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NSCA Focus: Viva Las Vegas

NSCA is kicking into high gear a year filled with opportunity, starting with something we call the promise of integration and the Systems Integration

NSCA Focus: Viva Las Vegas

Mar 1, 2004 12:00 PM,
By Chuck Wilson

NSCA is kicking into high gear a year filled with opportunity, starting with something we call the promise of integration and the Systems Integration Expo on March 19 through 21. In many respects, 2003 was a year NSCA spent laying the groundwork, ensuring the delivery of true systems integration and all that surrounds that claim. Much has happened, and our industry is set for unprecedented success.

To raise both the confidence of individuals and credibility of the industry, NSCA introduced new systems certification designations, starting first with the certified electronic systems technician (C-EST) last year. Regional and online training now surrounds the new certification, as do prep courses and assessment tests for varying levels of expertise. The new certifications come just as the 2004 CSI MasterFormat is being released — another effort NSCA is proud to have been associated with. Thanks to the forward-thinking members of the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), the revised construction classification calls out communication, life safety, and building automation across separate divisions.

All of that and more comes to a head at the 2004 Systems Integration Expo in the Las Vegas Convention Center. We are confident this event will be overwhelmingly successful for all who attend. NSCA has entered into several partnerships to bring components to the show that are as distinct as the reality of an integrator’s business. The PSA Security Network is a case in point. PSA is the sponsor of the exhibit floor’s all-new Security/Life Safety pavilion — a showcase of security products spanning 80 of the industry’s most recognizable companies. PSA is also the manager of the security/life safety portion of the conference. Titles range from business to technical and include topics for integrators who are interested in entering the security market and in-depth technical knowledge for the more security savvy. With all the security talk of late, this is sure to be a vitally important part of our show.

Implementation of the 2004 CSI MasterFormat will be the topic of several educational seminars. C-EST exams and prep courses are also planned. NSCA will debut the Digital Signage Live showcase and seminar in Las Vegas thanks to our partnership with ActiveLight. Video and digital/dynamic signage is a part of our everyday lives now — an undeniable fact as you walk into any shopping mall or transportation hub. This is a great opportunity for systems integrators and one that NSCA feels is largely untapped in the trade-show world. We’re bringing this market opportunity, and the partnerships necessary for success, to the exhibit floor. Don’t miss the interactive display in the pavilion, highlighting the hardware and solutions providers necessary for implementation, and take part in the free seminar planned for March 21. Content providers, including marketing executives, are also on the invite list.

It’s difficult to compact all of our activities into one article, but I’m sure you can understand my excitement for the new year. The promise of integration is here and is now no longer an option for systems professionals. NSCA is proud to lead this cause for the benefit of our members and the industry at large. All of this will be showcased at the systems integration event of the year — NSCA 2004. You absolutely can’t afford to miss it. See you in Las Vegas!

Chuck Wilsonis executive director of NSCA.

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