November 2003 - Sound & Video Contractor

November 2003

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November 2003


Compact Line Arrays

Mark Frink

The list of large-format line array speakers introduced during the past decade is well known and well used. But a new generation of compact systems has...

Video Routers

David Riffle

Whenever video from more than one source must be accessed or when more than one source must be accessed at more than one location simultaneously, some...


Microtech Gefell KEM 970

John McJunkin

Unorthodox. Odd. Maybe even a little weird. Microtech Gefell's KEM 970 microphone is anything but run-of-the-mill. On the other hand, the words excellent...


A Funny Thing Happened

Mark Johnson

on the way to an article. It's interesting how things pan out sometimes. Actually, a couple of things happened as I was trying to find a new lead article...


On p. 16 of the September 2003 issue, a photo of Keith Watson was incorrectly labeled as Robert Walsh....

Go Team!

Michael MacDonald

When you get right down to it, people are what this business is all about. Sure, we play with the hardware, we buy software tools to design systems, and...

Got Solutions?

Bill Schuermann

When you look at your business's annual report, what do you see? Annual sales, unit sales, profit (or loss), debt to equity, salaries, receivables, and...



Gregory DeTogne

Having been described variously as MTV meets the YMCA and the ultimate teen hang, Rocketown has just about everything young people could want except for...


Mark Johnson

A look back at Sound & Video Contractor's November 1983 edition reveals a mixed bag of technology information, business information, and a few interesting...


Audio Biz appointed Mario Massa to its sales staff. Sound Planning Communications hired Nathan Cole as director of marketing. Video Accessory Corp. appointed...


Former TOA Employee Dies Danny Speegle died at the age of 69 of cancer on September 26. He served in the U.S. Navy aboard ship in the Persian Gulf during...


WWW.CRUTCHFIELDADVISOR.COM The HDTV Center on is a comprehensive online resource where you can learn about the transition to the...


AKAI Enters L.A. AKAI Professional has set up direct distribution facilities and headquarters in the L.A. area to better serve AKAI Professional customers....


NSCA Expo to Host EST Exams The 2004 NSCA Systems Integration Expo will host the first certification exams for electronic systems technicians (ESTs) on...


November 10-13 G-SAM03New York 10-13 Electronic House ExpoLong Beach, 21-23 ETS-LDIOrlando,


NO SUBSTITUTE FOR THE HUMAN EAR Re: Management Perspectives: Listen Up! in the September 2003 issue: thanks for stating what, for our firm, has proven...

What's New


Switcher An addition to the Modula Series4 line routes 32-by-32 RGBHV signals in a single four-rackspace enclosure with the...


Transformers Inter-M The OT Series output transformer units convert the 4 output of a low-impedance amplifier to 70/100V high-impedance...


Cover Signal Communications The Sentry is a rugged, polycarbonate cover used to protect manual alarm stations from false alarm, vandalism,...


Interface The PLVCFF is a Plus-Bus interface that provides control of the Visual Circuits FireFly 3 from the TCD/IP network-managed...

Installation Profiles

Sunday 7 Days a Week

By Cathy Hutchison

The fairly recent phenomenon of the megachurch has impacted the way professionals think about designing spaces for worship. The logistics of a large number...



Blecher Forms Integrated Electronic Systems Ken Blecher has launched Integrated Electronic Systems, a consulting firm specializing in the permanently...

Eliminate Doubt

Kim Doyle

An integrator's concern over how well he or she can do a job and for how much profit is a valid concern best kept away from the customer. In the game...

CEDIA Expo 2003

Mark Johnson

The Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) Expo 2003 in Indianapolis seemed by all accounts to be successful. With a record-setting...

Is it P.A. or SR?

Bruce Borgerson

What should you call the audio systems you are designing or installing? Is it public address (P.A.) or sound reinforcement (SR)? Some say it depends on...




Streaming Video For Live Events

Streaming with a combination of hardware and off-the-shelf software (which allows one to effectively do a live switch for streaming from multiple cameras), or from a dedicated streaming device from a single source, is now more affordable than ever. And the results are better, if more

Crestron Blog 2 ART ccs-uc-200-hud

Not All Digital AV Needs to be On the Network

Don’t miss a social beat – follow #MyInfoComm2018 and make sure you visit Crestron located in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center at booth C2562. The confluence of a new mobile workforce and higher real estate costs have pushed facilities managers to create more more


Networked AV — More Than a Disruptor

Don’t miss a social beat – follow #MyInfoComm2018 and make sure you visit Crestron located in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center at booth C2562. Remember the analog sunset? By all accounts the transition to digital was an industry disrupter. Yet few were fully more


Beyond Beamforming

In the AV world, we’ve all seen a back-and-forth between the importance of the “A” (audio) versus the “V” (video) over the years. It’s easy to say that in “AV” both sides are equally important. And they are. But not only has the video side seen a greater surge of new technology more