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November 2013

November 2013

Tech Showcases

Videoconferencing Systems and Cameras

By Bennett Liles

It wasn’t all that long ago that a videoconference was the visual equivalent of a 1960s Transatlantic phone call. How times have changed. Special high-speed data lines and teams of technicians have morphed into a tabletop box or a wall-mounted flatpanel display with an integrated camera, taking its place among the framed photographs or paintings in the room….

Conferencing Microphone Systems

By Mike McIntyre, CTS-D, EST-L2+

Conferencing solutions are making huge strides in providing a multitude of features for all types of applications. …

Columns & Features

On the Circuit

By Cynthia Wisehart

The tragic shooting at LAX happened just as we went to press with our cover story on the airport’s new Tom Bradley International Terminal. …

Airport Art

By Tim Kridel and Cynthia Wisehart

The seminal media installation at the recently renovated Tom Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) demonstrates just how inadequate the phrase “digital signage” can be to describe the dramatic balance of aesthetics, art, and communication….

RF + Cat

By Dick Snyder

Commercial applications that use multiple televisions and display devices are an optimal environment for the convergence of RF commercial television signals with Internet-based digital information. …

Videoconferencing Tips

By Don Kreski

Some tips for the best videoconferencing placement….


Sony DWZ-B70HL/DWZ-M70 Digital Wireless Systems Review

Reviewer: John McJunkin

Sony recognized that it would be a good idea to develop a simpler, rookie-friendly digital wireless system with a lower price tag and the DWZ line was born….

AKG DMM6 Digital Mixer Review

Reviewer: John McJunkin

AKG introduced its DMM 4/2/2 digital automixer in 2009, followed by the DMM 4/2/4 in 2010, and most recently, the DMM6. As you might imagine, the DMM6 offers six inputs, and each can introduce mic or line level signals to the mix….

The Buzz

InfoComm Call for Presenters

InfoComm is seeking experienced speakers for member roundtables and webinars. …

InfoComm Searching for Mentors

InfoComm is gearing up for the launch of a new AV Mentor Network. …

CTS Holders Voting for Committee

If you are a CTS holder, you should have received an email ballot to vote for members of the Certification Committee….

ICIF Recognizes Vergauwen Scholarship Winners

The International Communications Industries Foundation (ICIF) awarded the Michael Vergauwen Education Fund Scholarship to Dustin Stout, rental technician at Ford Audio-Video and a student of sound design at the University of Central Oklahoma, and Mitchell Walker, former electrical engineering intern at LED display manufacturer NanoLumens and a student of electrical engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. …

NSCA Launches Updated Website

NSCA has unveiled a new website to make it easy for members and industry professionals to find the information they need to run a better systems integration business….

Opportunity in Wireless Speaker Market

There has been some buzz in the industry regarding wireless speakers. Some integrators see them as a DIY threat. …

Overcoming Structural and Aesthetic Challenges

Roots run deep at Olivet Institutional Baptist Church, a cornerstone of the Cleveland community and worship since 1931. …

Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4

By Jason Bovberg

The time has come. After a seven-year stretch without an update to the two main prizefighters of console gaming, Microsoft is releasing its new Xbox One and Sony is releasing its new PlayStation 4. …

Digital Signposts: Event Signage

By Vern Freedlander, Vice President, Production, X2O Media

One of the most overlooked and underused digital signage applications is at events and conferences. Digital signage can and should play a vital role in facilitating these connections as the basis for a multi-screen/multi-platform information distribution system….

Integrated LED Curtains

For the second year, Second Baptist Church has used PixelFlex lightweight, flexible, high-quality LED video curtains to wow the students and staff alike, and at a price point to fit the church’s budget….

New Products

Genelec G Two Loudspeakers

The G Two (4in. woofer and 3/4in. tweeter) features round edges, not sharp corners, which can cause acoustic reflections….

Extron MPS 602 Media Presentation Switcher

The MPS 602 is a six-input media presentation switcher for digital and analog sources….

Canon S-series Network Cameras

The S-series network cameras have been designed for indoor environments that require sensitive monitoring of specific areas or items….


The site is a home for users of the V-Mixing System….

NEC Display Systems Touch Overlays

Touch Overlays make NED DIsplay’s LED-backlit V series displays touch interactive….

JBL Pro 9320 Cinema Surround Loudspeaker

The 9320 Cinema Surround loudspeaker is a large-format loudspeaker designed for high power handling, extended bass response, and wide dynamic range in professional cinema applications….

Riedel Communications CPX-AVB

The CPX-AVB is a dedicated card that fits in the expansion slot of the Artist 1100 series OLED control panels….

IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R200Sub Isolation Stands

The ISO-L8R200Sub stands are designed to clean up acoustic issues with the subwoofer, allowing it to float on axis, while reducing the low frequencies from being driven into the supporting surface….

Screen Innovations Black Diamond Motorized Screen

The Black Diamond Motorized Screen is now available in diagonal screen sizes up to 138in. and can also now be configured with either a 16:9 or 2.35:1 aspect ratio with a flush or external mount….

Gepco HDC720HD 7.2mm Hybrid Fiber-Optic Cable

The Gepco HDC720HD 7.2mm Hybrid Fiber-Optic Cable eliminates the typical heavy-steel-strength member, replacing it with a strength member that expands and contracts at the same rate as the glass members….

Draper Video Backgrounds

Draper offers video backgrounds in several neutral fabrics….

Draper Videoconferencing Camera Mount and LIft

Draper camera mounts and lifts include a simple, very secure flush-mount box….

Radial Engineering Stage Direct

The StageDirect is a unique direct box that combines all of the standard features one would find in a DI with the added convenience of being able to mute the signal using a footswitch….

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