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November 2012

November 2012

Tech Showcases

Conferencing Microphones

By Mark Johnson

While conference mics usually share a common form factor (gooseneck mic attached to a base), the implementations and technology can vary widely. …

PTZ Cameras

By Bennett Liles

Just as with their view of the world, PTZ cameras seem to have gotten a piece of the action from every direction with each new wave in technology. …


Studio Six Digital iTestMic Review

Reviewer: John McJunkin

Studio Six Digital has developed a calibrated test microphone known as the iTestMic, and an iPhone app that features a suite of audio tools that are eminently useful to the audio pro….

Eos Commercial Wireless Audio System Review

Reviewer: John McJunkin

IntelliTouch’s Eos Commercial Wireless has introduced a wireless commercial music/paging system intended primarily for applications in professional offices, spas, cafes, restaurants, and bars. …

Columns & Features

Integrated Emergency Response

By Don Kreski

Extreme weather, fire, and earthquakes can be costly and tragic realities. The right technology—properly integrated—can significantly improve preparedness and response. …

On the Circuit

By Cynthia Wisehart

As we were going to press, Hurricane Sandy hit our Lower Manhattan offices, taking out our power, phones, and email for one week, and affecting some of our colleagues in their homes and neighborhoods. …

A Closer Look at Streaming Servers

By Jan Ozer

How to choose between the candidates? The obvious first question is whether it can deliver video to the platforms that you’re targeting using the technologies and protocols that you want to use. A quick review of the origins of each server will shed some light here. …

Legislative Chicken: Sequestration and the Fiscal Cliff Explained

By Betsy Jaffe, Director of Public and Government Relations for InfoComm International

Like a cartoon character followed by a persistent black cloud, the Washington, D.C., area (along with other cities and towns reliant on federal or military spending) is under the threat of sequestration, set to dive off a “fiscal cliff.”…

New Products

BenQ MS517, MX518, and MW519 SmartEco Projectors

BenQ has announced the MS517, MX518, and MW519 SmartEco projectors for small- to medium-sized spaces….

Christie G Series Projectors

Christie G Series is ideal for board and conference rooms, government, houses of worship, higher education facilities, and more. …

RTI RKM-1+ Multi-room Audio Keypad

RTI has announced the RKM-1+, the latest version of the RKM-1 multi-room audio keypad….

FSR Digital/Analog Wall Plate Interface

The FSR Digital/Analog Wall Plate Interface fits in a standard two-gang electrical box and has a dual Decora faceplate available in white, black, and ivory to match the décor of the installation….

PixelFLEX LED Curtain

PixelFLEX has expanded the LED Curtain line to include 18mm, 30mm, 50mm, and 100mm screens….

Revolabs Hybrid HD Microphone and XLR Adapter

The wired Hybrid microphone and XLR adapter takes the guesswork out of microphone placement, resulting in optimized audio pick up during meetings….

Community DA6 Surface-Mount Loudspeaker

The Community DA6 offers a 115-degree cone-shaped coverage pattern that emanates from the face of the loudspeaker downwards at a 26-degree angle from the wall….

Fairlight XSTREAM Desktop Control Surface

Picture keys on the Fairlight XSTREAM self-label instantly for easy navigation, which means the control surface reinvents itself for each task. …

BenQ VW30 Monitor

The VW30 LED Monitor series features MacBook compatibility, LED backlighting, VA panel technology, and all-white construction….

Shure SBC210 Portable Charger and SBC-DC Bodypack Power Insert

Shure has announced rechargeable accessories: the SBC210 portable charger and SBC-DC bodypack power insert….

KanexPro Mini Audio Amplifier

The Mini Audio Amplifier is a quarter-rack-width digital amplifier (Class D) with equalizer control and mic mixer….

DVEO MultiStreamer Flypack

The MultiStreamer Flypack is a portable video production and streaming unit in a rolling rackmount TSA-certified case….

AKG C451 65th Anniversary Edition Microphone and K702 Anniversary Edition Headphones

AKG has introduced a line of limited edition products….

Harkness Screens Stagelite Stereo Screen

Stagelite Stereo is suitable for polarized 3D projection systems including RealD….

Altinex AC301-250 Dual-Button Controller

The AC301-250 works in conjunction with external video and audio inputs mounted into the boardroom table, underneath the table, or anywhere else in the room….

Platinum Tools Threaded Screw Bridle Rings

Platinum Tools Threaded Screw Bridle Rings attach with beam clamps on flanges up to .5in….

Peerless-AV Equipment Racks

The Peerless-AV series includes standard AV frame racks from 18RU to 44RU with a choice of closed, open, or extra-large open side panels for varying budgets and cabling requirements….

Audinate Dante-MY16-AUD Mini-YGDAI

The updated version of the Audinate Dante-MY16-AUD Mini-YGDAI allows the head amps in the Rio3224-D and Rio1608-D I/O rack units to be remotely controlled….

Lumenix GigaCore Ethernet Switches

The three new models of Lumenix GigaCore line—GigaCore 12, GigaCore 14R, and GigaCore 16Xt—are managed through a web interface….

The Buzz

Outbid the Competition and Boost Your Profits

NSCA needs your help in completing the final stage of the Labor Installation Standard that includes providing information on average times for installing specific systems in the AV, security, video, digital signage, and more sectors in the low voltage electronic systems industry. …

Bottom Line CEDIA Benefits

CEDIA has ways to help take the guess work out of choosing the right business tools. …

Use NSCA’s Partnership with PNC Equipment Finance to Earn Profits

Finding money to finance new products and technologies is a challenge your customers face on a regular basis. …

Is Demand for Pro AV on the Uptick?

Be the first to read the results of InfoComm International’s October 2012 Economic Snapshot Survey. …

How to Implement AV Systems

A brand-new guide to implementing ANSI/INFOCOMM 2M-2010, Standard Guide for Audiovisual Systems Design and Coordination Processes. …

Sponsor an AV Hero

Your company could join the list of AV companies that are sponsoring scholarships for U.S. veterans to enroll in AV Heroes, a six-week training program that ends with the CTS exam. …

Speakers Needed for 2013 Regional Roundtable and Webinar Series

InfoComm is seeking experienced speakers for its 2013 Regional Roundtable and webinar series. …

David Labuskes Named Next InfoComm International CEO

The Board of Directors of InfoComm International has announced David Labuskes, CTS, RCDD, will become the next executive director/CEO of InfoComm International, effective Jan. 1, 2013….

New Book: iTunes Music

In iTunes Music, author and world-class mastering engineer Bob Katz starts out with the basics, surveys the recent past, and brings you quickly up to the present—where the current state of digital audio is bleak. …

Multi-purpose Audio

The $2.4 billion Revel casino resort in Atlantic City is an impressive sight, with its gleaming 47-story tower, more than 1,000 rooms, and 130,000 square feet of gaming floor. …

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