Neutrik Lends a Hand to the Renaissance Music Program

Neutrik, designers and manufacturers of the “XX” series XLR cable connector, recently donated 400 cable connectors to the Renaissance Music Program in the Bronx, NY.
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Neutrik Lends a Hand to The Renaissance Music Program

Mar 8, 2005 4:16 PM

Neutrik, designers and manufacturers of the “XX” series XLR cable connector, recently donated 400 cable connectors to the Renaissance Music Program in the Bronx, NY.

“Neutrik believes that music is an integral component to a successful education,” stated Jim Cowan, president of Neutrik USA. “The Renaissance Music Program is an exceptional organization, providing inner-city children with musical experiences often unavailable to them through the public schools and community programs at large. We applaud this group’s efforts and are glad that we can provide assistance in any way possible.”

Neutrik has donated 100 pieces each of its XX and PX series products: NC3FXX, a female XLR cable connector; NC3MXX, a male XLR cable connector; NP2X and NP3C, both 1/4in. professional phone plugs.

Renaissance co-founders Darren Quinlan and Bervine Harris initiated the venture three years ago, when they noticed that music education had been dissipating in inner-city public schools and that the benefits from participating in such activities were not being utilized. By establishing this organization, they hoped to ensure that this trend would not continue in the future. The Renaissance Program uses music as a way of attracting youth and maintaining their interest while providing opportunities to fully maximize their potential.

“The connectors that Neutrik donated will be used for multiple program purposes,” stated Quinlan. “Students in the engineering classes will assemble wires together with the connectors, which we will then used to conduct the many classes, recitals, and concert performances by our participants. The connectors will inevitably be used at all of our events. We are so grateful that Neutrik has helped contribute toward saving music education.”

Quinlan and Harris created a Saturday music program that offers instruction in drums, bass guitar, keyboards, audio engineering, vocals, and band to children aged 6 to 19. Through the years, the enrollment in the program has increased from approximately 40 kids educated each week to almost 200 children. In addition to the Saturday program, they have also initiated a “Music On Wheels” program that brings music instruction directly to public schools and community centers in the Bronx region.

Neutrik has taken an active role in contributing to the restoration of music education in and outside of school for youngsters. In addition to donating cable connectors to the Renaissance Program, Neutrik recently raised funds for, another organization dedicated to inspiring action to support music education.

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