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The NSCA board has been selfish, but remember who we are. We are all sizes of systems contractors from all over North America doing a wide range of electronic


Mar 20, 1997 12:00 PM,
Craig Thompson, NSCA President

The NSCA board has been selfish, but remember who we are. We are all sizes of systems contractors from all over North America doing a wide range of electronic systems installations. This board has worked very hard to shape the Expo and the everyday NSCA activities to benefit both themselves and everyone who is a member. We serve as an advocate for the improvement of both the membership and the entire industry. We want to provide the foundation for your future business growth.

With the NSCA Expo imminent, I hope many contractors attend this important industry event. The success of this event has historically meant larger numbers of exhibitors and attendees along with high quality classes and seminars. As I write this, it appears that once again success has been achieved.

However, your individual definition of success will be determined on the way home from the Expo. You will wonder whether you got your money’s worth. Was the value of the Expo greater than you expected or less?

When the Expo committee and board plan this event, we keep the benefit vs. cost as a prime consideration. Some costs are beyond our control but are still part of the reasoned process in putting on this important event. Your travel and room costs, the opportunity costs of you and your employees’ time, actual compensation costs and, of course, course charges are what you total up against the value of the trip to Charlotte.

The value of the NSCA Expo quickly appreciates, especially because of the new knowledge you will use in your business when you and your employees arrive back at the office. I leave wanting to know whether I am doing the right things in my business. Am I using the best products? How about new market segments? Maybe I will run into a contractor making larger profit margins by doing something I have not considered.

Can there be a better place to receive education on subjects specific to our industry? The courses have been selected so you will be taught by the best instructors and industry experts. The NSCA instructors have an extensive background in sound system and audio technologies. For example, the AFAA provides the fire alarm training, BICSI provides the cabling training and CCTMA, the training on CCTV. With this level of core instruction, I can send technicians and sales personnel to enhance their knowledge within walking distance of the Expo show floor.

Will they improve their sales performance as a result of this information? Will we improve installation efficiencies and productivity because the project managers and technicians know more? Will new sales opportunities avail themselves because installers and technicians have become NICET sound or fire-alarm certified?

These are the most apparent questions of value that come to mind as I prepare to make reservations and sign up my staff for the classes. I know that as the president of the NSCA, I am biased as to the value derived from this annual opportunity. I also believe that almost all contractors who read this probably agree that this Expo is a prime opportunity to help their businesses grow in revenue and profit.

What is really amazing to me is that all owners and managers will tell you that they understand the importance of marketing in their systems contracting business but they don’t have the time or money to implement a marketing plan. I believe that knowing something and doing something are the difference between doing OK and doing great. The NSCA Expo is the same thing. This is the most important event of the year for your business. We’ll discuss new products, new ideas and NSCA industry activities that will pay handsomely in the future.

I firmly believe that if you attend the Expo you will find a great return on your investment. I also hope you will support the work of the NSCA to improve your bottom line and increase opportunities to grow. You know that this is important to our business. Please decide to do something that will make a difference.

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