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November 1997

November 1997


The Roar of the Crowd

Toni Flosi

Despite unprecedented deadlines, daunting technical requirements and the passing of an NFL legend, the sound system for the Washington Redskins’ new stadium…

Power without Prominence

Jack McLean

The wise blending of new components with current ones in developing a sound system can provide the customer with the advantages of improved performance…

An International Landmark: Hong Kong has long been a strategic location forinter-Asian trade and is increasingly seen as the focal point for the fastexpanding China trade.

Ward Sellars

The Hong Kong Government is aware of the growing competition from regional rivals such as Singapore and Malaysia, Southern Chinese cities such as Guangzhou…

Sound design takes Center Ice

Sam Gidren

Located in Tampa, the Ice Palace is the frozen play ground of the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning, an expansion team that took to the ice in this brand new…

Playing Politics

Lonnie Theer

The Gallup Organization, most prominently known for its Gallup Polls, with international headquar ters located in Lincoln, Nebraska, has just completed…

Ushering in a New Era: Sound reinforcement for a colossal television eventdemonstrates how to succeed in China by balancing technology with diplomacy.

Bruce Borgerson

Business opportunities in China are as expansive and varied as the Chinese landscape. For anybody involved in sound reinforcement – manufacturer, consultant…


Ontogeny and phylogeny

Ted Uzzle

Recently, I heard a systems contractor ask, “How do small contracting companies survive?” It was so stunning a question that it set me thinking.The minimum…



ICCE call for papers The International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE), scheduled for June 2-4, 1998 in Los Angeles, is accepting technical…

What’s New


Installation Products Volume controls: Atlas/Soundolier’s WhisperTouch summing volume controls are stereo-summing-to-mono 8 V devices that handle 25 W/ch…


Loudspeaker: Meyer Sound The HM-1 self-powered, two-way model from Meyer Sound handles 300 W total power and has a flat frequency response of 40 Hz to…


Engineering success

The contracting business is rarely predictable. From the point at which a proposal for an installation first passes across your desk, the challenges standing…

Olympic Dreams: A sound reinforcement system installed at the OlympicStadium in Athens, Greece, highlight advancements in coverage of largeoutdoor spaces.

Jack McLean

The new system, installed on a fast track schedule at the 85,000-plus capacity outdoor stadium, is based upon a single loudspeaker array. Featuring new…

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