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October 2000

October 2000


THE APPLIANCE of the new millennium

Nathaniel Hecht

Computers are now an integral part of our lives; of this, there is no argument. The interesting thing is that for most children, the computer has become…

DOES YOUR BUSINESS have time to spare?

Alan Kruglak

As the former owner of a systems integrator, I’ve always had a strong bias toward sales. I always believed (and still do) that you can build the most…

Video Projections

INTERNET PROTOCOL and its impact on A-V systems integration

Peter H. Putman

Got IP yet? If those two letters do not immediately strike a chord with you, then read on to learn more about a fundamental shift in the way we will all…

Clean Signals

WHICH END should I ground?

Bill Whitlock

When I teach my “Grounding and Interfacing” seminars and deal with cables in balanced line level interconnections, I find that students frequently ask…

Security Trends

EXAMINING our friend, the relay

Steve Filippini

In today’s world of integrated circuits and lightning-fast modes of communication, it is easy to overlook the ever-changing basic components that constitute…


Business News

Cindy Holst

Soundtracs redesigns website Soundtracs has redesigned its website at Users can download high-resolution images and receive news from…

Keep it Simple

Gordon Moore

Because the average bartender or restaurant manager has neither the time nor patience to become an audio expert; installing an automatic mic mixer will…

Serving success

Rosanne Soifer

Experienced A-V contractors share their insight and tips for the restaurant and bar installation market.Bar 169 on Manhattan’s Lower East Side has been…

at the Waterfront

Charles Conte

Designing and installing a custom music delivery system for Seattle’s Pier 70 restaurant.Jutting out into Elliott Bay at the end of Pier 70 is one of…

by the Seashore

Christopher Buttner

Meeting the sound reinforcement and paging needs for Gladstone’s Malibu, a seaside restaurant outside Santa Monica, CA.Few people have visited Los Angeles…

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