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November 2004

November 2004


Exercising Technology

By Rosanne Soifer

Grunt. Sweat. Stretch. Kvetch. Most contemporary fitness venues are light-years away from the no-frills gyms that trained the Rocky Balboas of the recent…


By Mark Johnson

CEDIA EXPO 2004 exceeded all previous attendance records over its 15-year history. The Colts, Indianapolis’s NFL team, played their season…

Technology Showcase: Paging Systems

By Mel Lambert

In virtually every environment, messages need to be delivered to disseminate information, locate staff, and handle emergencies quickly…

Technology Showcase:
Multiple-Image Display Controllers

By Jay Ankeney

In rapidly increasing numbers, multiple-image display controllers fill government, corporate, and retail environments with information, entertainment,…

Installation Profile: Overtime in Athens

By Trevor Boyer

As with any Olympics host country, Greece faced the prospect of constructing dozens of new venues and refurbishing old ones. Some, like the $76 million…


DPA Microphones 4066/4088

By John McJunkin

DPA Microphones has a tradition of making microphones that sound uncannily natural. Its designs are significantly different from those of other manufacturers,…

NEC MT1075

By Jeff Sauer

Projectors have become increasingly and predictably smaller and brighter over the last decade. More recently, many manufacturers have turned to ease-of-use…


Editor’s Note: The Forgotten Art

By Mark Johnson

Has the art of customer service been forgotten? The old adage, The customer is always right, doesn’t mean as much as it used to. Recently, a vendor screwed…

Picture This: Primary Focus

By Jeff Sauer

Contrary to its annual trade show’s reputation, the C in CEDIA doesn’t stand for consumer. The Custom Electronic Design Installation Association’s show, held this…

Associations Focus

Anyone working with design of audiovisual facilities systems sales professionals, designers, engineers, project and technology managers can benefit from…

Management Perspectives:
How to Avoid Being Burned

By Gary Zandstra

Have you ever been burned by someone? Really burned? The kind of burn that leaves a mark? Have you envied the salesperson who continually lands the big…

POV: The ICIA ICAT Council

By Joseph Bocchiaro III

When architects, facilities managers, school administrators, business owners, church pastors, and others requiring audiovisual systems in their buildings…


The Buzz:
Install of the Month

By Trevor Boyer

FedExForum Memphis, Tenn. Grizzly Cable Pull No team in the National Basketball Association enjoyed as much improvement in the 2003-2004 season as the…

The Buzz: Contractor’s Web Watch Extron AAPs and MAAPs (mini architectural adapter plates) interactive online tools are passive connector mounting plates and active control…

The Buzz: Newsmakers

HME appointed seven new sales representatives for its DX200 digital wireless intercom product line. The new sales representatives are Audio Marketing…

The Buzz: 20 Years Ago in Sound & Video Contractor

By Mark Johnson

Where Are They Now? The November ’84 issue was all about intercommunications. In the first of two parts, basic system types, equipment offerings, and…


November 10-11 CEAVCO AV and Digital Video Expo and SeminarsArvada, 14-15 IPRO ConferenceIndependent Professional Representatives…


DSC Receives ULC-Level 5 Listing Digital Security Controls (DSC) has received ULC-Level 5 listing for its Internet alarm communication solution. Collectively,…

What’s New

What’s New: Video Technology

Projector Canon The Realis SX50 is a multimedia projector with SXGA+ resolution using the proprietary Aspectual Illumination System…

What’s New: Audio Technology

What’s new in audio technology from leaders in the industry….

What’s New: Residential Technology

New residential technology products from leading companies in the industry….

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