Meetings Sound-system seminars: Synergetic Audio Concepts has announced its 1998 seminars. There will be seminars in February 1998 in Orange, CA, in March
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Oct 1, 1997 12:00 PM

MeetingsSound-system seminars: Synergetic Audio Concepts has announced its 1998seminars. There will be seminars in February 1998 in Orange, CA, in March1998 in Anaheim, CA, in May and September 1998 in southern IN and in August1998 in Providence, RI.

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SIB showcase: The International Exhibition of Equipment and Technology forDiscotheques, Dancehalls and Rental Firms will be held March 29 to April 1,1998, at the Rimini Trade Fair in Rimini, Italy.

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EDS conference: The 1998 Electronic Distribution Show and Conference willbe held May 12-14 at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel. Scheduled events include aNewcomers Pavilion and keynote industry breakfasts.

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PublicationsReference: Audio for Television by John Watkinson is available from FocalPress. The book deals with all aspects of audio used in television, from adefinition of what sound is to audio signal processing, compression andrecording.

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Catalog: The 356-page electronics component catalog from Mouser Electronicslists more than 69,000 products. The publication is also available onCD-ROM.

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A-V resources: The Handbook of Computer-Video Interfacing and VideoDistribution, Volume V, is available from Extron. Topics include controlsytems, line doubling and quadrupling, decoding and filtering, and RS-232vs. RS-422. Extron's 1997-98 product catalog has also been released,featuring product descriptions, specifications and application diagrams.

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Communication product guide: Physical Optics' eight-page color catalogfeatures more than 30 new products for fiber-optic communication.

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Master catalog: Version 2.0 of the 1997 L-com master catalog is nowavailable, outlining interconnection products for the instrumentation anddata communication industries.

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Systems catalogs: The 1998 CCTV and access control systems product catalogand the 1998 sound and communications product catalog are available fromADI.

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Industry report: Business Trend Analysts and the Leading Edge Group havereleased the 1997 edition of Security Industry Markets: Products andServices. The publication highlights industry growth patterns and indicateswhich areas will show the most promise during the next business cycle.

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PCB design software: The EDWIN NC is available in CD-ROM version from OldColony Sound Laboratory. The Windows-based package provides an end-to-endCAE/CAD system with schematic and PC board layout generation. The Deluxe 3version includes mix-mode simulation, professional libraries and optionalmodules providing thermal analysis and EDSpice simulation.

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Control system software: Dataton North America has made the TRAX version3.5 media-control software available over the Internet. TRAX 3.5 can bedownloaded from the company's web site (www.dataton.com) free of charge.

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Installation productsThree-way loudspeakers: Renkus-Heinz' SR6 series 12 inch (305 mm) systemshave a frequency response of 60 Hz to 17 kHz and an SPL of 123 dB.Sensitivity is 95 dB (1 W, 1 m). The SR7 series 15 inch (381 mm) systemshave a frequency response of 40 Hz to 17 kHz , an SPL of 127 dB and 97 dBsensitivity (1 W, 1 m). Both systems feature a CDT-1 coentrant drivermounted to a 2 inch (51 mm) complex conic horn. The option of 60 degreesx40 degrees and 90 degrees x40 degrees coverage patterns is available onboth series.

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Panner: The 5.2.5 controller from RSP Technologies is a four-joystickL-C-R-RS-LS model that can be used as a stand-alone audio steeringcontroller. Features include I/Os on DA88 pinout sub-D connectors and anindividual mute switch for each joystick. System noise level is -115 dBu.Up to four controllers can be ganged together for installations requiringmore outputs.

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Home automation: The Plato HomeLinc from SmartLinc allows two-way controlof X-10-compatible devices and IR audio-video control. The system featuresa five-zone IR technology and comes preprogrammed for many popularaudio-video components. Users can view multiple rooms at once, conduct avirtual walk-through of the home and control electronics directly from thePC using Windows software.

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UHF wireless system: Samson's SERIES SIX UHF model can run up to 96simultaneous systems in a fixed installation and offers remote-controlcapability via PC. The system features dual 1 mW and 10 mW RF poweroperation. It is equipped with a UR6D dual-system receiver and UH6hand-held and UT6 beltpack transmitters that use two AA batteries. Optionalaccessories include distribution amplifiers and active antennas in bothmovable and wall-mount formats.

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Power amplifiers: The M-10 and M-7 two-channel stereo amplifiers fromLuxman Electronics have a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Theyproduce 250 W/ch and 150 W/ch into 8 V, respectively. Both models featureCSSC and OD-Beta circuit layouts. They are equipped with unbalanced andXLR-type inputs with switch-selectable, calibrated attenuators, as well asthree-way clamping-type binding post outputs.

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Twisted pair wire: The A/V Twister from Prime Image replaces video andstereo cables. Video signals can be sent up to 3,000 feet (0.9 km), with aself-powered in-line amplifier at each 1,000 foot (0.3 km) interval. Stereoaudio signals can be sent up to 5,000 feet (1.5 km). Each transmitter canfeed as many as 15 receivers.

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Desk: Winsted's model E4403 is a 94 inch (2 m) wrap-around design with anadjustable keyboard-mouse shelf than can be positioned at tabletop level,tilted or dropped down. The desk comes with two 24.5 inch (622 mm) steelracks and a 4 inch (102 mm) high-riser shelf.

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Multiplexer: The Rainbow DPX 16 from Advanced Technology Video is afull-duplex model with digital color processing. It offers 16 camerainputs, S-VHS outputs to monitor and VCR, activity detection alarming and16-camera looping. The unit also features real-time quad display in livemode and camera switch input and is controlled by the front panel ordual-code IR remote control.

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Telephone entry board: Sentex Systems' 101 board for the Spectrum/Visasystem features full-duplex communications and a recessed, sidelit metalkeypad that is weatherproof. The board accepts both simple entry codes andcodes with programmed relays and has a built-in modem for remoteprogramming.

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A-V processor platform: Soundstream Technologies' OASys is an openarchitecture audio-video-data controller system. It has 200 lines linking12 accessible card sockets (two system- dedicated and 10 user-configurable)that accommodate various features cards for specific system functions.Features include a backlit front panel and balanced analog and digitalaudio, composite and S-video. The unit is controlled via hand-held remote,keypad or touchscreen, front-panel buttons or on-board RS-232 interfaceport.

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UHF rack-mount receiver: The 412UDR from Azden is a dual-conversionsuperheterodyne diversity model with 63 on-board user-selectablefrequencies within the 794 MHz to 806 MHz range. Audio output impedance is660 V balanced. The unit has a detachable antenna system and a 1/4 inch (6mm) and XLR-type outputs. Available transmitter-microphones include the41HT (hand-held) and the 41BT (bodypack).

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Compressor-limiter: PreSonus Audio Electronics' Blue Max model features 15presets for various instruments as well as limiting presets, a specialcompression effect and on-board metering. The unit can be run in eitherstereo or mono and in manual mode for control over compression parameters.Other features include a sidechain input and an internal power supply.

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Subwoofer: The Century SubSonic 2i from PSB Speakers has a frequencyresponse of -3 dB at 25 Hz and -10 dB at 20 Hz. It uses a 12 inch (305 mm)driver. Other features include interface circuitry and an amplifier designwith 130 W of continuous power and 350 W of dynamic power. The unit ishoused in a ported cabinet enclosure.

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Amplifier-controller: The KHS-4640 from Kustom Sound Systems has afrequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz (plus/minus 1 dB). Power output is 20W/ch into 8 V; input sensitivity is -10 dBv. The unit is equipped with sixdiscrete stereo amplifiers, a multisource switching pre-amplifier for foursources and an IR repeating system. Each amplifier contains a continuouslyvariable loudness compensation circuit.

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Loudspeaker system: The Multichannel Pro Solutions line from Miller &Kreisel Sound is a series of THX-approved professional 5.1 discrete digitalmonitors. The system includes three S-150THX monitors for the frontchannels (available in four cabinet configurations), two SS-150THX tripolesurround loudspeakers, HP-80 high-pass filters and one of a series ofpowered subwoofers, ranging from the MX-150THX and MX-350THX to theMX-5000THX.

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Motorized screen: The Scenic Roller screen from Da-Lite Screen Companymeasures 309x309(9 mx9 m) and is available with a motorized option. Theoutboard motor is mounted above the roller and comes in 110 V and 220 Vversions.

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Microphone: Sanken's CSM-3 shotgun model measures 10.6 inches (27 cm) inlength and has a diameter of 19 mm. It is equipped with PPS diaphragms anduses the combination of a second gradient microphone and a line microphone.

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Monitor: KRK Systems' RoKit passive, two-way, shielded personal studiomonitor features a 6.5 inch (165 mm) polyvinyl proprietary long-strokewoofer and a 1 inch (25 mm) silk-dome tweeter. Frequency response is 69 Hzto 19 kHz (plus/minus 3 dB). Crossover point is 1.5 kHz; sensitivity is 91dB (1 W, 1 m). Maximum SPL is 104 dB, with a nominal impedance of 8 V. Themonitor handles 75 W of power.

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Monitors: SoundTech's LM2 and LM5 stage monitor loudspeakers featuredual-angle, sealed enclosures and scalloped horns that nest above thewoofer. The LM2 and LM5 face up at either 30 degrees or 60 degrees,depending on placement.

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Choir microphones: The CH230X condenser cardioid hanging microphone fromElectro-Voice has a frequency response of 75 Hz to 20 kHz. Clipping levelis 127 dB-SPL; dynamic range is 105 dB. The unit is equipped with anenclosed and shielded pre-amp housed in an extended-length XLR-typeconnector. It is available in both black (CH230X) and white (CH230WX)versions.

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Compression driver: BEYMA's CP 380/M is a 1 inch (25 mm) unit with afrequency range of 800 Hz to 20 kHz. Power capacity is 50 W; sensitivity is110 dB (1 W, 1 m). Impedance is 8 V.

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Sound-absorption panels: SONEXone panels from illbruck measure 240x480 (0.6m x1.2 m). They are made from a 2 inch (51 mm) or 3 inch (76 mm) thicknessof willtec, a fiber-free melamine foam. Panels are available in natural(white), painted colors and colortec.

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Mid-bass driver: Fane Acoustics' Crescendo 15MB has a voice coil diameterof 2.5 inches (64 mm) and accepts 300 W. Frequency response is 50 Hz to 3kHz (-6 dB). Sensitivity is 100 dB (1 W, 1 m); impedance is 8 V. The unitis intended for use in two-way ported enclosures of 70 liters (2.5 ft3) to125 liters (4.4 ft3).

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Plasma display: The Plasma 42 from AmPro and Fujitsu is a 42 inch (1.1 m)display measuring 6 inches (152 mm) in depth. Resolution is 852x480 pixelswith a 160 degrees viewing angle. The unit displays standard video andcomputer signals, as well as HDTV, in a 16:9 aspect ratio thatautomatically adjusts to 4:3. It may be controlled remotely or controlledthrough its RS-232 communications port.

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Bullet camera: CSI/SPECO's CVC-132CS is a 1/3 inch (8 mm) CCD camera withinternal synchronization and 400 lines of resolution. It accommodates C- orCS-mountable lenses and includes a mounting bracket, 12 VDC power supplyand cable.

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Configuration software: VauxConfig software for the Aris MediaMation familyof A-V switcher-control systems is from Vaux Electronics. Aris systemsfeature an eight-source by six-zone matrix switcher. Each zone has presetturn-on levels and independent volume-bass-treble control via Vaux wiredand wireless customizable in-wall keypads, IR- and RF-remote controls, X-10transmitters and RS-232 control systems.

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Digital message store: Wheelock's ACTIONPATH systems deliver messages toon-site and remote locations when triggered by a variety of events.Human-voice messages can be recorded in multiple languages on-premise or ata remote central location for downloading to multiple sites.

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Loudspeaker: The Sum Bass from IMP Systems is a band-pass system with afrequency response of 68 Hz to 170 Hz at 103 dB-SPL. Power handling is 40W. The ceiling-mounted system features plug-and-play versatility andrequires no external power.

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Microphone: AKG Acoustics' Discreet series includes the AKG C 947CM,designed for fixed-sound installations. The model uses the AKG CK 94figure-eight-pattern condenser capsule.

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Control room master: The CRM III from Stentofon Communications providesloudspeaking conversation with automatic voice switching and information onthe current conversation and all calls waiting in queue. It interfaces withCCTV, access control and other security control systems. Features include a4x20 character alphanumeric display, eight-digit dialing keypad andprogrammable single-touch keys.

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Stereo crossover and digital reverb: RDL Audio's RDL 1600 is a 16-bitdigital-reverb unit that has 16 pre- programmed effects, 10 reverbs, twoechoes and four gated reverbs. The RDL GLXE stereo two-way crossover has acrossover point of 180 Hz and an 18 dB/octave slope.

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Intercom products: The redesigned Audiocom product line from TelexCommunications features mechanical and electrical upgrades. Included arethe SS2000 loudspeaker, SS2000P and SS2000U two-channel loudspeakerstations, WM-1000 and WM2000 wall-mount headset stations, US2000A userstation and the PS2000L power supply.

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LCD projector: Sanyo Fisher's PLV-20N portable video-only projector has 500ANSI lumens of brightness and a 90% corner-to-corner uniformity. A 200 Wmetal halide lamp projects an image up to 300 inches (7.6 m) diagonal. Theunit offers top-bottom and left-right reversible projection and iscompatible with the PAL, SECAM, NTSC and NTSC 4.43 color systems.

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EQs: The SR series from DOD Electronics includes the SR430Q, a dual-channel, 15-band, 2/3-octave EQ with balanced 1/4 inch (6 mm) connectors;the SR430QX, which is identical to the SR430Q but has balanced XLR-type and1/4 inch (6 mm) connectors; the SR431QX, a mono, 31-band, 1/3-octave EQwith balanced XLR-type and 1/4 inch (6 mm) connectors; and the SR831 QX, amono, 31-band, 1/3-octave EQ with balanced XLR-type and 1/4 inch (6 mm)connectors. Frequency response is 20 Hz to 20 kHz (plus/minus 0.5 dB). THDis less than 0.004% at 1 kHz, and the S/N ratio is 106 dB.

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Loudspeaker: Community Professional Loudspeakers' CBS315 model is designedas a low-frequency complement to the CBA6060 full-range system. It has a 60degrees x60 degrees output coverage pattern and is equipped with threetriple-spider, 15 inch (381 mm) drivers. The CBS315 is housed in atrapezoidal enclosure with a removable side panel.

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Updated software: The ISP-100 software-based digital signal processor fromMerlin is available with the updated version 1.02 VUE-IT software. Itincludes six additional QuickMaps, for a total of 13, along with newsource-select router switches and 10-channel I/O capabilities for 2x8 or4x6 applications. The software is available for download atwww.eviaudio.com/merlin.

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Rack cabinet: Bud Industries' ventilated cabinet has a 19 inch (0.5 m)panel mounting in a space 24 inches (0.6 m) wide and 78.75 inches (2 m)high. Features include an installed clip-type, adjustable vertical cable-management system, a locking, see-through plexiglas front door, two pairsof adjustable panel-mounting rails and bottom cable access.

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In-wall loudspeakers: The Architectural series from Atlas/Soundolierincludes the AS76, a 6 inch (152 mm), two-way assembly with 40 Wloudspeakers. Impedance is 4 V, with 85 dB sensitivity (1 W, 1 m). The AS88is an 8 inch (203 mm), three-way assembly with 80 W loudspeakers. Impedanceis 4 V; sensitivity is 87.5 dB (1 W, 1 m). The AS661 has dual, 6 inch (152mm), 80 W loudspeakers. Sensitivity is 87 dB (1 W, 1 m); impedance is 8 V.Frequency response on all models is 45 Hz to 20 kHz (plus/minus 4 dB forthe AS76 and AS661, plus/minus 3 dB for the AS88). The M-1 IR repeater isalso available.

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DJ mixer: Numark Industries' DM 1685 features eight line-level, threeswitchable phono and two microphone inputs and a dual six-band graphicequalizer with bypass. An onboard, CD-quality digital sampler with a rateof 44.1 kHz has four selectable memory banks. A Neutrik microphoneconnector and 12 V light connector are also included.

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A-V components: Denon Electronics' line of multiroom and multizone A-Vcomponents includes the DRA-775RD AM/FM receiver, which delivers 90 W/chinto 8 V. Frequency response is 20 Hz to 20 kHz with a THD of 0.05%.Features include a multisource function, room-to-room remote control andRDS capabilities. Other multizone components include the AVP-8000 processortuner pre-amp and the AVR-5600, AVR-3600 and AVR-2600 A-V receivers.

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Keyboard and controller: The ADTT Keyboard from Sensormatic Electronics'Touch Tracker line integrates with Sensormatic's AD matrix switcher andcontroller systems. The unit's tracker ball controls fixed- andvariable-speed pan-tilt units and dome cameras; keyboard buttons controllens functions. The ADTT16 controller is a programmable unit controlling upto 16 Sensormatic SpeedDome series dome cameras. Its tracker ball providesvariable speed control. For video switching, the unit integrates withSensormatic's AD and Robot series of quad splitters and multiplexers.

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Microphone mixers: Furman Sound's MM-3 three-input mixer accepts up tothree microphones and one line-level stereo source. The front panel has amaster level control, bass and treble controls and a mono-stereo switch.Microphone inputs are via balanced 1/4 inch (6 mm) phone jacks. A linkconnector is included with the unit. The model MM-3B has XLR-type balancedmicrophone inputs and line outputs.

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VHS VCR: The AG-1320 four-head VCR from Panasonic replaces the AG-1310 andis equipped with end-of-video auto repeat, intro-jet scan search andhigh-speed forward-rewind capabilities. Other features include auto tuning,four-key program functions, digital auto tracking and one-touch recording.

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Touch panels: AMX's Color Active PowerTilt panel has a tiltable 10.4 inch(264 mm) 640x480 color active-matrix LCD screen, 18-bit color graphics and3M of memory. The Color Video PowerTilt adds a variable-sized NTSC/PALvideo window. Both panels support 3.0-level images and features created byAMX TPDesign 3.0 Windows touch-panel design software.

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Loudspeakers: The Architectural series from JBL Professional includes theAS3215, which supports the AS3218 and AS1028 models and features apermanent outdoor-installation option. The 211OMHV-H mid-high system isequipped with a die-cast aluminum frame and SFG magnetic structure. The 90degrees 10 inch (250 mm) band-cone midrange horn features expandedhorizontal coverage options.

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Rear-projection televisions: Faroudja Laboratories' rear-projection modelsfeature built-in line doublers and a 16:9 aspect ratio. They are compatiblewith HDTV signal formats as well as data-grade resolution with computersystems. Both models accommodate NTSC and PAL broadcast standards. Thelarger unit employs 8 inch (203 mm) CRT lenses to generate a 57 inch (1.4m) viewing surface; the smaller unit features a 48 inch (1.2 m) screendriven by 7 inch (178 mm) CRTs.

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Dl box-line balancer: The AR-133 active Dl box-line balancer from BSS Audiois equipped with 1/4 inch (6 mm) jack sockets and XLR-type socket inputconnectors as well as a ground-lift switch. Input attenuation is 0 dB, -20dB or -40 dB. The unit includes both phantom power and battery supplies.

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EQs: The ADVANTAGE EQ281/8 single-channel and ADVANTAGE EQ282/8dual-channel models from Biamp Systems are digitally controlled, 1/3-octaveEQs. Frequency response is 20 Hz to 20 kHz at 4 dBu (+0.5 dB). Input levelsand 28 filter bands, as well as high- and low-pass filters, are computeradjusted. Eight presets per channel are recalled via contact-closures,third-party controllers or computer.

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Projector: Vidikron of America's Stratos Two system is equipped with aVidikron-Faroudja external video processor and features a three-chipdigital micromirror device. Contrast ratio is 180:1. An assortment of sixoptional lenses is available, generating images ranging in size from 5 feet(1.5 m) to 25 feet (7.6 m).

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Video transmitters: The Skout series from Shepherd Surveillance offersPC-based remote video surveillance over standard telephone lines, ISDNlines or LANs. The Skout-2 has two camera inputs and supports two alarmsand two relays; the Skout-4 has four camera inputs and supports fouralarms, four relays and battery back-up. The SkoutPro-8 features eightcamera inputs and supports four alarms, four relays and battery back-up.The SkoutPro-14 is equipped with 14 camera inputs and supports PTZ controlsand up to 48 alarms and 12 relays.

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Wireless guide system: Sony Electronics' SX-1062 is a 12-channel, portableIR system with multilanguage guide capabilities. The system includes an IRtransmitter, SXA-33 interface unit, SX-9133 IR radiators and rechargeableSX-2130 wireless receivers.

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Connectors: Triaxial connectors from Signal Transport are available asstandard, off-the-shelfcomponents of Signal Transport's modular panelsystem (MPS). Triaxial connector panels are designed to accommodateconnectors from a variety of manufacturers by using a unique insulatorplate for each connector.

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Lighting effect: LyteQuest Pro's Illuminator2 is a sound-activated lightingsystem with 16 gobos, which create a bright, multicolored effect. Availablein 120 V, the model features auto, fixed and select gobo controls and comeswith lamp, power cord and mounting bracket.

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LCD projector: The ImagePro 8020 data-video projector from Dukane has800x600 pixels resolution and a 300:1 contrast ratio. Light output is 500lumens. The unit has two computer and two video inputs and accepts SVGA,XGA and VGA as well as standard video formats. Functions include freezeframe, zoom and a preview mode.

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VHS VCR: The KV-8168 from Toshiba Security Products records an increasednumber of frames per second for up to 24 hours of virtual real-time withaudio and video, as well as up to 168 hours of timelapse video. Resolutionsare more than 350 horizontal lines in black-and-white and more than 300 incolor.

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Signal processor: Symetrix's two-channel 562E windowing expander-gatefeatures high- and low-key filters and external key input, as well as autowindowing and window advance functions. Balanced and unbalanced inputs andoutputs, XLR-type and 1/4 inch (6 mm) connectors and an internal powersupply are also included.

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Video and data transmission: The series 147V from Fiber Options supportssimultaneous transmission of four channels of video and bidirectionalcontrol data over one optical fiber. The 147V transmitter and receiversystem features video-presence, data-presence, level-loss status indicatorsand AGC circuitry.

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Diversity receiver: Audio Eng-ineering's Micron SQDH (small quad diversityhousing) is a 19 inch (483 mm) rack-mounting assembly that can house up tofour VHF or UHF Micron SDR diversity receivers. Features includetransformer-balanced audio outputs on XLR-type connectors, switchable tomicrophone- or line-level, as well as an antenna distribution amplifier anda comprehensive headphone monitoring system.

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Sound processor: LUCAS from Sennheiser is a five-channel Dolby Surroundsound processor for use with a stereo television or hi-fi video recorderand headphones. Frequency response is 20 Hz to 18 kHz with a S/N ratio of85 dB. Input impedance is 30,000 V at 1 kHz; minimum output impedance is 20V. LUCAS provides 15 pre-programmed listening settings and two headphoneoutputs.

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Crossover and EQ: Acoustic Control's VC03 electronic crossover features +24dB gain, overlapping mid-range frequency and +24 dB slopes and has sixdifferent modes of operation. The Turbo series T131/2 graphic EQ features asubwoofer output, 1/4 inch (6 mm) and XLR-type connectors and 45 mmlong-throw faders. The 31-band model T131, 31-band-stereo model T231 and15-band-stereo model T215 graphic EQs are also available. They are equippedwith a subwoofer output, high-grade circuit boards and a turbo circuit.

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A-V interconnect cables: The home theater A-V PODs from Monster CableProducts combine separate stereo-audio cables and a video cable into oneintegrated A-V cable unit. Models I403 AVP and I203 AVP now feature astacking and locking mechanism.

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Loudspeakers: D.A.S. Audio's ST-2000 two-way full-range loudspeaker systemincludes the ST-215, which consists of two B-30 15 inch (381 mm) woofers.The loudspeaker is equipped with a spheroidal horn, the model ND-8 driverand a horn-loaded cabinet. The ST-218 subwoofer contains two 18 inch (457mm) G-45 low-frequency woofers loaded into a folded-horn cabinet.

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Mixer: MIDIMAN's MIXIM 10 is a 10-channel compact audio mixer with a frequency response of 5 Hz to 50 kHz. Features include two microphone pre-amplifiers with balanced XLR-type or 1/4 inch (6 mm) inputs and individuallyswitchable phantom power, variable gain structure with gain controls onchannels 1-8, a stereo return and stereo RCA tape sends and returns.

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Digital video recorder: The ICU system from Philips Communication &Security Systems includes a PC card, applications software and aninstruction manual. Features include time-lapse and alarm modes, as well asalarm- and activity-detection capabilities. The LDH 5810/00 model isdesigned for monochrome systems, and the LDH 5820/00 is for color systems.

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Cabinets: Premier Metal Products' TLA series cabinets have a 14 ga. steelframe and horizontal cross braces, along with adjustable panel-mountingangles. Other features include a Plexiglass latched front door, removableside panels and a base cut-out for cable entry. Models come in 70 inch (1.8m) and 77 inch (2 m) heights, 19 inch (0.5 m) and 24 inch (0.6 m) panelwidths, with either a 24 inch (0.6 m) or 30 inch(0.8 m) depth.

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LCD projector: The Synergy multimedia projector from Apollo PresentationProducts incorporates data, video, overhead and opaque projectioncapabilities in one unit. The upgraded version features true 800x600 SVGAand compressed 1,024x768 XGA resolutions, as well as a 550-lumen,2,000-hour metal halide lamp. An on-screen function tracks lamp-usage hours.

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Installer's SuppliesTool handles: Ripley Company's improved Cablematic line of hex andcompression crimp tool handles feature high- visibility yellow cushioningand a grip slot for hex wrench storage. Crimp tools are made with steelframes and have self-bottoming steel jaws.

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Pliers: The two-piece shearcutter-plier set from XCELITE includes aflush-cutter and needle-noise pliers with serrated jaws, a thin profile andlong reach. Both tools feature carbon-steel construction and cushion grips.

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Digital multimeters: B+K Precision's model 5490 bench DMM is a50,000-count, 0.025% accuracy unit with 600 VDC capacitance-resistanceprotection. Frequency measurement ranges from 0.5 Hz to 500 kHz. The modelis equipped with a built-in RS-232 port and non-skid pads. The 50,000-countmodels 5470 (0.05% accuracy) and 5460 (0.1% accuracy) are also available.

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