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NSCAExpo2000:A preview

From electrical contractors to the ever-evolving computer world, it seems that everyone would like a piece of our industry, and as technology advances

NSCAExpo2000:A preview

Mar 1, 2000 12:00 PM,
Chuck Wilson

>From electrical contractors to the ever-evolving computer world, it seems>that everyone would like a piece of our industry, and as technology>advances and big-time mergers and acquisitions continue, there seems no>stopping the further recreation of the electronic systems industry. One of>an organization’s greatest assets is the willingness and the ability to>change with the times. Recognizing this, the NSCA, as a representative and>an advocate, strives to understand the trends of the industry and>translate what they mean to systems professionals. One way we do this is>by producing the annual NSCA Systems Integration Expo. Over the years, the>NSCA Expo has undergone great change and, consequently, great growth. In>our earliest beginnings, the NSCA was a group of sound contractors>interested in forming an event separate from what was then the only show>for sound contractors, a parts show called EDS. Today, the NSCA Expo has>more than 500 booths and attracts thousands of commercial systems>integrators from around the globe. This year, April 29 through May 1 in>Las Vegas, the NSCA Expo will celebrate its 20th anniversary.

One of the goals of NSCA Expo 2000 is to encourage all attendees to takecontrol of their future. Rather than focusing only on putting out today’sfires, the 21st century offers many new challenges in immediate need ofattention. At Expo, we hope to present the information that helps you makea decision on where to turn the future of your business.

Integrated solutions

Many of our exhibiting companies this year will again offer a family ofproducts designed to be fully integrated for specific end-userapplications. Integrated solutions in conjunction with other manufacturerswill be common, and moving beyond our history of being a sound event,numerous video projection and presentation companies are exhibiting in aspecial new concourse added to the floor. These 30 booths do not have theheight restrictions typically found at NSCA so that we may allow companieswho would otherwise have trouble in a limited amount of space show theirproducts effectively.

In its second year and now a major attraction, the NSCA University: ATechnology Pavilion will be set up at Expo. This interactive networksimulation will demonstrate computer-controlled integration set up as ahigh-tech college campus. One of the University’s goals it to educatelow-voltage contractors and consultants on new ways to expand thetechnological capabilities of their businesses by simulating theinteroperability of products and technologies in a way previously notconsidered by the average contractor.

Business planning

The NSCA Expo has always offered quality programs thanks to our EducationDepartment and expert instructors. This year, you will notice an even splitbetween the technical course offerings and business and sales managementcourses. We believe keeping up with the latest technology is important, butnew business management ideas in this era of change are also vital.

A few technical courses will be conducted in the NSCA University to givestudents a hands-on learning environment. Several of our business courseswill also reflect the theme being demonstrated in the campus -computer-controlled integration. Many courses tackle how to integrate thesenew practices into your business plan, how to work with members of thedesign team and more.

We hear from so many of you out there that there is just not enough time inthe day, and we empathize. I would, however, like to propose to you thatyou cannot afford to miss Expo 2000 for the reason of gaining back some ofthat time. Come update your technical skills. Come learn how to solidifyyour relationships with designers and end-users. Come learn how this industry is moving ahead in an exciting time and what you can do to be sure thatyou are not left behind.

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