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November 1996

November 1996



Apollo Presentation Products acquires CTI Apollo Presentation Products, Long Island, NY, has bought CTI, an English distributor of overhead projectors…

Simply impressiveThe beauty of the new technology used at the Baltimore Convention Center is in the simplicitythat it affords.

Sam McDonaldMcDonald is an author who writes infrequently in the sound and video field.

Look behind the impressive new facade of the expansion to the Baltimore Convention Center, and you’ll find some equally impressive new audio technology…

Pipes of piecePutting together a sound system with a 2,300-piece pipe organ as the focal point takes special craftsmanship.

Chuck ShriverShriver is with Shriver Communications, Elk Grove Village, IL.

How is an orchestra similar to a subwoofer? “An opera singer performing with an orchestra is not in competition with the orchestra,” said David M. Ancker,…

Lighting that spark of innovation

The S&VC staff

In almost anything you do, you learn by doing. Challenge sparks innovation; problems spark solutions. And in the contracting field, sound reinforcement…

Integrated for interactionThe coordination of the sound, video and live presentation systems at the Barney Theater is a perfect exampleof audio-visual teamwork.

Jack McLean

Sophisticated technology and a friendly purple dinosaur might seem a strange combination. Yet The Barney Theater, one of the newest attractions at Universal…

Sounding off for sportsA sound system for the Super Bowl involves not just sound, but speed and expertise.

Michael BradleyBradley is with Chambers Electronic Communications, Phoenix, AZ.

After our involvement at Super Bowl XXIX in Miami, Jerry Anderson, architect for the NFL and Super Bowl XXX, called us for Super Bowl XXX. We provided…

Full steam aheadThe General Jackson Riverboat at Opryland USA neededan audio overhaul for both music and safety.

Biff McGillicuttyMcGillicutty is a free-lance writer in the sound and video industry. Photos courte

The Cumberland River flows through Nashville TN, home of the world-famous Opryland USA and one of its prize attractions, the General Jackson, a turn-of-the-century…

Message and melodyThe new system at Redeemer Lutheran in Spokane emphasizes both the messages and the melodies using stereo sound.

Jesse WalshWalsh is president of Jesse Walsh Communications, Buchanan, MI. Photos are courtesy of E

The greater emphasis placed on music in modern religious services has created a whole new set of challenges for sound-system designers and installers….

Sounds of silenceKeeping the privacy in an open-environment office means taking special carewith parts and materials.

David MarshMarsh is a consultant with Pelton Marsh Kinsella, a division of Carter & Burgess, Dallas

It was a Texas-size pro-ject from the start when the retail giant J.C. Penney decided to move its corporate headquarters from New York to Plano, TX. When…

Sound American-style, in the UKThe Whitewell Metropolitan Church has one of the firstlarge-scale sound-system designs created in the United Kingdom.

David NealeNeale is head of David Neale Associates, London, England.

The concept of worship sound systems is long established in the United States. In Europe it is something that has taken a long time to become understood,…

Waterful soundThe musical fountain in Grand Haven, MI, combines water, light and music for a spectacular show.

Marie BryanBryan is a free-lance writer who writes for the sound and video industry.

The world’s largest musical fountain presents an integration of sight, sound and nature at an unprecedented level of beauty and enjoyment.Since 1963,…

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