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NSCA Letter Invites Members to Contribute in Relief Efforts

On September 1st NSCA Executive Director, Chuck Wilson, writes a letter to NSCA Members asking for participation to aid Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, as well as provide input to specific relief opportunities in their region.

NSCA Letter Invites Members to Contribute in Relief Efforts

Sep 2, 2005 1:36 PM

In a letter dated September 1, 2005.

Dear NSCA Members,

The recent destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina has left thousands of people homeless and has dramatically touched the lives of hundreds of thousands more. Now that the storm is over the people of the Southeast can begin the recovery process and begin to rebuild their lives and their homes. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who is suffering as a result of this tragedy.

Many of our member companies in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama have reported that they and their employees made it through the storm. To date there have been no reports of loss of life by the members we have been able to reach. Most are being forced to find refuge at shelters and hotels out of the disaster area. As they begin to return to their homes, they are not sure what awaits them.

There are many different ways to contribute to the relief of those who have suffered from this violent storm. NSCA is looking to do its part as well. We are a close organization, built on family values and hard work. We feel it is our duty, as those who weren’t directly impacted by Katrina, to help the approximately 60 member companies that were. We are considering many options for industry support at this time. Ideas for our support include:

  • Using our manufacturers trucks and drivers to move supplies, etc
  • Provide generators, office supplies, temporary facilities such as re-purposing job trailers to set up make shift offices.
  • Temporarily relocating trained employees from the gulf region to firms already behind in their work. Earning a paycheck has been the major concern raised thus far.
  • Continue to make outbound calls to the region to determine the status of member firms and to let people know we are here to help.
  • Contacting Enterprise Leasing for donating or discounting service vehicles.
  • Setting up a 800# call center to answer calls and forward information
  • Raising money and create a displaced industry employee fund

As members of NSCA, we would like your input. We need information you might have on members in the region in need of our help, we will need your support of this cause and we will eventually need your contributions.

I have set up a teleconference call that Randy Vaughan, NSCA President and I will be hosting next Tuesday, September 6th at 3 pm central time to discuss this issue. If you are interested in participating, simply call in at that time.

Within the U.S. call (866) 244-4742 (toll free) Outside the U.S. call (703) 639-1180 Enter the following participant passcode: 769367


Chuck Wilson, Executive Director, NSCA

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