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POV: Future Consideration

As a regular contributor to Sound & Video Contractor, InfoComm International has enjoyed a unique opportunity to reach out to the industry at large with

POV: Future Consideration

Dec 1, 2005 12:00 PM

As a regular contributor to Sound & Video Contractor, InfoComm International has enjoyed a unique opportunity to reach out to the industry at large with our monthly POV column.

Throughout this past year’s columns, InfoComm’s council leaders have taken the time to explain the background, goals, and activities of the following groups: the Manufacturers Council; the Sound, Audio Visual, and Video Integrators (SAVVI) Council; the Independent Consultants in Audiovisual Technology (ICAT) Council; the Independent Programmers Council; the Professional Education and Training Committee (PETC); the Technology Managers Council; the Presentations Council; and the Independent Representatives Council.

POV enabled InfoComm to provide insight to industry professionals on how each council operates. Additionally, it has allowed InfoComm to demonstrate the critical role each council plays, both in guiding the association and representing the multifaceted audiovisual and information communications industries.

In September 2005, the steering committees of InfoComm International councils and committees gathered to plan the association’s work for 2006. As a result, in upcoming months, POV plans to detail several groundbreaking projects that will have a significant and positive impact on the way business is conducted in our marketplace.

The first of these projects is the expansion of “best practices” efforts based on InfoComm’s Audiovisual Best Practices: The Design and Integration Process for the AV and Construction Industries, a complete resource book about the audiovisual systems installation process.

Also on the docket is the specification and implementation of digital signal processing (DSP). Representatives from ICAT, SAVVI, Independent Programmers, and Manufacturers councils hope to develop a DSP best practices statement for publication and broad distribution.

Work will begin to help pinpoint who owns programming code and other intellectual property. Members from ICAT, SAVVI, Independent Programmers, Manufacturers, and Technology Managers councils have agreed to create a best practices statement, as well as other documents and courses on intellectual property.

“Humanization” of programming code is a project conceptualized by the Independent Programmers Council. This council is proposing a Roadmap for Control to provide manufacturers with a set of recommendations of best practices for serial control interface development and documentation. The group also discussed progress on the ongoing Dashboard for Controls project, an initiative to standardize user interfaces for controls, including expanded documentation, education, and usability testing.

A Standard Pricing Format is being created through the efforts of the Manufacturers Council, which received support from the systems integrators and other groups at the forum. The project, which is beginning the beta testing phase, will ultimately streamline the process of distributing and updating pricing and product descriptions.

System commissioning, the “last mile” in the installation of audiovisual systems, is a topic that will be undergoing considerable discussion and communication to ensure that clients are satisfied once a project is installed. While the Audiovisual Best Practices publication includes an entire chapter on the subject, members see the need to expand upon it.

Find out more about these topics next month as we go deeper behind the scenes of the important projects underway in InfoComm International’s councils and committees.

Article courtesy of InfoComm International.

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