR equipment: Sennheiser Sennheiser's 1015 Infrared series includes the SI1015 two-channel, wideband transmitter. The 2 W unit is rack-mountable and offers
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Jan 1, 1998 12:00 PM

IR equipment: SennheiserSennheiser's 1015 Infrared series includes the SI1015 two-channel, widebandtransmitter. The 2 W unit is rack-mountable and offers line-level ormic-level input, independent gain control and a barrier strip. The SZI1015medium-area emitter panel covers an area of 4,000 ft squared (372 metersquared) and incorporates an array of 72 transmitting diodes.

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Multi-channel amplifier: Cloud ElectronicsThe CX-A200 from Cloud Electronics produces 50 W/ch. All four channels canoperate independently, as two stereo pairs from a common stereo source, orwith a single mono source driving all four channels. The CXL-400four-channel line-distribution transformer module is also available for usein either 100 V or 70 V systems.

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Microphone: Electro-VoiceElectro-Voice's CO2 Pro omnidirectional back-electret condenser lavaliermic has a frequency response of 50 Hz to 20 kHz. Sensitivity is -38 dB at1,000 Hz, with a dynamic range of 128 dB. The model includes fiveadditional mounting clips.

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Rack slide kits: WinstedRack slide kits from Winsted are designed for Panasonic, JVC and Sony VTRs,as well as Vicon and Barco monitors. Features include chassis supportbrackets, Accuride ball-bearing slides and pivoting rear finger brackets.

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LCD projector: Sharp ElectronicsThe Notevision2 from Sharp Electronics has 500 ANSI lumens of brightnessand 832x624 resolution on screen sizes up to 300 inches (7.6 m) diagonal.The unit is portable and features XGA compression, multiple computer andvideo inputs, a global power supply and 1:1.6x zoom-focus lens.

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Pro-audio components: Adam Hall USAAdam Hall USA's Link Dynamics line offers alternatives for loudspeakerbuilders and replacements for many industry standards. The line featuresmore than 70 products, including horns, drivers, woofers and accessories,such as connectors, mounting adapters and a cable tester.

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Paging and program-distribution system: IntelixIntelix's MZP audio- distribution matrix is a software-driven multizonesystem integrating a VCA matrix mixer, PC control software and Comet seriesremotes. It is available in more than 250 possible I/O configurationsranging from 8x8 to 128x128.

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Acoustical fabric: AcoustoneAcoustone's fabric may be used to diffuse light as well as provide acovering for sound sources. The fabric's flame-retardant yarn hasdimensional stability when exposed to heat.

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Power amplifier: Crest AudioThe CA series from Crest Audio includes the CA18, a three-rack space ampthat produces 1,800 W into 4 V and 2,500 W into 2 V. Features includeTourClass protection circuitry and toroidal power transformers.

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Loudspeakers: Professional Audio SystemsProfessional Audio Systems' TOC 360 series high-powered coaxial systemincludes four models, with 12 inch (305 mm) or 15 inch (381 mm)low-frequency drivers and 1 inch (25 mm) or 2 inch (51 mm) high-frequencydrivers. An optional 200 W, 70 V matching transformer is available fordistributed systems.

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Mixer: SamsonThe Mixpad 4 battery-powered, four-channel compact mixer is from Samson. Itis equipped with two balanced mic-line inputs, one stereo input, three-bandEQ, one aux send, balanced outputs and phantom powering.

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Multisignal processor: QSC Audio ProductsQSC Audio Products' CM 16 model is designed for QSC's QSControl2 networkaudio system. The CM16 provides control and monitoring functions for up toeight amps and has a dynamic range of 112 dB at an unweighted 20 Hz to 20kHz frequency response. Processing functions include precision attenuation,signal mute, metering and page-input switching.

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