Installation Products Volume controls: Atlas/Soundolier's WhisperTouch summing volume controls are stereo-summing-to-mono 8 V devices that handle 25 W/ch
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Nov 1, 1997 12:00 PM

Installation ProductsVolume controls: Atlas/Soundolier's WhisperTouch summing volume controlsare stereo-summing-to-mono 8 V devices that handle 25 W/ch and maintainamplifier output separation. Frequency response is 40 Hz to 20 kHz (-3 dB,+0). Models DSUM-8 and SSUM-8 are available in decora style or with astandard wall plate.

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Router: The ASR-16x16 from Leitch is a 16x16 unit that includes thesynchronous quiet switch (SQS) processor. The SQS provides synchronousswitching and user-selectable crossfade. The fade may be enabled ordisabled, and the fade duration is user-adjustable.

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Wireless intercom: Metragen's Quikcom model provides private, simultaneoustwo-way speech between two locations when plugged into an electricaloutlet. Equipped with a call signal, the unit is sold as a portabletwo-station set.

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Mixing console: The V12 model from Crest Audio features 12 VCA groups, 16aux sends, a microprocessor-based mute and MIDI control. The unit alsodoubles as a monitor mixer, providing up to 30 total mixes. Expanderconsoles are available for the V12 in 24- and 32-input module frames.

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Security system: Northern Computers' N-750 model offers stand-alonesecurity or integration with access control. It provides up to 400supervised programmable zones and up to 1,800 users or cards, as well as 50time schedules with 20 ranges per schedule. One installation can bepartitioned to provide up to eight independent systems.

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In-wall loudspeakers: The Director series from M&S Systems includes theDS70 and DS120, which accept 70 W and 120 W into 8 V, respectively. Bothmodels are weather-resistant and feature a directional tweeter that tiltsfrom 0 degree to 15 degrees and swivels a full 360 degrees.

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Wireless microphones: Upgrades made to Shure Brothers' Headset model WH10microphone systems include a stainless-steel wire frame and gooseneck,snap-fit configuration and a more flex-resistant cable. Other featuresinclude an adjustable design, detachable 1/4 inch (6 mm) connector, muteswitch and noise-squelch function. The WH10 operates on a single 9 Vbattery.

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Re-entrant trumpets: The DH-15T and DH-30T from J.W. Davis accept 15 W and30 W, respectively, with a frequency response of 350 Hz to 12 kHz(plus/minus 12 dB). Sensitivity for the DH-15T is 111 dB-SPL (1 W, 1 m) and112 dB-SPL for the DH-30T. Both models include a 25 V and 70 V transformer.

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Overhead projector: Dukane's Starfire 6000 portable projector is equippedwith a 180 degrees rotating lens head and rack-and-pinion focusingmechanism. A hi-lo switch adjusts the light output from 6,000 to 4,500 ANSIlumens. Other features include a foldaway design, two built-in poweroutlets and an electronic power supply.

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Security substation: The model #1040 weather-resistant campus securitysubstation from Stentofon Communications has a large red call-in button andhighly visible yellow station. The unit is equipped with a no-penetrationspeaker grill and priority-call programming capabilities. Extra relaycontacts are included for an optional, externally mounted strobe light.

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Music channels: Music Choice, a programming service of Digital Cable RadioAssociates, has added three channels to the commercial channel offerings ofits national music service - Tropical, Mexicana and Taste of Italy. MusicChoice programs commercial-free, CD-quality music, 24 hours a day.

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Amplifier: The SI-1230 systems-integration amplifier from Niles Audioproduces 42 W/ch into 4 V simultaneously from each of its 12 channels.Replacing the Niles SI-1200 model, the SI-1230 features six individual,bridgeable, two-channel amplifier modules, six individual turn-on circuits,dual banana spaced binding posts and a removable two-wire line cord.

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IR-emitter panel: Auditel's EP510E model transmits up to 21 channels ofaudio and is mains powered with a built-in DC power supply. The only usercontrol is a variable-output level knob offering up to 24 W that isadjustable from 20% to 100%. Features include a convection-cooled panel andemitter diodes arranged in rows.

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Pan-tilts: The LTC 9418 series and LTC 9420 series weatherproof pan-tiltsfrom Philips Communication and Security Systems are constructed withcorrosion-resistant hardware and perform at a maximum load of 22 pounds (10kg) at a distance of 2.5 inches (63.5 mm). The LTC 9420 featuresfeed-through wiring for lens and camera power, video and external syncconnections. Both series are system compatible with CCD cameras, lenses andhousing combinations.

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Mirrors: Da-Lite Screen Company's surface glass mirrors feature 94%reflectivity for models up to 600x800 (1.5 mx2 m) and 90% reflectivity forlarger sizes. They have an aluminum finish and a quartz-coated surface.Models come in six standard sizes, with additional sizes also available.

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Fiber-optic transmission: The POC220 from Physical Optics Corporation is abidirectional system providing simultaneous transmission of digital-stereoaudio, full-bandwidth video and narrowband data over a single fiber orfiber pair at distances to 31 miles (50 km). Video, line-level audio, DB9serial data and FC-type connections are provided for single-mode fiber,with ST-type connections provided for multimode fiber.

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CRT data-video projector: Video Projectors Wholesale's Provision Elite900HDmodel has 800 lumens of brightness and 1,920x1,080 HDTV resolution.Features include a 3-D comb filter, digitally controlled convergence andNTSC/PAL/SECAM compatibility.

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Multimedia cable: The MediaTwist model from Belden Wire and Cable is a UTPcable that supports multiple audio, video, data, broadband and telephoneapplications simultaneously, carrying an individual signal on each of fourpairs. The unit has been awarded a UL Class A Certification for DigitalDevices and features a crescent-shaped jacket and bonded pairs. MediaTwistis available with AWG#24 solid bare copper conductors for plenum andnon-plenum installations.

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Audio-control unit: Metro Audio's SMAC stage management unit providesfront-of-house and backstage paging, show relay and intercommunications, aswell as day-show operation, digital clock and stopwatch capabilities. Acontrol-routing matrix allows the user to set up six paging and show-relayinputs on a priority ladder. Each SMAC unit includes a kit with an intercomsystem link cable, day-show mode keys and key fob, 25-pin D-type connectorand write-on labels.

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Equipment carts: The Multi-Cart MICRO RR-4 from Music IndustriesCorporation transforms into eight configurations and has an adjustableframe length. It weighs 18 pounds (8 kg) and carries loads up to 350 pounds(158 kg). The RR-10, RR-8 and RR-800 models are also available,accommodating larger or heavier loads up to 500 pounds (225 kg).

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Home-theater remote: Universal Remote Control's Home Theater Master modelSL-8000 operates eight A-V components, including high-end components. Fivememory buttons send out up to 10 commands each from five separate modes.Other features include auto-cursor activation, auto-scan andthree-digit-code programming capabilities, LCD and back-lit buttons.

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Equalizer: The AEQ-26 from AudioControl is a six-band equalizerspecifically designed for in-wall loudspeakers. Output impedance is 150 V,with a S/N ratio of -120 dB and 0.005% THD. Features include a rack-mountdesign and installer-programmable low-frequency protection circuitry.

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Amplifier: AMC/Weltronics' model 3020 two-channel integrated amplifierproduces 20 W/ch into 8 V and has a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz(plus/minus 1 dB). A MIX capability allows users to listen to a CD, tuneror DVD while simultaneously working on the computer. The unit is equippedwith five-way binding posts, pre-out/main-in jacks and a front-panelheadphone jack.

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Loudspeaker: The Compact Digital Monitor series from B&W Loudspeakersincludes the CDM 7 compact floor-standing model with a frequency responseof 40 Hz to 20 kHz (plus/minus 3 dB). The unit handles 30 W to 150 W into 8V. Sensitivity is 90 dB-SPL (1 W, 1 m); nominal impedance is 8 V.

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Serial interface: Home Automation Inc.'s model 10A17 is an RS-232/485serial interface for the HAI Omni, OmniPro and Aegis controllers. Thecontroller can be accessed continuously and in real time through theinterface without affecting any of its other operations. The OmniLinkprotocol features defined message formats, and the HAILink protocol can beprogrammed for specific messages or character strings.

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Digital signal processor: The Quadra/Fx from Applied Research andTechnology features four inputs and four outputs and may operate in twinstereo, discrete four, cascade or stereo DSP configurations. The unitallows for control over 30 effects algorithms and features 20-bit A/D-D/Aaudio resolution and 24-bit double-precision effects processing.

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Equalizer: Summit Audio's EQP-200B dual-program equalizer replaces Summit'sEQP-200A model. The dynamic range is 105 dB, with output impedance of 75 Vand THD less than 0.05%. Expanded features include a low-frequency 6 dB peroctave shelving filter and an enhanced low-frequency boost-cut section andhigh-frequency boost section, as well as attenuation shelving filters onthe high-frequency cut section.

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VCRs: The DDV9000 series of hi-fi stereo dual-deck VCRs from Go-Videofeatures a side-by-side deck configuration. The models allow the user todub VHS tapes, watch one videotape while simultaneously recording fromanother program source or record two tapes at once. The DDV9700Z isequipped with an external PC control port and sequential play and recordcapabilities. Also available are the DDV9700X, DDV9600Z and DDV9050 models.

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Voice-annunciation module: Elk Products' ELK-124 four-channel customrecordable voice module provides 30 seconds of message time on each channelor a maximum of 120 seconds on a single channel. Unit features includeadjustable volume and flexible triggers. The optional ELK-129 computersound-card interface may be used to record sounds from a PC with a stereosound card.

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Wire connector: The P-CONN SHARK screw-on wire connector from Panduit hasan expanding spring to hold wires securely, as well as grip fins and deepcontoured ribs for improved gripping ability and comfort. Models includethe yellow SHARK PF1, red SHARK PF2 and blue SHARK PF4.

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Hex driver sets: Moody's hex driver sets come in inch and metric measures.Tools are designed with knurled and plated steel handles with swivel tops.Each set includes the handle and six hex blades (either inch or metric).

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Cable fault locator: The model 1205CX metallic TDR from Riser-BondInstruments troubleshoots and locates faults in various lengths of trunk,distribution and drop cables. It features a sub-nanosecond pulse width forincreased sensitivity.

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PublicationsDistributed-sound catalog: IMP Systems has published a new catalog ofcomponents for its infinite modular power systems, including mixers,amplifiers, loudspeakers andaccessories.

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Audio products: The 1997 short-form catalog is available from Radio DesignLabs, including rack-up and stick-on sound devices and system accessories.

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Test equipment catalog: A 34-page catalog supplement from Jensen Toolsoffers a selection of Hewlett-Packard electronic test and measurementequipment.

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Handout: The residential audio publication Open Your Eyes to the Sound ofCSI/SPECO includes information on the company's full line of in-wall andspecialty loudspeakers, selectors and volume controls and connectors.

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Product applications guide: Sabine's booklet, The FBX Advantage, discussesfeedback, automatic feedback control and typical Sabine productapplications. A catalog of the company's pro-audio line is also included.

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Reference: The Mobile DJ Handbook: How to Start and Run a Profitable MobileDisc Jockey Service by Stacy Zemon is available from Focal Press. Itcontains specific marketing and advertising strategies, as well as adviceon business development and expansion.

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Catalog: Chemtronics's new catalog features a user-friendly selection guidein each product category and the consolidated product offerings ofChemtronics, Soder-Wick and Circuit Works brands.

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Software: Version 2.1 of True Audio's WinSpeakerz loudspeaker simulationsoftware, The Speaker Design Toolbox, is now available. The new versionruns under Windows NT as well as Windows 95 and includes an uninstalloption. Users may also take screen shots of their work for transfer to wordprocessors.

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Surveillance catalog: Fiber Options has released the first edition of itsfull-line catalog for surveillance systems applications. The 128-pagedirectory describes the company's complete line of fiber-optic products forvideo, audio and data systems.

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EventsConference: The ninth annual Digital Engineering Conference co-sponsored bythe Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association (CEMA) and the IEEEConsumer Electronics Society will be held Jan. 12-14, 1998, at the LasVegas Hilton.

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A-V training: The International Communications Industries Association(ICIA) is conducting A-V workshops and seminars Jan. 24-28, 1998, at LeMeridien Hotel in New Orleans. Topics presented will include staging,computer-to-video interfacing, video and videoconferencing, as well as newtechnology and financial planning.

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Live! show: The 1998 International Performance Production Live! Show andAwards will be held Feb. 5-6 in London.

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SAI conference: The 16th annual Security Associates International (SAI)conference is scheduled for April 13-16, 1998, in New Orleans. The themewill be "Successful Partnering in the New Millennium --- Ideas by, for andWith the Independent Alarm Dealer."

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