Connectors: Neutrik Originally introduced as the Z series, the EaZyCon connectors are from Neutrik. They come standard gold plated and are available in
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Oct 1, 1997 12:00 PM

Connectors: NeutrikOriginally introduced as the Z series, the EaZyCon connectors are fromNeutrik. They come standard gold plated and are available in a solderversion, which comes with contacts pre-tinned and pre-fluxed. A digitalversion features a locking mechanism on the female connector linking to themale connector or to a microphone.

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Power amplifier: QSC Audio ProductsThe PowerLight 2.4 Mono Block from QSC Audio Products produces up to 2,400W at 2 V. Features include an independently defeatable clip limiter,detented calibrated gain control, Neutrik combo connector with XLR-type and1/4 inch (6 mm) inputs and an LED meter that indicates signal level andamplifier status. An HD15 data port connector and remote control contactsare also included.

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Wireless microphones: Nady SystemsThe Wireless 121 and Wireless 122 from Nady Systems are single-channelmodels operating on the VHF mid-band. Both feature 1/4 inch (6 mm)unbalanced and XLR-type output options and a choice of standard channels.Receivers are compact and rack mountable with front-mounted antennas. The121 comes with a single antenna; the 122 offers two antennas.

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Graphic EQ: Samson TechnologiesSamson Technologies' E31 is a 1/3-octave, 31-band graphic equalizer withbalanced XLR-type and TRS inputs and outputs. It has plus/minus 15 dB ofgain and a gain trimmer +6 dB to -' dB. The unit is equipped with ahard-wired bypass switch and buffered power on-off circuitry.

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Pliers and cutters: Sandvik-LindstromSandvik-Lindstrom's Rx series models are equipped with a five-positionadjustable biospring and cushioned ESD safe grips. The series includesthree chain cutters, two tapered cutters, three oval cutters, an obliquecutter and a relieved taper.

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Loudspeaker: Professional Audio SystemsProfessional Audio Systems' long-throw TOC Systems LT-2 delivers 200 Hz to18 kHz response at a distance of 100 yards (91 m). The unit combines aconcentric 12 inch (305 mm) loudspeaker and an extended high-frequency 2inch (51 mm) compression driver with active equalization, time correctionand crossover filters.

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Power supply: SoundcraftThe CPS 2000 from Soundcraft is compatible with the Series Five liveconsole. The CPS 2000 features a front-panel mains voltage meter and has athree-year warranty.

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Mixer: Gemini Sound ProductsGemini Sound Products' PS-626 Pro is a 10 inch (250 mm) rack-mounting mixerwith seven inputs, a 12 V BNC jack, 1/4 inch (6 mm) XLR-type combomicrophone jack and removable crossfader with beat indicators. There isalso a -26 dB cut feature for the bass, mid and high end of each channel,along with peak-hold double-function LED meters.

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Loudspeaker: Meyer SoundMeyer Sound's MSL-6 is a self-powered model intended solely fortightly-packed arrays. It is equipped with two 12 inch (305 mm)low-frequency cone drivers and three high-frequency horn drivers. Builtinto a trapezoidal cabinet, the MSL-6 features a 25 degrees verticalcoverage angle and a 30 degrees horizontal coverage angle.

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Power amplifiers: Cloud ElectronicsThe VTX series from Cloud Electronics includes the VTX750, which produces375 W/ch. The VTX1200 and the VTX1500 produce 600 W/ch and 725 W/ch,respectively. All models feature dynamic clip protection.

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RS-232-controlled TV tuner: Contemporary ResearchThe 232-STA from Contemporary Research is an agile stereo TVtuner-demodulator with external A-V inputs and volume control. The 1/2 rackwide, 1 rack unit cable-ready NTSC TV tuner features programmable frontpanel enable-disable, channel ring, RS-232 control-status, front-panelswitch control and channel-status display.

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Interconnect cables: Clear Path TechnologiesThe Pearl series from Clear Path Technologies includes the Pearl Audiostereo RCA interconnect, the Pearl Video composite video interconnect, thePearl SAV integrated stereo audio and composite video interconnect, thePearl SVHS super VHS video interconnect and the Pearl F Video gold-platedcoaxial cable. Models feature gold-plated cable terminations and whitepearlized jackets made from a flexible PVC material.

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Video multiplexer plus data: Fiber OptionsThe 146V from Fiber Options supports simultaneous transmission of fourchannels of video out and control data back over one optical fiber.Features include video presence, data presence and level-loss statusindicators.

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DJ CD players: Numark IndustriesNumark Industries' CD7030 and CD810 feature plus/minus 16% pitch adjustmentand digital outputs. The CD7030 is a dual-pitchable unit, and the CD810 isa single player equipped with a jog wheel. Both models have standard trackprogramming and lit displays.

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Audio codec: ComrexThe Nexus model from Comrex transmits full duplex wideband audio via ISDN.Up to 15 kHz bandwidth is provided in each direction. Maximum audio outputlevel is +12 dBu with 100 V impedance. Other features include ancillarydata capability and a switch- able mic-line input with adjustable inputlevel.

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Mixing console: Allen & HeathAllen & Heath's WZ16:2 has a frequency response of 20 Hz to 50 kHz(plus/minus 1 dB) and a maximum output level of +27 dBuinto 600 V. Featuresinclude 16 balanced mic-line inputs, 100 mm faders, four-band British EQand 80 Hz low-cut filters on every channel. A quick-change rotatingconnector system accommodates desk or rack mounting.

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Loudspeakers: Community Professional LoudspeakersThe portable XLT/E series from Community Professional Loudspeakers includesthe two-way XLT43E with a 15 inch (381 mm) LF and 1 inch (25 mm) HF; thethree-way XLT46E with a 15 inch (381 mm) LF, 6.5 inch (165 mm) MF and 1inch (25 mm) HF; and the two-way XLT47E with dual 15 inch (381 mm) LF and a1 inch (25 mm) HF. Also included are the two-way CPL48E monitor with a 15inch (381 mm) LF and 1 inch (25 mm) HF and the dual 15 inch (381 mm) XLT55Esubwoofer.

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Power amplifiers: Electro-VoiceThe Electro-Voice AP2200 and AP2400 dual-channel models produce 100 W/chand 200 W/ch at 8 V, respectively. Each channel can be independentlyconfigured for 8 Vor 70.7 V operation.

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Switcher: Olson TechnologyThe OTVS-8000R from Olson Technology is an audio-following-video 8x8routing switcher. Video I/O impedance is 75 Vwith a frequency response ofDC-5 MHz (plus/minus 0.5 dB). Audio I/O impedance is 600 Vbalanced. Theunit is compatible with video head-end systems and features front-panel orremote control.

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Programmer and software: Crest AudioCrest Audio's N-Coder hand-held programmer and the N-Coder/PC Windows-basedsoftware configure all input-processing NC modules located on the Crest CKSand CKV series power amplifiers. Module functions include simultaneousindividual or group amplifier attenuator adjustments and changing theparametric EQ, crossover, limiter or delay settings.

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Loudspeakers: Atlantic TechnologyThe System 450 THX home theater line from Atlantic Technology includes the451 LR front loudspeakers, 453 C center-channel loudspeaker, 454 SRsurround loudspeakers and the 452 PBM subwoofer. The series is compatiblewith Dolby digital and DTS 5.1 channel-delivery systems.

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Cameras: PanasonicPanasonic's Super Dynamic technology is designed to virtually eliminatebacklight problems. Models include the WV-CP650 color DSP camera, theWV-CPR650 RS485 camera, WV-CP450 color DSP camera, WV-BP550 black-and-whiteDSP camera, WV-CP150 color DSP single-cable camera and the WV-CF250 colorDSP fixed-dome camera.

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Distribution amplifier: Kramer ElectronicsThe 80V from Kramer Electronics has a video bandwidth of 330 MHz to -3 dBand a S/N ratio of -74 dB. Equipped with two looping video inputs, the unitcan function as a 1:8 or 2x1:4 amplifier. It handles serial digital signalsand has front-accessible trimmers.

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Input modules: TOA ElectronicsTOA Electronics' 900 series includes the U-13S, U-03S, B-41S, U-43S, M-41S,T-12S, U-13R, B-21S, U-43R and U-03R modules. Features includesignal-activated muting, stereo RCA jacks with passive summing, screwterminal connectors with removable terminal blocks and high- and low-passfilters.

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