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Peerless PLA 60

Peer Review- Peerless PLA 60; Price: $499.00 MSRP

Peerless PLA 60

Peer Review- Peerless PLA 60; Price: $499.00 MSRP

My Pick: Peerless, PLA 60 Articulating Wall Arm Mount for Flat Screens – $499.00 manufacturer’s suggested retail priceSUBMIT A PEER REVIEW

What I Like About It: The PLA 60 is easy to use. It offers both adjustable tilt and pivot capabilities. The built-in cord management features also are very handy in making a clean, professional installation. This is very important in my business but was even more so with this high-end residential client, for whom aesthetics was a priority.

I Would Change: The mount required a lot of assembly. It could have been somewhat more pre-assembled by the factory to facilitate putting it together.

Where I Used It: This specific mount was used in a brand new, custom built, 5,000 square-foot home in an upscale golf community in Lenexa. We installed the mount in the fitness and hot tub rooms.

My Results: This mount fit the application perfectly. In both locations, we had a small area on the wall to work with, and the client wanted the flexibility of having the plasma screen face different directions up to 90 degrees. The mount’s ability to allow the plasma to pull away from the wall by using the articulating arm solved the issue. The tilt feature let the client optimize viewing angles for the display depending upon their activities: if they were sitting in the hot tub, lounging around the deck, or using a particular piece of exercise equipment.

It was also important to the client that, when the plasma was not in use, the mount would fold back flat against the wall, giving a clean look to the installation. All of these features, combined with the built-in cable management, made this mount the right one for the job.

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Peer Reviewer: Robert Vaughn, systems installation specialist and programmer, Mission Electronics Inc., Lenexa, Kan. Mission Electronics is a Gold certified Certified Audio/Visual Solutions provider that, since 1980, specializes in systems design, integration, engineering and services in the audio/video industry.


Tilt: +10°/-5°

Pivot: up to 180°

Roll: +/-7°

Maximum screen size: 60 inches

Minimum screen size: 37 inches

Maximum extension: 32.3 inches

Minimum retraction: 5.1 inches, plus thickness of required adapter plate

Maximum Load Capacity: 175 pounds

Color: Black

Weight: 30 pounds

Included features: Mesh cord sheath and cable ties

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