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November 2007

November 2007


Government Installation Issues

By Dan Daley

Installing AV and other media systems for government clients is a multidimensional proposition. The bureaucracy and procedural process can often be as…

AES 2007

By George Petersen

While the rest of the world may spend the start of fall enjoying brilliant autumn colors and making holiday preparations, audio industry professionals…

Technology Showcase: Flatpanel Wall Mounts

By Jay Ankeney

The good old CRT TV was as bulky as Humpty Dumpty, and like that famous wall-sitter, it usually required a perch firmly rooted on the ground. Today’s…

Technology Showcase: HD Fiber Transmitters

By Bennett Liles

While much has been written and discussed regarding the ongoing convergence of AV and IT, and as more AV products incorporate network connectivity and…

Front Projector Buyers’ Guide

By Jeff Sauer

Like every week in Garrison Keillor’s fictional Lake Wobegon, it seems like it’s been a quiet year in the front-projection industry. Our annual chart…

Installation Profile: Legislative Sound

By Garret Maki and Rodrigo Ordoñez

As documented in Sound & Video Contractor in late 1994, a computer-based audio system was permanently installed into the United States Senate Chamber…


Beyerdynamic SHM 22.18

By John McJunkin

When it comes to simple devices such as microphones, particularly those used for commercial or install purposes, it sometimes seems as though the whole…

Mitsubishi XD470U

By Jeff Sauer

Ever since DLP projectors started using extra white or clear color-wheel segments to enhance brightness and contrast specifications, buyers have been…


Picture This: Commodity Projections

By Jeff Sauer

It’s no secret that front-projector prices have been falling for a few years now, and that’s great news for the consumer. With the baseline brightness…

Government Gigs

By Michael Goldman

Is there a more complicated niche in the AV universe for installation professionals to service than the governmental facility market? I suppose that’s…

Expert Column: UPS Basics

By Peter Cook

Taking nothing for granted, I want to start by saying that the UPS discussed in this column has nothing to do with that company with the brown trucks…

POV: The CTS Revisited

By Randal A. Lemke, Ph.D.

InfoComm has offered its certification program for more than 30 years, and each year it certifies more qualified AV professionals than anyone else in…


The Buzz: Installation Spotlight: Advanced Mass-notification System, Arlington County and City of Alexandria, Va.

By Charles Conte

The Sept. 11 tragedy, hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and the recent Southern California wildfires suggest that there may very well be a need for a loudspeaker…

What’s New

What’s New: Video Technology

By Laura Dixon and Eric Melin

Incorporating progressive product specifications designed exclusively for home integrators, Planar Systems has released four 1080p full-HD…

What’s New: Audio Technology

By Laura Dixon and Eric Melin

The Williams Sound PPA R1600 FM remote loudspeaker picks up the broadcast of an audio service wirelessly from any Williams Sound transmitter operating at 72MHz to 76MHz and plays it back through 16 user-selectable FM channels…

What’s New: Residential Technology

By Laura Dixon and Eric Melin

The ultra-high-end Muon loudspeakers from KEF stand nearly 7ft. tall. Only 100 pairs are to be made worldwide…

What’s New: AV Technology

By Laura Dixon and Eric Melin

Middle Atlantic Products RSH-series custom rackmounts offer enhanced thermal management. Designed with direct feedback from custom residential integrators, the enhanced rackmounts…

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