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October 2011

Sound & Video Contractor October 2011

Tech Showcases

Routers and Switchers Technology Showcase

By Bennett Liles

The routers and switchers sampled here include a wide assortment of the ways in which the hardware has integrated form and function to produce switching solutions to increasingly complex environments. …

Line Array Technology Showcase

By Mark Johnson

Line arrays come in many flavors from ultra compact to large-scale touring systems; systems intended for installation; to updated versions of the time-proven columns; to even more updated digitally steerable versions. Though the trend seems to be heading to smaller “micro” line arrays and columns. …

Columns & Features

Media Ministries

By Cynthia Wisehart

Celebration Church is a model example of the multisite church, part of a growing trend made possible by AV. International House of Prayer was modernizing the congregation’s defining spiritual practice—24/7 prayer and worship—to serve a worldwide audience through a combination of live broadcast techniques and streaming….

Live Streaming Basics

Provided by Digital Rapids

While on-demand video is an important element of any faith-based online site, live video streaming adds the element of immediacy that can deepen the connection between you and your viewers. Live streaming, however, has a few more technical considerations that you should plan for. …

Acoustic Expertise: Worship Facility Structure

By Bob McCarthy

If you have the wrong type of room shape for what you want to do, there are very real consequences. It can be disappointing, cost more money, or both. This article is intended to explore the impact of macro shape on your sound design ambitions in houses of worship….


by Jonathan Brawn

What is techorating? Doug Wilson coined the term in 2008….

Techorating at the E4 AV Tour

by Cynthia Wisehart

Display tech is increasingly plausible as a design element….

Spreading the Word with CBN, Part 1

with Bennett Liles

Phil Peters, director of audio services for CBN, outlines the installation of a Calrec Artemis audio console….

Spreading the Word with CBN, Part 2

with Bennett Liles

Phil Peters, director of audio services for CBN, outlines the installation of a Calrec Artemis audio console….


Revolabs FLX2 Conference Phone

by John McJunkin

The Revolabs FLX2 leverages the features and technology found in its FLX conference phone. It offers some very nice additional capacities, the most impressive of which, in my mind, is Bluetooth functionality….

New Products

Camera Corps Optical Fiber Link

Camera Corps has announced a new optical fiber link for its pre-settable Q-Ball high-precision robotic camera….

Hosa Technology Pro Speaker Cables

Hosa Technology has announced the introduction of the Hosa Pro Speaker Cables. …

Auralex Acoustics Sustain Bamboo Sound Diffusor Series

Auralex Acoustics has launched the Sustain Bamboo Sound Diffusor Series, made from bamboo. The new line consists of the WavePrism, WaveLens, QuadraTec, Peak Pyramid Diffusor, and KeyPacs….

Harman Studer Vi Stagebox

Harman’s Studer has updated its D21m remote stagebox system with two new models. The new Studer Vi Stagebox provides a 6RU solution….

Christie LX1200 and LHD700

Christie announced the addition of the 12,000-lumen LX1200 and the 7000-lumen LHD700 projector to its LCD lineup. …

Extron Electronics TLP 710CV

Extron Electronics introduced the TLP 710CV Cable Cubby TouchLink touchpanel. The Extron TLP 710CV is a fully configurable 7in. touchpanel with a contemporary thin-bezel design that combines AV system control with the convenience of an Extron Cable Cubby enclosure. …

HItachi CP-WX3014WN, CP-X3014WN, and CP-X4014WN

Hitachi introduced three new Network Education Series 3LCD projectors: the CP-WX3014WN, CP-X3014WN, and CP-X4014WN. …

Leightronix remote video capture and multi-camera control

Leightronix introduced a remote video capture and multi-camera control solution that allows a single operator to record an event—such as a public meeting, fine arts concert, or local sporting event—from multiple vantage points with professional, broadcast-quality results….

Tripp Lite VGA over Cat-5 extenders/repeaters

Tripp Lite has introduced a new series of VGA over Cat-5 extenders/repeaters designed to receive and retransmit VGA and VGA-plus-audio signals over long distances. …

K-Array KB1

K-Array has announced the launch of the Blueline series of loudspeakers. The first product to be launched as part of the K-array Blueline series is the KB1….

Kramer Electronics VS-88H, VS-66H, VS-84H, and VS-48H

Kramer Electronics has announced the VS-88H, VS-66H, VS-84H, and VS-48H high-quality 8×8, 6×6, 8×4, and 4×8 matrix switchers for HDMI signals….

Blackmagic Design UltraStudio 3D

Blackmagic Design announced the UltraStudio 3D. The UltraStudio 3D allows portable capture and playback with full-resolution dual-stream 3D support, 10-bit hardware architecture, support for up to 1080p60 in SDI, and component analog, as well as full SD, HD, and 2K support….

The Buzz

Case Study: Simulcast for Worship

The Snell Kahuna multiformat HD/SD production switcher is playing an instrumental role at in Charlotte, N.C. …

Biamp Systems Dialer Apple Mobile App

Biamp Systems Dialer app is designed to integrate with both analog and VoIP telephone systems. …

InfoComm Green AV Award Presented to Da-Lite and WolfVision

The Green AV Award and other news from InfoComm for October 2011….

Social Media Marketing and Damage Control for Web 2.0

Social Media Marketing and Damage Control for Web 2.0 and other news from NSCA….

Achieving Operational Excellence

CEDIA EXPO Keynote and other news from CEDIA for October…

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